Baguette Tip

baguettes on rack

Yes, it’s still all about baguettes, through this week anyway.

baguette tip

Here’s a very quick tip: if your tips lift up, making your baguettes look like canoes, your oven might be too hot.

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  1. I thought it also had something to do with the dough being too “strong”. This is the kind of thing that never happens over here because the flour we use is has less protein. Quite frankly, I think it only makes a difference in a shop where they have to look the same. That one looks fine to me!

  2. Hi Susan
    I’m sure we are all delighted to be on the SFBI course with you ! Please, please keep the information and tips coming. I was watching your ciabatta video on Saturday – so helpful. Could you please do one on baguette shaping – I always struggle with this! I made some 72% dough on the weekend and it was so sticky to try and shape. Thanks, Barry

  3. I am loving your reports from the course.
    The only problem is that I drool all over the keyboard every time you post these baguette pics!

    Keep on enjoying it!


  4. Love getting the tutorials !! I only wish my home oven would stay that hot !!

  5. Ha! That happened to my baguettes more than once!

    interesting – I will have to keep that in mind and lower the oven temp. Very naive of me, I was hoping that the slight boat shape was a sign of a good baguette… :-)

    Your baguettes look absolutely perfect, I also hope you would make a video on shaping.

  6. Minimalist!

  7. I will be happy to eat the evidence for you!

  8. Well, I won’t bother going to bread school when I have your blog to read! Thank you!

  9. Not sure it would matter in store either. If I was lusting after fresh-baked baguette, I wouldn’t be looking too closely at the shape. More interested in a crisp crust and lots of it :-)

  10. Nice tip, I can’t remember the last time I made or ate a baguette. Definitely a timely reminder to inspire me into the kitchen!

  11. [...] baguettes had a “boat shape”, both ends rising up, which, according to Susan, from Wild Yeast,  it means the oven was too hot. Note to self: bake at 475F instead of 490F  next [...]

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