Bag Clips Giveaway

I love these things.

Not the flours, grains, and seeds (seen here dragged from their beds so I could assess which ones are fit to make the 6-mile move to my new home next week), although I do love them too. But I’m talking about the colorful bars that clip the bags closed.

If you don’t already know about these little hinged pieces of plastic, your life is about to be changed forever. Okay, maybe they’re not life-changing in the same way as, say, a credit card and Velcro are, but still. Not having to grapple with knots, twist-ties, rubber bands, tape, or springs is huge. I can clip these one-piece guys on and snap them off again with one hand tied behind my back, and when they’re on they stay put.

Look for these clips at Ikea, where they’re about $3 for a set of 30 clips. If you’re not near one, you can also order them online for a slightly less attractive price.

Option 3 is to leave a comment here for a chance to win the spare (new) bag of 30 clips I found when I was packing up the kitchen drawers. Random drawing to be held on Sunday, October 10 at 9 am PDT.

(Note to self: We’re good on semolina.)

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  1. Alabubba says

    I love the Twist Tie Bags from Wal-Mart. I get a jumbo box for about 2 dollars, However I hate twist ties. These little clips would be great!

  2. Sue says

    I love those clippy things! One of them is actually keeping my brown sugar from clumping. I was given a few by a neighbor, but I can always use more.

  3. Lynne says

    I love those clips too! I have only 3 of them, and they are getting worn out from over-use. Your collection of goodies makes me want to make bread.

  4. says

    It makes your bags look so colorful amongst all the whites, beiges, and yellows! We always have the twist-ties in our house but I usually end up throwing things in Zip-loc bags. Those look a lot more secure though.

  5. Elise says

    Ooooh those are awesome clips! I always have those same bags of grains all over the place and I’m forever trying to manage all their leaking. My husband, who hates finding flour all over the kitchen, would be even more pleased…..

  6. says

    Susan, don’t count me in the giveaway as I already have those, thanks to the Ikea in Emeryville. I just wanted to let you know how much I love them, I use them all the time.

  7. Llamabean says

    Those are wonderful, I have a set that are similar, but only have a couple in them, these would be great!

  8. says

    don’t count me in the giveaway – i bought a gazillion clear plastic boxes with lids in varying sizes that i transfer all these items into. keeps everything tidy and easy to find that way. But hope the move goes smoothly – it’s a huge amount of work, even for only a short distance.

  9. Christine says


    I need these clips badly ! I have so many opened plastic bags of stuff that just need to be clipped !

    Help !

    Thanks for the giveaways

  10. Sarah says

    I can honestly say I’ve avoided buying things in bags for lack of ‘chip clips.’ Either that or I’ve justied going through a bagged snack way too quick because “they’re gonna go stale!” Help me.

    P.S. never commented before but I just want to say I LOVE yeastspotting.

  11. Wendy says

    I love these clips… but always seem to be looking for them… would love more! Love Yeastspotting! Look forward to it every week!

  12. Peggy says

    Wow, little clips where have you been my whole life!
    I bake a variety if things and buy all kinds of items in small quantities and there there is just a wee bit left over…..those would complete me!

  13. Barbara says

    I always think what a great idea! and then I think why didn’t I think of that? Much nicer and more user-friendly that the big ole chip clips I sometimes use.

  14. says

    I am fortunate to live next to an IKEA and LOVE these clips. I gave some to my folks (they’re in their 70′s) and they love them better than twist ties for their arthritis. My dad even found another use for a clip…put it on the bottom your tube of toothpaste and use it to push the paste up as you go. Clever!

  15. Claire says

    I was just thinking I was running low on those clips and was dreading the trip to Ikea to get more. This would be perfect!

  16. AJ says

    Wow! I had never heard of them. Thank you for the opportunity and the information I will be looking into these and spreading the word.

  17. Connie says

    Hi! I would love to win these since I need clips really bad. I have been using clothespins and rubber bands to try up all the opened bags of stuff. Thank you for doing this! :)

  18. says

    Those are genius little clippys! I usually resort to some elaborate form of twisting the top of the bag and laying the twisted part underneath the bag so that it doesn’t untwist. Clips would be more efficient, definitely.

  19. Roberta Johnson says

    No. Seriously. These things are WAY better than Velcro. I need more, all of mine are in use, and a few have broken from years of use, and I was just thinking I had to scare some more up. These are maybe the best invention of the 20th century !

  20. bob roldan says

    Wow, quite a response!
    I’ve never seen these before. Ready to reallocate my investments in rubberbands, twist ties, recycled zip-locs, and especially those big black file clips!

  21. Carol says

    Count me in! I’d be honored to own some clips once possessed by the famous Susan Tenney–perhaps some of your baking mojo will come with them!

  22. Susan says

    I haven’t seen these before either. I use the black file clips (and never have enough of those either), but these look like they would be seal bags of flour more tightly.

  23. Dan says

    Bag clips sounds awesome! Please send me a few for the new George Washington High School Baker’s club in Denver, CO!

  24. Barbara Lynn says

    Wouldn’t I love a box of these clips? Yes, it would be wonderful to have them when I’m searching around for a tie. I reuse the plastic veggie/fruit bags from the grocery store for storing leftovers etc., instead of buying zip bags as a way to save money.

    Love wildyeast!

  25. MikeW says

    Can’t seem to find these in NJ, but when visiting Ohio we can find bags of them in different styles & sizes.

    Need to get more!

    And we have enough semolina too.

  26. Roger Fillion says

    It’s so much more healthy to use those clips for flour than for potato chips — which they seem to have been invented for (not supposed to end a sentence in a preposition.) They are so practical!

  27. jen says

    i am glad to know i’m not the only person with bags of varied flours, lentils, and other bulk items snuggled together. :) good luck with the move!

  28. Amy says

    I’m a clothespin user, but these are so much more secure. I’ll convert if I win (or when Ikea finally gets built in Denver)!

  29. Jan says

    Susan, I am curious about your new kitchen. Did you make a special bread making area and storage area for flours, etc. Did you get a new oven, if so, I would love to know what you got and how you like it.

    My oven works pretty well, but am thinking about getting a new one in the near future and I have read conflicting reviews. My kitchen is small, so I am looking at a built in electric oven. In order to get a gas oven, I would need approvals from the homeowners association and city. Nothing I want to do. Thanks


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