My Weigh Giveaweigh

I know I’ve said this before (and before and before and before), but I need to weigh in on this again:

If you’re not weighing your ingredients, you should be!

If you don’t know why, go scoot and read my small rant on weighing. (Summary: It’s accurate. It’s fast. It’s neat. Everyone who’s anyone is doing it.) Then come back, because I have something you might want.

For two years my trusty scale has been a My Weigh i5000. I love it because:

  • it is spot-on accurate
  • it can weigh in either grams (to 1-gram precision) or pounds and ounces (to 0.5-ounce precision)
  • it has a capacity of 5 kg
  • it is slim and lightweight and fits easily in a kitchen drawer (although I leave mine out because I use it daily)

I love my scale so much I thought I’d ask the people at My Weigh if they would give me one that I could give to one of you, and they were nice enough to say yes.

Actually, they were doubly nice, because they sent me not only an i5000, but one of their new scales, a KD-8000. I haven’t used this one (if you win it, you have to promise to fill me in on how well you like it), but it looks great. It’s bigger than the i5000, with an 8-kg capacity, and has what looks like a very cool baker’s percentage function.

I will choose a winner for each scale by random drawing. To be eligible, just leave a comment saying:

  • which scale you would like to win. If you would be happy with either, you can say that too.
  • whether you are currently weighing your ingredients, or are ready to make the switch from volume to weights.

Get your comment in by 11:59 PST on Friday, June 5. And apologies to my international friends, this one’s for US shipping addresses only.

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  1. What an awesome giveaway, I would be grateful to win either scale!! I’m definitely looking to change from volumes to weights, not only so I can check out your great recipes, but also so I can start working with more European/non-American recipes in general.

  2. I have heard so much about weighing that I really need to learn how.
    Either scale would be great but the one you use seems nice as it is smaller.
    Great giveaway,

  3. I’d be happy with either, currently I’m using an old spring scale but the capacity is rather low.

  4. Hi,

    I’d love either scale, I weigh now when I can find recipes with weights, and I’m slowly converting old recipes as I go.

  5. Oh my god! I almost forgot, thanks to my cat I woke up and was checking out the latest on my favorite blogs!
    Don’t you dislike when your scales battery dies, or you can’t get it to weigh like 1 gram because it only goes to 5grams!
    Anyway, thanks for the wonderful giveaway!(nudge, nudge!)

    Happy baking!

  6. This is such a great giveaway! I’m a go-by-taste/feel kind of cook when it comes to making dinner, but I’ve been baking more and more lately and would really like to try weighing ingredients to be a little more disciplined and a lot more accurate. I’d be thrilled to win either scale, though since I’m a sucker for the latest technology, I guess I might prefer the 8000. :-)

  7. I just wanted to pop in and say I have the i5000 too…and I love it! It’s the best scale I’ve used! Whoever wins this, you’ll be absolutely thrilled with it!

  8. This is a great giveaway. I currently do not weigh my ingredients, but the only thing stopping me is the expensive price of accurate scales, so I would be happy if I won either.

  9. I’d be happy with either one. I am currently not using a scale for baking because my old large one broke so most of my current recipes are done by feel.

  10. I would be happy with either one. I currently do use a scale to measure many things, but I’ll be moving and will need a new one.

  11. I would love to win this scale. I do not have one and I know it would make a lot of difference with my baking. Thank you

  12. I would love to win this scale. I do not have one and I know it would make a difference in my baking. Thank you.

  13. The KD-8000 sounds great, as you should have equipment that exceeds your known needs, just in case. Thank you for your generosity in sharing this wonderful giveaway with us!

  14. i weigh for bread making, but not regular baking…i would love either scale! thanks!

  15. Wow – how generous! I would be really happy with either scale. There are far too many recipes that I have to skip over because I don’t have a scale and am too chicken (or too wise) to attempt to convert. Thanks!

  16. I would love either one !!!I can use it for A lot of recipes that I would like to try !!

  17. I’d be grateful to win either! I do weight ingredients….most of the time. I haven’t converted any of my older recipes yet.

  18. I would be happy with either one. I do not currently weigh my ingredients. The only thing keeping me from doing so is the cost of a scale! If I were to win, I suspect I’d also use the scale to weigh yarn.

  19. Don’t enter me in the contest–I just wanted to say that I’ve got the i5000 and love it (it was recommended on another cooking blog that I read, cooking for engineers). My father got it for me for Christmas, somewhat incredulously (“You really want a scale?!”) but it’s a terrific tool. It’s great of you to give one away.

    BTW I love your blog. I made your “Norwich Sourdough” for the first time yesterday, and it was very good.

  20. I have been looking at scales and have been hesitant to purchase one because I’m on a strict budget. Thus, I would be very happy with either scale. Of course, if I had to choose, I would pick the newest model. However, I truly would feel blessed to have any type of scale. I hope I win!!

    Thanks for offering this giveaway! Thanks to My Weight for offering two of their scales as well! :D

  21. Wow, I would LOVE to win! I’ll take either. I don’t currently weight, but I want to start and I just need a good excuse – like a good scale. :)

  22. I want to win either one!

    I am not currently weighing my ingredients (which is especially shameful since I live in the South and humidity is WHOA crazy, making everything wonky!) I need to win so that I can start doing things right ;)

  23. Another awesome giveaway-
    You certainly do have an in with those that count!
    I currently use a very old scale- battered and worn-that measures in ounces only. It would be fantastic to have one capable of measuring in grams as well ( No more messy conversions) And- the possibility of measuring in Bakers’ percentages would be a wonderful bonus -
    That said-I would love to have either model-

    Thanks for the invitation to participate in your giveaway!

    Good luck to all entrants!

  24. Oh, I’m in for either of the scales; I’m hoping to move to the UK in the near future and it would be positively brilliant to be able to continue using my favorite recipes without retooling and tweaking them. (Yes, I am in the States for the next while.) Right now, I’m still using volume mostly, but there’s one kitchen I have access to which has a scale, and I *swear* the cakes I made there are better than the ones I make at home.

  25. The kd8000 looks frickin’ sweet! I have an OXO that I use once in a while. But I don’t believe it is as accurate as the scales you are offering. That said, I would definitely let you know how this scale functions if I win.

  26. I generally use balance scales. I have no idea how anybody manages to cook/bake without the use of scales.

  27. Both scales look awesome! I currently measure most things by volume and only make a trek upstairs to use the postage scale for certain things like chocolate.

  28. i love to hear about tools that really work and help me in the kitchen. I have been using a salter scale and i do love it though it’s on it’s last leg. Since i use both metric and us weighs i need a scale that can do both and the salter fit that bill however i am having a hard time now switching it over and will need to ge a new one soon. I would love to win this one to replace my old one.

  29. I currently weigh my ingredients and can’t tell you how much that has helped my bread baking. I would be happy to upgrade to either of the scales you are giving away.

  30. I’ve recently started weighing my ingredients & it does make a difference! However, I would love to still be the winner of one of the nifty giveaway scales even though I have a scale in my kitchen, albeit an inexpensive one from Target.

  31. Mine sits on the counter next to my starter. I use it every day too and I wouldn’t mind getting the larger model. ;-) Thank you for organizing this Weigh-in Giveaweigh.

  32. I’d be happy to win either scale.

    I currently have an old chemical balance beam scale, which is a nuisance to get out, and I don’t have official weights for it, so I don’t actually use it as often as I would weigh ingredients if I had a more convenient scale.

  33. hi there! i’d be thrilled to win either scale. i don’t currently weigh my baking ingredients, and sometimes find myself avoiding recipes that use weight rather than volume. i’d love to make the switch in my baking.

    (also, i am a rather obsessive knitter, and sometimes it is really helpful to be able to weigh your yarn to divide it equally in terms of grams and to predict whether there will be enough for a particular project…)

  34. I’d be happy to win either. I currently do not weigh…I measure, but have been reading that weighing is much better.

  35. My current scale is only accurate for air. But since I don’t bake with air, it does me no good! I of course would love either as they would allow me to weigh the ingredients, which I currently do not do. What a wonderful give away.

  36. Oh this is so exciting! I would be delighted with either scales as I have yet to switch over to weighing from measuring. Winning one of these would definitely expidite that transition!

  37. i have been waiting for the right opportunity to switch from volume to weight, and this might be it! I’d like to win the Weigh i5000 (partly because i keep wanting to call it the iWeigh – like the ipod, etc.)

  38. either would be great. I have a scale, but I use it more often to weigh yarn than to make bread. I’m trying to switch

  39. I would love to win the i5000! I like its compact size and I doubt I will ever need to weigh anything that was over 5 kg. I do currently weigh my ingredients but my scale is a yard sale find that is not digital and only goes up to about a pound and a half, both of which make it somewhat frustrating to work with!

  40. What a great giveaway. Either scale would be wonderful. Right now I mainly weight my dough when I divide it because I am awful at trying to get equal size loaves and rolls. It just never happens if I don’t weight it. :-)

  41. I would be delighted with either scale. I am a hybrid baker – i weigh for some recipes, mostly those from my Welsh grandmother, and use volume measurements for others. I’m trying to switch more recipes over to weights.

  42. I would love either scale. I have always been weighing (am originally from Europe), but both scales I have are not very accurate. The non-digital one is good with bigger amounts and I bought a digital one for the smaller amounts like salt, yeast, etc. However it does a very poor job with that, so that I always find myself converting 10 grams and such amounts into table- and teaspoons. Not too precise, unfortunately!

  43. I would be thrilled to win either scale. I just took my first bread baking class and would like to begin the transition from volume to weight. Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. What a great give away! I would be happy with either scale. I have just recently started scaling my ingredients. It is so much easier than measuring!

  45. I’ve been weighing for years! But I have a scale that goes to 1kg max, which makes for a lot of putting things on the scale and taking them off again. And it doesn’t do ounces. But I still find it much easier to use weight than volume measurements!
    The Baker’s Percentage tool looks interesting, so I’d like to try the 8000.

  46. I would love the larger one because I do weigh meat occasionally (using a REALLY old and “cheap” scale).
    It is not accurate enough to weigh ingredients for baking. I have looked at so many different scales and have read so many user comments and still can’t decide which to buy. This would solve my problem. I do have a problem…I think I have gained 10 lbs just by reading all the fabulous recipes on your site. I love it anyway.

  47. Hi Susan, my current scale is circling the drain – won’t tare, have to turn off altogether to change units & is getting generally stubborn about doing its job. I would love either scale, but the one that would calculate baker’s percentages would be fun to play with, Patsy

  48. I would love to try either one! I do not weigh my ingredients, but have wanted to start for a while now. Unfortunately, a good scale is not in the budget at this juncture. Thank you for running this drawing!

  49. I currently only have a cheap analog scale. It stinks. I’d love to win either scale though!

  50. I would love either scale! I have an old postal scale that I’ve been using forever, but it’s often too small or doesn’t take enough weight and it’s so old I keep expecting it to die on me. And the most irritating part is that it will turn itself off in the middle of weighing and then I have to start over! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  51. As with everyone else – either scale would be fantastic! I would like to sell my products, so, the larger one would be what I would lean towards, but, as I said, either one would be wonderful to win. I learned to use a scale in a baking course I took, but have not been able to purchase one. I am a stickler about doing things just so, so to be honest, I have not baked bread since I took the course because I learned that weighing the ingredients was the way to do it! Thank you for having all these great give-a-ways!!!

  52. I would LOVE the larger one for big bread-baking binges :) What a fun giveaway! I have to say that *sometimes* I weigh ingredients, but only really when the instructions include them. I’m horrible about doing it on my own so I’d say I need the push!

  53. Either one would be wonderful! I still measure, as I don’t have a scale:) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  54. Hello,
    Thank you for this really great give-away! It is very generous of you. I very much enjoy your blog! Thank you for that also. I would be very, very happy to win either scale.

  55. I would love to win either. I weigh sometimes until my scale broke! Yes, I would change and weigh in everything.


  56. I’d love to win the My Weigh i5000 – I currently do not weigh my ingredients, but know that’s why some of my projects don’t turn out as well as they should.

  57. I would love to win either one. I currently have an analog scale that often gets stuck. It would be great to finally get an accurate reading!

  58. I’d love to win either; I’m trying (slowly…) to make the switch to weighing.

  59. Wow Susan, you sure have some great giveaways! I would love either scale, but as bread is what I use my current not-so-precise-nor-accurate scale for, I think I would prefer the new model with baker’s percentage – how cool is that?!

  60. My scale just broke (got flour into the switch contacts). I loved my scale but, now that I found the switch was so exposed to allow that to happen, I’d love to win this one!

  61. Thanks for doing this, Susan.

    I’d be happy with either scale. I am using a scale currently — and highly recommend weighing ingredients — but I can’t say I’m very happy with my current scale. It doesn’t show small enough weight increments to be useful. Plus, I could really use a new scale to take to culinary school this fall.

    Thanks again,

  62. Happy to participate in the giveaway!

    I mostly weigh the ingredients, use volume when precision is not absolutely necessary.

    I am about to convert some of my recipes in wight since I will be selling products at the farmers’ market and I need precision for quality control and pricing.

    A better scale would surely help!

    Happy baking!

  63. Thanks for a great giveaway!

    I would be absolutely thrilled with either scale. I am an adherent of weight over volume and currently weigh my ingredients, especially when baking. But my current scale is nowhere near precise enough, so I’d love a new one!

  64. Thank you for the chance at winning. I wouldn’t mind winning either of these. I’ve been wanting to switch to weights when baking for a while now,
    Thanks again!

  65. I already weigh my ingredients, and am constantly converting recipes. This giveaway comes at the perfect time, since my previous weighing scale just died :)

  66. Oooo! The KD-8000! My scale doesn’t go up that high, and sometimes I need one that will. Also, while I can weigh in metric and standard weights, it’s quite the production to tinker with my scale to get it to do that.

    Yes, I’m weighing my bread ingredients when I can, and it’s great because I just tare the bowl, and start piling ingredients in, without having to deal with measuring cups.

  67. Any is good for me. I weigh everything. I make into a whole game. I sing to myself while weighing the flour.

  68. Darn, they are both fancy and I would love either. Right now, I am not baking, but I did start weighing stuff last fall thanks you. I think the weighing is better, but my scale kind of sucks.

  69. I would like to win either scale. I have always weigh my ingredients for baking and candy making. My husband who thought was doing me a favor washed my electronic scale and well, I am sure you all know the outcome.

    Thanks for the great give-a-way,

  70. I would be happy with either scale!
    what a fantastic give away!
    thank you!

  71. What a great giveaway! Either scale looks really, really nice. I have been thinking about a scale for forever now, but just haven’t made the purchase. This would definitely be the springboard to make that happen.

  72. I would be so happy with either scale! I just started weighing my food on my little dial scale and it does make a difference. I would love to have a scale that is more precise. Thanks!

  73. Oooh, I would so love either scale. I do weigh my ingredients on a (excuse my French) truly crappy, half broken old scale that weighs in increments of 20 grams and quite possibly not too accurate. I have wanted a new scale for so long! A good one! If I win this I guarantee lots of use and lots of love!

  74. I’d love to win the KD-8000. I bought an inexpensive scale last year, and have since become quite obsessed about scaling everything. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  75. I’d love either, but the extra-cool KD-8000 would be my preference. I’ve been weighing my ingredients for about a year and it gives me such comfort knowing that I’ve done all I can in that area to ensure baking success. I weigh pretty much everything! (My husband laughs at me about it.) My current scale is a generic one from Target that does its job, but is certainly nothing remarkable.

  76. I’d prefer the newer one but be happy with either. I currently weight my ingredients whenever I can but unfortunately most North American baking books don’t give weighted ingredients, I wish they would.

  77. Ooo, want either one. I’m trying to weigh without a digital scale for baking and I imagine it’d be much nicer with!

  78. Would love either…am currently weighing, but would love a better/newer one!

  79. I have been baking for years with the scoop and level the top method and have had a range of results. Would love to move to a weight based method and would be grateful for either scale.

  80. Great idea! I just made your cinnamon rolls and weighed the ingredients for the first time. It was easy, fun to do with the kids, and made great cinnamon rolls! I’m in! Will now weigh ingredients!

    I would love either scale. Mine is older and we have not treated it well, since I wasn’t using it very often, but I am committed to weighing now.

    Thanks for your amazing blog, the plethora of recipes, beautiful pictures, and inspiration.

  81. Either scale would be great. The scale I have now is only accurate within about 2 or 3 ounces. It’s actually worse than measuring by volume so I still measure by volume for 99% of what I do.

  82. Great giveaway! I don’t have a scale for my kitchen, but I would love one–either one. I’d like to start weighing ingredients; it is much more precise. Love your blog!

  83. I would love either scale! I am a new to baking bread and am learning so much. I have always just measured my ingredients. I do the scoop & sweep method for measuring flour, but would love to switch over to measuring ingredients as accurately as possible!

  84. Ha are you kidding, either one sounds divine but the one with baker’s % sounds like something from a dream! Either would be grand and much better than the one I have. But at least this means I must be somebody because I do weigh everything bigger than a tablespoon ;o)

  85. I would like either. I currently have a scale, but it doesn’t seem to be that accurate when weighing a small amount (like <10g), so I don’t really trust it. I just haven’t gotten around to getting another scale or testing it against something else. :(

  86. Thanks so much for such a great giveaway. I’d be honored to have either. I’ve been weighing ingredients for the last 8 years and can’t turn back!!

  87. Sounds great, either would be fine, but the bakers percentage one would be nice!
    As European (Swiss) I weigh everything in grams to the one gram level. I can not get used to cups, spoons and all that stuff…………..


  88. That KD-8000 looks awesome, but I’d be happy with either really. And I’m trying to make the transition to weighing ingredients. It takes a bit more effort, so sometimes I’m lazy, but I’m getting better at it!

  89. I would love either of these high tech scales. I’m sure they are waaaay better than the little analog target scale I use now that was like 5 bucks.

  90. Oooooooh. Look at those sleeeeek lines. That bright readout! That teeny-tiny little weight it will measure!

    I’m starting to have scale envy, and for once it doesn’t involve my hips!

    Let me tell you, dealing with Reinhart when he has things like “.13oz” when your cheapie scale only reads down to 1/8th oz (and not even in decimals!) is a PITA. His book “American Pie” has me crying right now, actually – it’s all in VOLUMES! *shudder*

  91. I would love to win the i5000 scale (my space is limited). I have been convinced of the value of weighing ingredients in improving my bread baking (I am returning to bread baking after decades long break) and this scale would be so appreciated!

  92. Darnit. Browser glitch :/

    I’d love, love, love to be able to measure in baker’s percentags, just for clarification, but I’d be happy with either!

  93. As much as my bakery days have shown me how awesome weighing ingredients are, when it comes to home baking I’m more of an eyeballer. Either scale would be a delightful step to making the switch!

  94. I’d love that 8000, since the MyWeigh I have now (otherwise a great scale) doesn’t have a stainless top, or a splatter cover, both of which would make clean up much easier.

  95. Gosh, the My Weigh i5000 sounds like it would fit well in my small kitchen! I have a cheap scale now that is fussing and making plans to quit, I can tell.
    I keep encouraging all my friends they to “weigh in” with all their cooking — it has made a believer out of me since the results of my baking has improved.
    Thanks for the offer -

  96. I have been weighing my ingredients lately (since truly taking your “rant” to heart) and have in fact sent many others to read your words and convert them to weighers. I am now quite dubious of recipes that don’t include weights. On the other hand, using the scale and working with the dough the way the recipe author wanted gives you a better sense of the feel of the dough and how to handle recipes with volume measures. Either scale would be great to help spread the weighing word.

  97. I would love to win the KD-8000. I carefully weigh everything I say as well as my baking ingredients.

  98. Either would be fine with me, Susan.

  99. Hi Susan,
    Another benefit from using a scale is that one’s brain gets some friendly exercise when you scale (up or down) the recipe in use.
    It’s like easy Sudoku for bakers!

    by the weigh…
    Weigh To Go, My Weigh!

  100. I’d be happy with either one. I’m not currently weighing my ingredients, but I’d like to start.

  101. This is really exciting! I’ve been reading yeast spotting for a while, but I only just started baking bread this year. As a college student, I have no money for an accurate scale, so I’d be super jazzed to have either. Throw my name in the hat, please!

  102. I would be happy with either! I don’t currently weigh although I have definitely thought about it. This would be great!

  103. I want the KD-8000! I do a lot of baking, especially bread, but I haven’t had a scale to weigh my ingredients.

  104. Oh my goodness. Those scales are beautiful. I would definitely be happy with either one. I am not currently weighing ingredients when I bake, but would love to be able to follow recipes more closely and troubleshoot baking problems more effectively. Additionally, as a knitter, I’ve been needing a kitchen scale to weigh my yarn…so it would be a very well-loved scale. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  105. Oh My! I love the recipes on this blog, but always have to do conversions! A scale would be a miracle in my life! Pick me! Pick me!

  106. that bakers percentage function looks wicked cool!

    1. i would prefer the kd-8000, but would be happy with either.

    2. I keep meaning to start (especially for baking) but can’t seem to find a suitable scale locally, and even online the good ones are kinda expensive. We got one from a friend but it’s very inaccurate, so we don’t use it and my hubby and I bake a lot, so we really should start.

  107. I would like either. Although the one with the bakers percentage function might be nice. I do not currently have a scale and am currently a volume baker/cooker. I have been wanting to make the switch, and even have a scale on my kitchen wish list, but our financial situation right now has prevented me from purchasing one. It would be handy to use as I’m participating in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice challenge and that would give me a great chance to get used to weighing.

  108. I wouldn’t care which one I got, I just want a scale. Currently I’m not weighing my ingredients because I don’t have a scale and my husband and I are getting ready to move to Romania, so things are crazy.
    But I really want to start weighing my ingredients. So if we don’t have a scale before getting to Romania I plan to buy one there.

  109. I would love to have the KD-8000. I’ve been wanting a kitchen scale for a while now but just haven’t gone out and bought one…yet. Maybe I won’t have to.

  110. either scale would be better that my hand me down from grandma.

    love you blog!!!

  111. Either one of those scales looks amazing! I’m using a pretty decent Salton right now for my bread-baking, and I’m trying to convert other baking recipes to weight. Hurray for weighing ingredients!

  112. I would be happy with either scale. I currently do not weigh ingredients, but many recipes I’d like to try call for weights vs volume measurements.

  113. I have been yearning for a kitchen scale! Would love to give either of these two scales a good home. = )

  114. I’d be really pleased with either scale. I do weigh ingredients (I love “The cake bible” for the fact it gives recipes in mass as well as volumes) but my scale is not very sensitive for small amounts. Hard to justify buying something you already have though. Thanks for this great idea!

  115. I would love either of these awesome tools. I have been “weighing” the idea of getting a scale. Currently, I use volume measurements, but I am getting into baking bread regularly, and want to start using a scale!

  116. This would be a great addition to any kitchen. I have a scale that is not digital and I still get variations in quality. I would love either one of these scales.


  117. I really would be happy with either scale! I try to weigh my ingredients when I bake bread, but my scale is not entirely reliable…. so most of the time I end up using volumetric measurements. Thanks!

  118. Beggars can’t be choosers. I’d be happy with either. I have been in the market for a scale, so even if I don’t win, at least I know a couple of good brands to try. Thanks!

  119. wow…i would love to win either of these! i recently started baking bread regularly. i don’t own a scale, so i’ve been measuring out the ingredients by volume, but i’m definitely ready to make the leap to weighing the ingredients. (partly because there are so many great recipes out there that list the ingredients by weight).


  120. Hi there — what great timing! I would love to have a kitchen scale — I just started learning how to bake bread and have been nudged by several bakers to get a scale. (This happened after I guesstimated on a bagel recipe and ended up with way-too-big bagels.) Either of the two would be fabulous — I’m definitely willing to make the switch to weighing ingredients while baking after my bagel fiasco…


  121. I would be very happy with either scale! I dont currently own one, but am ready and willing to make the jump to weighing ingredients for more accurate baking!

  122. Weighing ingredients is the only way to really know what you’re doing. I mean, we face so much uncertainty and confusion, why add more with measuring cups?

    So yes, I would like this scale, the big honker. Mine is dying slowly, the lens is clouded by flour and it seems rather fickle, giving different readings depending on mood. Not good for a baker…

  123. I’d be happy either scale as well. I don’t weigh my ingredients currently but it’s one of those things in the back of my mind. It also might explain how I always get subtle differences every time I try to bake brownies or make pancakes. I’d be happy to get closer to the same every time kind of baking. :)

  124. I would DEFINITELY be happy with either one, if I should happen to win. :)

    Lalycairn (at)

  125. I’d love to win either scale. I do weigh ingredients sometimes, if the recipe is written for it. Unfortunately, not many of the ones I’ve used are.

  126. I would be happy to win either one! I’ve only recently started seriously (for me)baking and I think weighing ingredients may help avoid some “interesting” results. :)

  127. Always a sure way to get a trillion comments, makes me laugh and a bit greedy too (:blush:). How cool that they send you these free give-aways!
    I’d love either, but the extra-cool KD-8000 would be my preference, will be interesting to see how this baker’s percentage works with a scale.
    I always weigh my ingredients, my scale just turn off quite quick, sometimes still busy getting more ingredients and it turns off. Which can be very annoying ’cause then I will have to guess what amount is in there already (but I do manage somehow :D ).

  128. I’d love to be entered into either one or both scale drawings. Thanks. I’ve been weighing ingredients for baking for years. It makes a big difference in baked goods; it makes for consistency. You don’t have to factor in the environment etc. as much. My scasle is ancient: Salter Electronic Aquatronic. It does its job but it would be great to have a newer one.

  129. Oh, either would be a huge improvement. I have a junky plastic scale that is annoying and inaccurate. I tried to make the switch to weighing, but I hate the scale so much I’ve gone back to measuring cups.

    I love your site!

  130. *SCALES*!!! This is one of the items I was griping about not having this weekend!! I was measuring flour (in grams) for dough for xiao long bao and couldn’t get it quite right. I’d be happy with ANY scale! I don’t have one! Please, help me out :)

  131. Either scale would be an awesome addition to my baking supplies. I’m presently using a non-digital (cheap plastic) scale to measure ingredients. Not very accurate. So I’d love to upgrade! :)

  132. This is perfect! I’ve been looking to buy a kitchen scale, because I read your article on why one should weigh one’s ingredients and was immediately converted (I hate washing measuring cups). I would love to win either scale. Thanks so much for this contest!

  133. Susan,

    I just made some bread over the weekend using a recipe that forced me to use volume measurements. It went something like this: “add two cups of bread flour and if the dough seems too dry keeping adding 1 T. of water until it feels right.” I just about screamed, having gotten used to weighing the ingredients, which is SO much better.

    I tried buying one of the KD-8000′s a couple months ago from a business that had quickly sold out of what they had. I would LOVE to have one to join my Salter on the kitchen counter.


  134. I would love to have either of these; both would beat the current cheap pos scale that I use. It works, generally, but I’m not terribly confident in it.

    I always weigh ingredients for baking. I’ve even started doing so for non-baking cooking. It’s a great way to portion out pasta, beans, rice, etc. And when making homemade sausage, it allows for much greater consistency in terms of the level of salt and other flavorings.

  135. I’d be thrilled to win either of the scales.

    At the moment, I do weigh ingredients for many dishes, especially when baking, where I’m most likely to follow recipes carefully.

    For dishes that I’m more familiar with I tend to approximate.

    I don’t really measure by volume, in the American way, as I find that harder to work with. If a recipe tells me I need a cup of this and two cups of that, I’ll get to the supermarket, and be completely confused about how much I actually need to buy. So I tend to avoid volume-based recipes!

    Thank you!

  136. I would be incredibly happy winning either scale, since I have not been weighing ingredients, not having a scale on-hand!!!

  137. I would love to have either scale. I am weighing my ingredients on a old hand me down from a friend of mine.

  138. I don’t care which I win, but I’d *love* to start weighing!

  139. I keep meaning to get a good scale and start going by weight, but I always seem to put it off. I would be happy with either, just so long as I actually have a scale to use! :)

  140. I currently weigh my ingredients but would love a digital scale, either of them!

  141. Hi there !
    this is a wonderful giveaway. I’d love to win either one of those (even if the kd8000 with the nifty looking baker’s percentage looks REAL nice).

    I bought my first scale not long ago, so yes I weight my ingredients, but there is a bit of deception (lack of accuracy, the balance shutting down by itself when I’m filling up something that’s lightweight) ok the main criterias was “cheap” but maybe i’ve overdone it…

  142. i would love to win either scale. no i am not weighing my ingredients, and yes, i am terribly embarassed and know i should start soon.

  143. I am so ready to make the switch from measuring to weighing ingredients! I recently took a class and realized how much of a difference it makes… I would be excited to win either! Thanks for the great blog!

  144. I would love either scale.
    I try to weigh my ingredients.
    I love your blog!!!Thanks

  145. I would cheerfully take either because my scale has been on the fritz lately. I really need to replace it. So if I don’t win I guess I will be off to check these out. :)

  146. Oh, joy! I would love to have either one of those beautiful scales. I have not had a good one in my kitchen since I returned from living in Japan 15 years ago and really would like to start weighing ingredients now that I’ve discovered the no-knead method and bake bread more often.

    Thanks for posting this contest!!!

  147. Hi Susan,

    Of course, I’d be thrilled with either one… not currently weighing.


  148. I would be happy with either model to play around. I am relatively new to baking and I am slowly starting to get my hands on the different things that I need…


  149. I’d be ecstatic with either model. I’m currently weighing my ingredients right now…

    Thank you.

  150. WOW! This is some giveaway and coincidence. I was just trying to wrap my mind around the notion of bakers percentages after reading Mr.Reinhart’s book and those of many other bread bakers. After much success starting with Lahey’s recipe I have moved into an obsession with yeast and a bread recipe file almost table height. I would love to work with the KD-8000 just for the percentages. I sometimes weigh and know I should. I did when I lived in Holland for 7 years but it was so easy to go back to cups when I moved back here. Can I blame the cookbooks?

  151. I’d prefer the KD-8000 but either will do.

    I don’t measure by weight at this time.

  152. I would love to win the smaller scale. I usually bake my volume, but once received a recipe from New Zealand cookies and measured by volume, not by weight, and the cookies, of course, were a disaster. My mum bought me a cheap scale shortly after that.
    Love your blog. Where is your tasty hummus recipe?

  153. Hi,

    Wow, would I love a scale this accurate. I weigh but I’m not faithful about it because my scales are not that accurate.


  154. I’d be happy to win either – I’ve never weighed ingredients before, but would definitely be willing to start :)

  155. Oooh! I would be thrilled with either, though with a slight preference for the smaller one… Right now I am weighing my ingredients on a highly inaccurate 8-dollar spring-loaded (so non-digital) scale from Walmart. See? I REALLY need to win one of these! :-)

  156. Wow! The baker’s percentage function sounds so cool!

  157. I’d be happy with either, honestly, because i don’t have one at all.

    I usually measure by cups, or eyeballing. Heh.

  158. I’d love the KD 8000. Have just started weighing recently but my scales will suddenly cut out so I have to be careful. These scales look great. thanks for this give away. love your website.

  159. i would love either scale. i currently measure ingredients but have been contemplating making the switch to weighing and winning the scale would surely help with that switch.

  160. Either scale would be awesome!! I weigh my ingredients and find it makes life so much easier!

  161. I do already weigh my ingredients, and much prefer that method over cups and such. I could use a new scale though, since mine is getting pretty worn from years of use! The 8000 model sounds amazing, especially with that baker’s percentage function.

  162. Oh, wow. Those are so nice! I have recently been looking at purchasing a kitchen scale. Since I have started baking my way through the Bread Baker’s Apprentice in earnest, volume measurements are becoming less important to me. Plus, bread seems to be so much more dependent on measurements by weight. So, I think it’s time to take the big step forward and make the switch.

  163. Put me in the running for both! I bought a scale for my brother because many of his recipes are from Europe, but I haven’t scraped up the pennies to buy one for myself.

  164. just finishing a complete kitchen renovation and investigating a scale for the endless amount of cooking that I plan to engage in. . . would love the 8000, with the baker’s percentage, since i currently don’t weigh :(

  165. I would love eather Scale!! I have been teaching two granddaughters how to cook,the proper way.We have a cheap Wal-Mart,which I don’t really trust!! The 5 year old,knows how to brade-Challah,and cookies,dinner rolls,etc.I have looked at some,but cost is too high,for disability.Its also,getting where,most all recipes,are going to measurements. I had some problems,at first with it,but trying to work it out!! Love the tips and helps!!

  166. The 8000 would be great. I do not currently weigh, but I think with the proper scale it would be worth the hassle to change.

  167. I picked up an inexpensive scale a couple months ago and have seen a remarkable difference in my baking success. I would love to win either scale!

  168. I’d accept either, but I’d prefer the KD-8000 scale

    I’ve been weighing my ingredients since buying the King Arthur Flour cookbook a few years ago — my cooking has gotten better, and my ability to repeat a great dish has improved!

    I’m teaching my daughter to cook, and the scale makes measuring easier for her.

    I’m also a home brewer and the scale is even more important to good beer, wine and mead as it is to great bread.


  169. Either scale is good. At the moment I generally do volume although on recipes already in weight I do conversions online by product. Still not the same but the best I can do as a poor college student!

  170. I’d be thrilled with either scale. I love to bake, but I’ve always been more of a guesstimater, and I’d really like to be more precise with my measurements.

  171. What a fun way to start us on weighing ingredients. Win or not I think something about this article got to me today. And it was not the first time I’ve been told to weigh. Just read it takes asking five times to get people to do something, not sure if it right, but you did it in, once told from another site and then two from you. So glad a kind person met in a store returned my sending her to a website by suggesting Wild Yeast. Have so enjoyed it and still lots more to explore. As for which one if win, was going to write either than followed your link on Baker’s Percentages, and as want to purchase The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, would be interesting to try that feature on the new KD-8000. Thanks!

  172. My scale currently weighs in 1/4 oz increments and I just don’t think thats good enough. Thanks for the opportunity and love the site.

  173. I would love to win either one as I have been looking around for a scale and have been unable to decide. What a great giveaway!

  174. I weigh everything except salt and yeast. As my scale is starting to act a little weird, I’m in the market for a replacement. Either of these would be great but I would prefer the 5000 model. What a super blog!

  175. I would love to win either. Just getting back in to baking since I retired.

  176. I’ve been dying to make the switch to weighing ingredients (especially because baking seems to be winning over cooking in my kitchen lately…), and would love to have either one of these scales to finally get started!

  177. I’d love to win the 8000! My Soehnle scale has so much spilled flour under the readout, that it’s hard to read. The manufacturer said I’d have to BREAK it to clean it! I’m very interested in the baker’s percentages feature of the 8000 — sounds almost too good to be true!

  178. I always use a scale for baking and I quite like the thought of the baker’s percentages. I’m going to go read more about the KD-8000 now.

  179. I would love to win either. I am soon to have a kitchen that will be large enough to do some real baking and this would be an excellent first addition to it.

  180. I am currently weighing my ingredients, but either scale would be an upgrade from the one I am using. Great giveaway!

  181. I’d love to win either of these. How great!

  182. Umm … do either of them come with training wheels?

  183. I would be happy with either! I grew up in a house hold that baked by volume of ingredients. It’s only recently as I have started experimenting with bread baking that I have considered buying a scale.

  184. What an awesome giveaway! I would totally be happy with either one. Currently I have a small scale and I am really good about weighing my flour…not so good about weighing other ingredients :) I’m working on it

  185. I could use a scale..Currently, I do not weigh my ingredients and I am just learning how to make bread..

  186. I would love a new scale. I currently weigh ingredients using a My Weigh, but with a 500 gram maximum which isn’t enough. I bake bread once a week for family and friends, and 500g isn’t enough to scale the loaves. Most of the ingredients must be weighed in multiple portions. I am forever coverted to measuring ingredients by weight, and 5kg or 8 kg would make it easier!

    My recent new baking adventure was pistachio anise wafers from your site. Mmm mmm good, and a good kid – friendly project Thanks.


  187. Would love the kd-8000 but either one would be a vast improvement over the one I am currently using. I would love to start weighing everything and know that the measurements are accurate!

  188. Wow, what a great giveaway! I would be happy to win either scale. I made the switch to weighing my ingredients but my scale recently died on me and haven’t had time to buy a new one so winning would be great!

  189. Wow! What a great giveaway! I would love to have an accurate scale to weigh my flour for accurate bread making, frozen food for defrosting, and for portion size! Both scales look awesome…I would love to win either one!

  190. I love your website and the amazing recipes you make. I would love to get either one of the weighing scales as I am an amateur in baking and this would help me get into the groove on baking more frequently and as you mentioned more accurately resulting into perfect bakes.


  191. I’d love either one. I don’t usually weigh but would like to make the switch.

  192. I’d love to have either one! I’m currently not weighing my ingredients, have been meaning to get a scale for a while…

  193. I’d be delighted with either scale, as I’m currently a volume gal, but have been ready to make the switch for a while!

  194. Oh yes, yes, please! I am currently using a spring scale in lb/oz only…not especially delicate. I would be honored for a chance to receive either.

  195. Very cool! I’ve been wanting to make the switch to weighing, but with med school loans starting to come due, have not purchased a scale yet. I would be very happy to get started with either.
    So awesome!! Thanks in advance from whoever the winners turn out to be!

  196. I keep hearing about the wonders of weighing over volume measurements but so few places seem to list weight for baking that it’s intimidating to get started. I would be happy to win either scale!

  197. I have been wanting to begin weighing my ingredients. I have begun to make homemade bread all the time now, and also make cakes and pastries from scratch. I have heard that weighing is more accurate than measuring cups, and am interested to improve my skills. I have 7 children, and so I bake in quantity, the larger scale would be great. Of Course I wouldn’t complain with the smaller one either. Thanks for all your great tips and info.

  198. I wouldn’t mind getting either one.

    I don’t weigh my ingredients as much as I should. Most recipes are written in grams and I am too lazy to translate into ounces/lbs, which is the only scale that I have. I have been working on making bread and would like to use weight instead of volume.

  199. I would love to win either of these scales. I’m currently using a scale I bought for the discount rack at Jewel. I’m sure it’s not very accurate and I usually have to weigh my flour in 2 or 3 batches because the scale doesn’t hold enough.

  200. Would love either one! I have not used a scale but I really need to start, make things yummier and more precise!

  201. Another Yeasty Drawing, Cool!!

    Either scale would be fantastic but the KD-8000 looks so futuristic, so 22nd Century that I can’t help but envision Intergalactic Artisan Loaves, floating in outer space, with a dusting of Organic Bread Flour levitating nearby like some sort of miniature Milky Way galaxy.

    I’ve been using an old digital scale that only measures up to 500g, which means making more than a dinner roll is always a pain in the “Tuchus”.

    Good Risings,

  202. Either scale would be great. I weigh ingredients if it
    is specified in the recipe, otherwise I go by volume.

  203. I would love to try the KD-8000. I tried making sugar cookies this weekend but it turned out like sponge cake. I think the flour measure was off. Hence a scale would be terribly useful.

  204. I’m just getting into using a scale and see great things happening to my cooking and baking. Which? either would be an amazing step.

  205. Either scale would be nice. I currently do not weigh ingredients. Never had the right scale for it!

  206. Having a super nice scale would be nice, but since I already have a [cheapo but functional] scale and adore weighing my ingredients, it sounds like it would be better for two of your other fans to cross over to the other (what other? you mean only, right?) side for the first time.
    I should say though that for very small amounts I still use teaspoons – say for 1/2 tsp vanilla extract or 1/4 of ground cinnamon… but definitely a scale for everything else.

  207. Hey, cool giveaway, thanks :)
    Either scale would be nice, I currently weigh most of my ingredients, except for the occasional 1/4 tsp of this or that.

  208. That´s a wonderful gift, I wish the one that get´s it to be very happy and really enjoy it, as I am a Mexican lady and I have one manual that weighs from one gram up to 2 kilos and for any recipe I make I change it to kilos or grams with no problems, i also have a Thermomix machine and I weigh a lot of things there but it is just 10 grams to 10. you can´t weigh 12grams. but it is very nice.
    I just love cooking and baking, as my mother had Deli Baking here in Mexico. I have to thank you also for your pretty site I do enjoy and make some of your breads and don´t ask me how they are as when I want to try them there all gone !!!!!
    Please excuse my English

  209. That’s an awesome giveaway. Either scale would be wonderful (though I’d prefer the smaller one). I’m ready to make the switch from volume to weights!

  210. Hi! I just found your site a few days ago, and I love it. I’ve been weighing since I got serious about bread baking. Of course as a boy, I want the bigger toy, but since I already have a scale…Hmm. Tell you what. If for some crazy reason I win, give me the addy of a third prize winner, and I’ll send them my current scale, specially if they don’t have a scale anyway. It’s nice, and almost new since I very recently upgraded to a model that handles g and oz.

  211. Hi,
    I have been using a scale to measure, but I have never seen one with baker’s percentage: I think that it would be helpful in transforming recipes. I’d love to use the kd 8000. Sweet of you to do these prize give aways.

  212. I’ve been looking to upgrade my scale, so winning a brand new one would be great. I’d be happy with either scale.

    Currently, I weight MOST of my food using grams (more accurate), though I do have to eyeball it when I travel. Should I win, I will repurpose the old scale as a travel scale.

  213. I’ve just recently gotten into sourdough now that the weather is warm enough to create a starter on my counter. I’ve always loved baking but have never used a scale for measuring ingredients.

    I’m currently living in Morocco as a Peace Corps Volunteer, but should I be randomly picked I’ll have a relative send me the scale. Since one is better than non, either one would do!

  214. I usually weigh my ingredients for most everything I make. I would love the second scale (my first choice, since you asked) with the baker’s percentages feature–so helpful with so many baking products!! But the first scale would also be lovely to own. :)

  215. I covet the one with the baker’s percentage function, as I understand it but have shied away from actually using it – but would of course, be thrilled with either. I do weigh my ingredients, but my scale is temperamental. Once in a while, it just doesn’t turn on – I hate when that happens

  216. Hi
    What a nice offer! I use a small spring scale at the moment. Its advantages: size and prize (especially because I bought it at a garage sale). The i500 appeals to me because I have a small space and if I am going to weigh ingredients I would like to do so accurately–not sure if that is happening at the moment. I am a “bilingual” cook in that I use metric and ounces, cups and grams.
    Thanks again–if you are really doing this randomly it would be nice to win but if you are going to trawl these postings then don’t give it to me–someone else is no doubt more deserving!

  217. Weighing works and it’s faster! Please put me in the drawing for the smaller scale. Many thanks.

  218. I enjoy your blog and would love to switch to weighing.
    Either scale would be a great addition. Thanks for the offer.

  219. I would love to have either scale. I’ve been considering buying a scale for a long time but haven’t felt sure that I can spend the money. Even though I know it would make for much better bread! Thanks for putting together this giveaway!

  220. i dont have a scale and wish i did, but being in college and living below the poverty line definitely plays a large role in my inability to purchase one. however, baking my own bread is probably one of the few real life skills ill take away from my college experience; you know, besides beer pong and accepting that ketchup is, in fact, an acceptable spaghetti sauce.

  221. What a wonderful offer! I’d love to win the i500. I currently weigh a few things, but I have a rather pathetic and imprecise non-digital scale, which sort of defeats the point of weighing. But I’d like to upgrade!

  222. I’d prefer the KD-8000 just because it looks so sleek, but I’d take either!

    I do not weight my ingredients now, but am ready to convert. I’ve been looking around for a good scale, so thanks for the recommendations!

  223. I would greatly appreciate having either. Being an amateur, “freestyle volume baker” having a scale would definitely help with my baking consistency. Thanks for the terrific blog.

  224. ohh…I would love to win either of those. I *do* have a scale right now…but it’s horribley unreliable and finicky and I’ve had reason to curse at it more than once. It does do it’s job…but it leaves much to be desired. It definitly put a marked improvement in my baking though, to be able to weight things instead of using cup measurement which is twice if not more times as worse…

    At least for important things like bread baking. I also find it very useful for creating recipes that I can follow while cooking and recreate basically the same dish. (I’ll admit to annoyance when they say ‘two cups of chopped carrots’ or something. Accuracy makes life easier.)

    And thanks to it…I can now basically measure a gram of anything by sight.

  225. I’d be delighted to win either scale! Thanks to The Fresh Loaf, I’ve been weighing ingredients (on a finicky Salter) for a couple of years now, and it makes all the difference in the world to consistency in my results. I came to your site from TFL a year or so ago, and have been lurking (especially for Yeastspotting!) ever since.
    Thank you so much for your fantastic writing, and all the encouragement you’ve given those of us muddling our way into the world of wild yeast. I’ve made several recipes I’ve found here, with great results. I keep hoping to find the one for your cardamom-pear sticky buns. No pressure though…

  226. i guess i will have to weigh in…Seeming how mine is now stuck in OZ…with toto…i really need a new the new KD-8000 scale…

  227. Well, I’ll add my entry! A one in several hundred chance is a better chance than none in several hundred… I currently weigh my ingredients (ahem, after reading your rant and BBA) and I’d love either of those scales, they both look fantastic!

    keep up the wonderful work, Susan!

  228. My mom gave me the i5000 several months ago and I can’t find it anywhere! It seems to have vanished. So, I would be happy to win one because I don’t want to have to tell her that I lost the one she gave me. Right now, I’m using a regular old manual scale. But, I still weigh everything! ;)

  229. I got into baking when I was 14, but always stuck to cookies and quick breads. Then, about 2 years ago, when I was doing a foreign exchange in Thailand, my boyfriend gave me a beautiful book of yeast bread recipes and techniques. I spent the rest of the year waiting eagerly to return home and give my oven a workout… but once I did, I realized that all the measurements in the books were by weight, and I don’t own a scale! Too lazy/thrifty to buy one, the bread book still hasn’t seen much action since I’m stuck doing a bunch of annoying (and inaccurate) weight-to-cup conversions. I would love to win either one of these scales and not only do more experimenting with bread baking, but also use it to try out some of my authentic Thai and Chinese recipes, which also give weight measurements.

  230. I always weigh my ingredients when baking breads or pastries. I use many recipes that use metric measurements, so I would be lost without my scale! I would love either scale since the digital scale I am using now is almst 20 years old and is no longer giving acurrate weights. When I weigh anything now, my scale keeps fluctuating…it drives me crazy! These scales look so beautiful and sleek compared to my old workhorse who really needs to retire. I have 2 of your books and I your writing style is great as are your recipes.

  231. I Need that~~~ seriously, thanks for the heads up on the need of a scale. I’m new to breadmaking and don’t own a scale. hilary

  232. I don’t weigh my ingrediedts (but I know I should be!) Either one of those great scales would help me to convert.

    Thanks for a great give-away!


  233. Either! I don’t weight ingredients because I don’t have a good scale – hope I’m lucky!

  234. I stumbled on your blog some weeks ago, Susan, and now I am hooked. I’ve been making bread with my yeastiebeasties for several decades, but your wonderful sense of humor, common sense, and recipes that fit just perfectly with my starter have made me feel like you are a neighbor to chat with about good bread, and then some.
    I weigh my ingredients with a scale that only goes to 2 KG – I’d love to have either of the ones that some lucky cooks will use soon, so that I can use my favorite crockery bowl (given to me by my German teacher, as a wedding present quite some years ago…) as I weigh. And then I could give my present scale to my daughter…
    Thanks for such lovely recipes, ideas, stories…

  235. I would love either of these. I have not be weighing my ingredients and I know the quality of my items suffer for it, so I look forward to start weighing soon!

  236. Your explanations of the pros of weighing ingredients have convinced me that I can be a better baker if I’d do so. I’d be thrilled to win either one.

  237. I would be thrilled to have either scale. I’ve heard so much about the benefits of weighing the ingredients and have been longing for a scale.

  238. I would be happy with either scale.

    Right now, I am using a very cheap, spring scale that only measures in ounces and whose accuracy I do not trust. I only use it as a guide or rough estimate of weight.

  239. I would LOVE to win one of the scales! Either would do me fine. I am just starting to switch to weighing, but the scale I inherited has some serious problems with the display making one wonder whether it means 8, 6, 9 or E (whatever THAT means!)

    making TWO of your breads tomorrow – the overnight ciabatta (for the first time) and the flax seed currant bread (for the second time). bringing the loaves on a trip to Marthas Vineyard with some girlfriends for our second “Moms weekend getaway”. LOVE your blog, keep it up!

  240. What a lovely idea! I am currently using a scale, but it’s a very old, quite broken one (kind of the equivalent of just estimating the weight).

  241. What a wonderful giveaway! Either scale would be the greatest of gifts to a baker. I wish the lucky recipients much happiness in the use of their new scales.

  242. Even though I don’t use it every day, I love my salter scale! (capacity: 1gm to 2kg) The ONLY thing I wish the scale could do is fractions of grams – for yeast weighing. I suppose if I were smart, I’d get a tiny scale just for that.

    (I was going say that if my name is drawn for this, to throw it back in so that someone else who really needs a scale will win. But I see that because I live in Canada, I’m not eligible anyway… :-) )

    Ha!! I just noticed that My Weigh sells a tiny “lighter scale” that is accurate from 0.1g to 500g. How cool would that be to have?!

  243. I have a salter scale, and while its nice, it uses measurements in the 1/8 oz instead of decimal style.

    I’d love to win the KD-8000, having the baker’s formula option built in would really be handy as a new baker!

  244. Would be thoroughly excited to receive either one. Have been working on baking – and realize that weighing is far more accurate than measuring – and would love to be able to do that. Baking in a small galley on a boat presents unique challenges, and a scale would certainly help in improving the quality of all creations.

  245. Wow, I’d be happy with either model. I am still measuring instead of weighing, which is embarrassing for someone who bakes often!

  246. Great giveaway! I’m sure either one would look lovely on my counter. I have begun weighing ingredients with some of my recipes and I’m sold – it’s the best, easiest, most accurate way to go. Thanks!

  247. I’d be great with either.

    I currently weigh my ingredients with a Taylor that I got on sale at Target because I needed the scale. I don’t like to go by volume with bread anymore. I’d much rather go by weight or by feel. The problem with this particular Taylor scale is the fact that the on/off/tare button is the *same* button, and it isn’t really a button as much as it’s a touch sensitive area of the scale. You can’t actually turn the thing off or tare with wet hands, which annoys me as I tend to go right from washing my hands to adding ingredients and sometimes I don’t get them dried all the way. I had been meaning to replace it, but Adam is getting hit with a layoff so it’s going on the back burner.

    My scale does work, though, and is fine for now. If I did get one of these, I’d be happy to give it to someone in similar circumstances that doesn’t already have one.

    Oh, and as an aside, I’m getting really sick of rain. One of the money saving things I planned to do this year was grow a garden, but I haven’t even been able to get the ground tilled for it yet.

  248. Wow, you are an inspiration to anyone who blogs. To contact a company for a donation / give away. Kudos!
    That’s a way to assure comments and feedback.
    BTW, I’d love a scale, but think they are already spoken for.

  249. Do you happen to have a general bread baking conversion chart? With such items as how much does a cup of all purpose flour weigh, wheat flour weigh, 1 T yeast, 1 t salt, 1 T wheat glutten, etc?

  250. Be careful whenever drinking too much beer because it can end up in alcoholism. Ofcourse if you’re an enjoyer of life just like i am then you might not care!

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