Got brotforms?

These coiled cane proofing baskets turn ordinary loaves into affairs of crusty gorgeousness. You can read more about their use and care here.

I’ve discovered that is a wonderful source for brotforms. Not only do their prices beat all others I’ve found by quite a bit, but my order arrived in record time and I did not feel gouged on the shipping charges. They offer a variety of sizes in round, oval, and oblong shapes.

All of this is, of course, meant to console and inform you in case you are not the lucky winner of the two brotforms — 9″ round and 8.5″ oval — that the very nice people at will send to a randomly-drawn commenter on this post, provided said commenter has a US shipping address.

So go on and comment it up before 11:59 PM PST on Thursday, July 9. Please make it interesting (but hey, no pressure!).

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  1. Hopping up and down and squeaking in my best annoying-seven-year-old voice: “Oooo! Oooo! Pick me! Pick me! Ooo! Ooo!”

  2. Yes please, I’d love to win this!

  3. If I can have loves that looks as gorgeious as that by baking in a Brotfom I would be a very happy baker!

  4. I like the results these brotforms yield with bread dough. I enjoy your bread posts.

  5. Count me in! I’ve always wanted one of these.

  6. I’m getting rather sick of using my poorly adapted towel couche and was looking into buying a couple brotforms.

  7. As I child I would thumb through my mother’s german cookbooks drooling over the artisan breads and rolls. I had no idea how those loaves had gotten such beautiful designs on them. Since then I’d come to learn that the brotform has been “decorating” loaves to the delight of many a baker. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I were one of them?

    Thank you for this great contest! Good luck, everyone!

  8. :( you need a US shipping address to be in for these? That’s such a pity, cause I’m in Ireland…
    I love the fact, though, that Brotforms have retained their German name – albeit with the English s ending, as opposed to Brotformen.
    So love to Wild Yeast from a German bread-obsessed baking girl in Ireland :)

  9. Your brotform bread is beautiful. Anyone who be nuts not to want a few of them. :)
    Cool giveaway.

  10. You form, I form we all want a brotform!


  11. Every time I make bread, at the end it still doesnt look good as yours. Maybe what im missing is that brotform. I really hope I will get one.
    Thanks Susan and brotform!

  12. OOH, those are neat! Might be just the thing to get me doing more baking.

  13. I’ve had brotforms on my wish list for a while now. I don’t know what’s stopping me!

  14. Please count me in! I’d love to win a brotform!

  15. I’ve never heard or seen of brotforms, but now that I have, I’m sold.

  16. gosh,, say something interesting about brotforms. I was lost a man to a brotform? just kidding. My husband does think I have an unhealthy stalker complex for them because I love to fondle them when we see them at the store.

  17. I’d love one of these!!!

  18. This is the first time I’m hearing the term “brotform” but I have always adored what they do the loaf. I’d love to have one of my own!

  19. Oh, I am in. I would post the most recent poem I have about food, but it’s about tomatoes and zucchini, not bread, and unfinished anyway. But allow me to point out that prettier bread would make writing poetry more likely!

  20. i love those things. a community i used to bake for had a big pile of ‘em, but that was years back and i haven’t used one since.

  21. !! I’ve always looked longingly at the ones in the King Arthur Catalogue. I’d be so excited to get brotforms (AND it’s a funny word to say.)

  22. Make it interesting? No pressure? You are kidding me, right? I am already hyperventilating and all words escaped from my mind…. (sigh)

    Yes, it is very interesting how I had this dream last night about my neighbor wearing a brotform as a hat while mowing hiw lawh. Little did I know that this brotform giveaway was just waiting for me….

    (ok, that’s the best I could do, but I just woke up and coffee has not kicked yet)


  23. I’d love one, but I’d have to hide my bread on the top of the fridge – they look like cushy dough-filled cat baskets for my insane kitten.

  24. Any home baked bread is wonderful, but the Brotform makes the bread even look more wonderful.

  25. Not that I need more baking things, but I think I’d use brotforms enough that they wouldn’t get relegated to the linen closet like so much of my baking equipment :) I’ve looked through their website, and just haven’t gotten around to getting any.

  26. i have been wanting one of these forever!

  27. Poor student here…. so pick me pick me….

  28. This is already on my wish list – I would love to make beautiful bread with it! :)

  29. What a tremendous gesture on your part to make this available. As my students say: “You da’ best!!”.


  30. I have this old sunset bread making book that has recipes for breads baked in bowls. This looks like such a fun way to make bread!

  31. I’ve always wanted some of these!

  32. These are beautiful! Elegant and rustic at the same time…I’ve always wanted to proof bread in something other than an old colander! Thanks for another chance at a giveaway.

  33. Those are so cool, and I love the texture they give the bread! But where in the heck did that name come from??

  34. That looks amazing. Maybe a brotform will make me feel like a better person. ;)

  35. This makes the most gorgeous loaves of bread. I’m just a beginning bread maker but I’d love to win one of these!

  36. What beautiful breads!! I’d never heard of a brotform before – but you can bet I’m gonna get one now!

  37. Teaching an advanced bread course in November and would love to showcase your web site…and hopefully the brotforms I win. Susan, you continue to be my inspiration!

  38. Being the maniac I am, I’ve often considered making a brotform…if I am chosen, it would save me from that insanity! :^)

  39. You mean I wouldn’t have to somehow cajole & bribe my potter friend to make me one of these??? Ooh, it would be so great to win this!

  40. I’ve been coveting one of these for a year, now. I could so use this brotform!

  41. I’m Jonesing for one of these! Pick me! Pick me!

  42. I’ve never used a brotform before, but I’d LOVE to give it a try!

  43. That is a nice new resource, their prices are indeed better than most places I’ve seen bannetons for sale. Thanks!

  44. I would really like to be the lucky winner of these great looking brotforms. I can put them to good use making my sourdough breads.

    Thanks for considering my entry,


  45. Another fun giveaway! Wheee!

    While I’m here I will take a moment to thank you again for your instruction and inspiration. My family is the happy recipient of my learning. The pictures are so helpful!

    Thank you.

  46. I love to make bread and would love to win these drool worthy brotforms! Thanks!

  47. Oh, man. I’d never seen brotforms before, but now I totally want one.

    /me rigs the random number generator

  48. Wow! I love the freeform of these! What a great gift for my father, the breadmaker.

  49. whoa nelly do those loaves look nice! if only i had a brotform so that I could make nice looking loaves too…. :)

  50. I understand that when using brotforms, your bread will rise an additional 25-30% Hey, you want more than sheer beauty? Thank you, Susan, for another gracious post – You da’ gal!

  51. If I had brotforms, that would be one less thing that I could blame my baking failures on!

  52. I just got my starter going again after a long wait (I’ve been making a lot of no-knead bread due to time constraints), and would love to kick off the summer baking season with a couple of brotform-shaped loaves. I absolutely adore the way the proofed loaves look – rustic but beautiful.

  53. Oooh! These are cool! Those make some gorgeous loaves; I’d love one!

  54. I’m still trying to use a bowl lined with floured pastry cloth as an improved brotform, but I suspect my results will never be as good as the real thing. I would love to win one of these, but with the prices on that site I’m strongly considering buying one if I don’t win.

  55. Oh I’d love to have these.I love the design made by the forms!


  56. I’d love a brotform. Bread tastes better when it’s pretty, don’t you think?

  57. I have been drooling over brotforms for a long time; but since I am currently unemployeed, it will be a while til I can get one…unless I WIN one!! PLEASE?!?!?!?!?

  58. This contest is wonderful. I am attempting a from-scratch starter begun this weekend. It is going very well (thanks hot weather). I’d love the some proofing baskets.

  59. Enjoy your blog and the vast varieties of baked good it displays.

  60. Wow, i didn’t know about these, but I’d love to try making some bread with these. It makes the loaves so beautiful, it makes me excited to bake!

  61. This might be the only time where I’ll say, “I’d like some bread moulds, please!

  62. All your breads are beautiful but these forms make them extra special…especially for a esthetically challenged baker like me. I love this blog, unfortunately for me, I spend endless hours searching and enjoying.

  63. Oh, I have been going to their site and ogling for the past week or so! For me they are even a local company. I really hope I win, but if I don’t, I might order one anyway….

  64. I’m starting to bake bread and I’ve never heard of these. It would be nice to add to my growing collection of bread baking tools!

  65. These are one of the bread baking tools I’ve been lusting after for the past year or so; but I’m a grad student and they’ve been out of my price range. So, yes please I’d love a brotform!

  66. You always have the best stuff on your blog. The brotforms are no exception.

    Here’s hoping & with my fingers crossed.

  67. I would love love love love love to show my children how cool and fun bread can look AND taste!! Not to mention that I, myself would love to add them to my bread supplies collection. I’ve been trying to convince myself that I simply have to have these and I’ve succeeded, but my husband who is not a baker cant seem to understand how much I do need them:)

  68. I love all the giveaways you do, they are always great products. I would be overjoyed to have a couple brots.

  69. I’ve used all sorts of crazy things in place of a brotform– emptied out fruit baskets, bowls, tupperware– but now the brotform envy is kicking in again…..

  70. What a wonderful giveaway! I have been pining after brotforms for some time now, but have never made the leap and actually bought one.

  71. Ooh this would take my bread making to the next level. Thanks for having such wonderful giveaways!

  72. OK Here Goes a awful haiku about brotformen


    My willow coils
    A hollow wheaten vessel
    Dusted with flour

  73. Just found your website today and have already subscribed to the rss feed. I just started using baskets for this, but I’d love some real forms.

  74. I have been making bread from a stater that is 12 years old and would love to try it in a brotform. It could help me make an even better rustic loaf.

  75. I’d love one please!

    (and the folks above are right, you do have the best giveaways!)

  76. I have been wanting one of these for a quite a while now. I use a wide variety of different shaped bowls to proof my bread in, but they never look nearly as professional as the pictures you post. Thanks for entering me in the drawing!

  77. Me, too. Me, too. Me, too!! -Wingboy

  78. It’s note summer baking season here (it’s 89 in the house right now!), but I’d make great use of these come fall.

    Love your blog – please keep up the great work.

  79. Hello, I have always wanted to try these baking bowls, the bread looks soooo beautiful. I procrastinate making bread. Someone I was talking bread to told me about this website and it has been so encouraging. Wining, well the guilt would get me using them and then if they are as wonderful as I have always thought would be very happy.

  80. Cool. I’ve always wanted to try these.

  81. If a dane can enter, I would like to do so :)
    Thanks for great blog.

  82. Thanks for the brotform link and your all over lovely blog. I have been dreaming about a brotform for a long time, but yes, they are pricey. I wish I get to be lucky winner…

  83. Wow! Those are some gorgeous loaves! I’d love to try one out, count me in :)

  84. Wo-hoo! I’ve always wanted one of those forms, they make so pretty loaves of bread. Yours are really adorable!

  85. Those loaves are beautiful! How long do brotforms last?

  86. Dear,

    I love your products. My mother-in-law has promised to will me hers when she passes on, but she is too darn healthy for that to be a viable option. Please save our family from matricidal drama and pick me!!!

  87. AH! TO SEE MY LOAVES in the beautiful design of a reed basket – wow! THANX for the purchasing link – your site is ALWAYS colorful and informative and exciting!

  88. Oh, these are lovely! I hope I win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Would absolutely love one, thanks!

  90. please enter me in the contest! thanks! and as always, i love the beautiful pictures on your site :)

  91. My current predicatment is that I have one brotform, but typically make more than one loaf of bread at a time. I end up with one exciting flour swirled loaf and one ho-hum loaf. Although I’m working on shaping and scoring my “ho-hum” loaves, wouldn’t it be nice to turn out two brotformed (I totally think that is an acceptable use of the word) loaves at once?! Thanks.

  92. Never own one of them but would love to have one.
    Please enter me in the contest. Thank for the giveaway.

  93. ooo pick me! otherwise I’ll have to ask my basket-making mom to branch out into willow or cane & make me some for christmas

  94. Add me to the list of brotform winner hopeful!

    You know that sooner or later I will invest in some of them, I would love to win one though, since I can’t splurge nowadays.

  95. I just interviewed a local bread artisan here in Tennessee. He is using baskets with liners he made because he bakes 40 loaves at a time and was telling me of the expense of the cane whatever you call them. I would sure feel special winning these. :)

  96. I’ve never won anything, maybe my luck will change and I’ll win a brotform.

  97. Please count me in on the giveaway!

    I bake bread just about every weekend, sourdough with my own homemade starter, and some of Peter Reinhart’s recipes.

    Would absolutely love to win the brotforms.


  98. Finally a purpopse for my underwater basket weaving course from college! =)

    Brotoforms are a thing of beauty that then create another thing of beauty and I would love to own one! What a great contest!

  99. I’ve been trying to develop a system of suspending kitchen towels to cradle baguettes as they rest, but it’s not working all too well: they come out too fat, and the tops don’t get nearly the blistery-y, roof-of-mouth-cutting-y texture I’m looking for.
    A real brotform would make my day!

  100. I’d love one of these!

  101. Brotformen…schone!

    I could use a few of those. Mmmmmm…..

  102. My bread never looks as pretty as yours. Maybe these would help.

  103. Oh, I would LOVE to have some of those baskets! Especially the oval ones. The round ones I can improvise with cheap baskets, but there aren’t many basket in that oval shape. :P Even if I don’t get to win (but pleeeeeeeeeeeeease pick me, I promise to bake up a storm and post the results on my Chinese blog to showcase the results and the baskets themselves), I will buy some of those. I wonder for an one lb loaf, what size of brotformen basket would be good? How about a 2 lb loaf?

  104. since we’re just past the 4th, perhaps this quote would be appropriate:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Bread Breaking, preferably using a brotform, if one were so lucky as to win one…

  105. Yes, yes, I desperately want one of these! I want my rustic breads to have those cool stripes! Pick me! Pick me!

  106. Thanks very much for the suggestion Susan,
    Great company, I ordered 6 yesterday (not even 18 hours ago) and they have already shipped the order! Months and months I have been looking for a company that will post orders to International destinations, very few do – and even fewer to Pakistan – and shipping costs re too high, this was very reasonable, very much appreciated.

  107. Please include me in your giveaway. I would love to be the winner!

  108. Just got into bread baking about 8 mos. ago and I’d love to win these!

  109. I’m always trying to think up a new way to make my loaves more attractive.

  110. It looks great! I was thinking of getting a proofing basket, and it seems like brotform is the one I should get. But I’ll wait for now to see if I win!

  111. Drop the brotform!!! Now!!!

  112. hoho … it’s always incredible how many comments you get on these things!
    Love the brotforms! I have one and really am looking for some different sizes.
    Really find the marks romantic as well as artistic. Seem to make any loaf special.

  113. I’ve wanted one of these for soooo long. Got my fingers crossed. Thanks Susan!

  114. I have am working a new job as a baker in a small restarant and we have been talking about using these to raise our breads in it. I would love to have one at home to try it out.

  115. Life would be so wonderful with a second brotform. :mrgreen:

  116. I love making my round loaves just by hand, ready to put on the quarry tiles that pass for stones in my oven, and am not likely to quit doing that… But, a couple of brotforms as part of my equipment would probably tempt me to do otherwise. Good idea! Thanks for offering them.

  117. Hi Susan! Thank you so much about the! I’m a artisan baker from Finland and have been looking for these brotfors for years – (in Finland most of the bakers don’t even know what they are – we have so few home bakers – sad but true. Now need to “go” shopping to that page… :D
    And thank you for this lovely blog and the weekly yeastspotting event, I have been reading them from the beginning – always with a great pleasure! Have a lovely and sunny summer!
    Yours, Celina

  118. A brotform would help take my amateur loaves to the next level – I hope I win!

  119. I have been interested in bread baking and these would certainly light the fire for me!

  120. i want it!



    Ok what else can I say other than how impressive would I be if I served the family bread that looked as beautiful as those coming out of that proofing bowl. I always tell my kids that the food I serve is with love and that is why it tastes so good.
    Man they would think I had put my whole heart into a bread that beautiful

  122. it’d be awesome to win one, but even if I don’t, thanks for the link. }:P

  123. I think I would also try to make a panna cotta in this.

  124. I am not very good at being interesting under pressure, so I will just be honest (that’s kind of interesting, right?) I really want these. I am a complete tight wad who has been salivating over the want of some brotforms so I can make some (more) amazing bread, and I have not let myself spend the cash yet. Crossing my fingers on this one! Might have to cave if I don’t win. :)

  125. Thanks for the info on Those prices are great and the brotforms look beautiful. I hope I win, but if not, at least I’ve found an affordable source for them now thanks to your blogpost.

  126. 125 comments already, and yet I take the chance anyway. Crazy? Perhaps. But any chance at free awesome gadgets is good in my book.

    How many of these you must have, Susan! Mmm, to have a collection of Brotforms…

  127. I’d love to have these. Why? Because a colander with a coiled length of thin rope inside, covered with a kitchen towel, is just too much work to prepare every time!

  128. Sounds good to me! :)

  129. Hi
    I’ve wanted one of these for a long time. I bake most of our bread (not so much during summer months), mostly sourdough, and hesitated to make the purchase of the Brotforme basket because of the price $$. I’d love to win one! Thanks for providing this give-aw-way. Steph

  130. I would love to be the first one in South Africa to have one of these (not available here, unfortunately) and be able to ‘turn oridinary loaves into affairs of crusty gorgeousness’!! Thanks for a wonderful blog.

  131. Great giveaway! Would love one of those (or 2) – but the website you reference has great prices too so may buy one if I don’t win – thanks for the chance!

  132. Agreed with Kerri above. It’d be awesome to win your giveaway, but even if not I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy one these for a while – so why not now?

  133. I love them and want many more please….please

  134. What an amazing invention with a ridiculous name. My housemate uses one to great effect, and it would be very exciting to get to try one out, too. Thanks!

  135. I used these extensively when I baked professionally. They make a beautiful loaf that always impresses. I would love to have some for my home baking.

  136. I love these. My favourite local baker has enough of these for about half his daily production, and guess which half sells out first every day!

  137. Now those look so amazing! Do I have one NOPE. Would I like one yes! What would I do with one. Try and make amazing loafs of bread, and you know I will.

  138. Although I’ve been baking bread since I was in grade school, about 50 years ago, I’ve never tried using a brotform or basket for proofing my loaves. I guess I ought to try this technique. Thanks for such a terrific blog!

  139. There once was a baker named Norm,
    Who wanted to have a brotform.
    He tried real hard to win it,
    So he’d put batter in it,
    And eat the fresh bread while still warm.

  140. Just found your web site and what a great one I must say. I’ve been making bread since in college. My husband could eat just bread and ice tea for a meal. I have made lots and different kinds of bread but only used loaf pans and sheet pans.

  141. gotta have one! or two even!

  142. I’ve always claimed (sour-grapes) that what matters is the inside, not so much the outside, but I’ve also always been jealous of bakers who can get their breads to look so nice.

    Keep meaning to make my own, but never seem to start.

  143. oooh, I have been wanting one of these. If I don’t win I think I will have to buy one anyway. thanks!

  144. I am just starting into the breadmaking and this would be great. Thanks for the opportunity.

  145. These look great. I would love to win.

  146. If I won, I could say that I had poolish in my refrigerator and brotform in my pantry!

  147. I fondled brotforms at Sur La Table last weekend but just couldn’t bring myself to pay that much. So, yes! I would love to win this contest and try making some beautiful artisan loaves!

  148. I used to have a brotform that I LOVED but one day I found little tiny bugs on it and I was so disgusted I immediately threw it out. How special it would be to win a new one! My sourdough is ready to go!!!

  149. I’ve been wanting to try those, need to get back to baking and trying some new recipes.

  150. My bread still rises in an old tupperware container from my baby shower 10 years ago. I think it is time to move on. These are beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  151. I’ve been studying your website to try and get a handle on sourdough starter. I would really like to keep one going at my home. With an Italian husband, carbo-loading daughter, and the price of good artisan bread… I gotta do SOMETHING! Thanks for the chance to win!

  152. Always wanted one. Would love them!!!

  153. For heaven’s sake – I never cease to be amazed at what you find in terms of bread baking resources. Now I’m going to go skulk on their website!

  154. I’ve been considering one for awhile now! Very reasonable prices on the site, too (incase I’m not the winner……)

  155. I’d love a brotform, and would love to win one! It would add another dimension to my bread baking.

  156. I’ve always been interested in trying this…

  157. These forms are beautiful; i’d love to win one!

  158. Perhaps these will be the answer to better bread baking? I suspect not – but they certainly couldn’t hurt! Thanks for the chance.

  159. That is one stunningly beautiful loaf of bread in the picture. I’d like to make bread like that. . . Hehehhehe. But, oddly enough. . .I don’t have a brotform. . . (grin)

  160. Does a beautiful, tasty loaf of bread come with the brotform too? I would love to be the lucky winner of this giveaway!

  161. Me thinks a brotform is the only thing holding me back from baking beautiful farm loafs, must tell Santa about these in case I don’t win one!

  162. yeahhh! blotformed breaaad. De-licous.

  163. I really think I’m due an upgrade from my 99-cent Chinese grocery colanders. Would love to win!

  164. I must enter…. can’t .. help.. . myself . .. …

    Winning a brotform might just give me the courage to start nurturing my very own batch of wild yeast! So far I’ve stuck to your non-sourdough recipes – most of which have been added to my standard repertoire (much appreciated). This might be the push I need to graduate and join the grown-ups in the real world of breads.

  165. Ich möchte eine Brotform! Bitte :)

  166. Man, if one of these can make my breads like yours I need to get one.

  167. Based on your dimensions of the Brotform, I have just enough room in my galley to store them, and I can think of nothing better than a beautiful loaf of bread and some cheese along with a glass of wine while watching the sunset each evening.

  168. I’m intrigued by this form. Do you have to use a special bread recipe? I have a vision of ME dumping the raised bread out and it goes flat?

  169. I’ve never used one of these, but I’d love to try it. Boldly baking where – well, I – have never baked before!

  170. these are so cool! i’ve never heard of such a thing. i have yet to venture out of baking bread in my dutch oven. this is a good excuse to try something new!

  171. A friend Gill just sent me a link to this blog – great blog it is, too, and wouldn’t it be excellent to win a brotform or two!

    Odette in AZ

  172. Scales, brot forms where will it end? Susan you are the best!

  173. I’m new to bread and could really use one of these to keep my bread a little more aesthetically pleasing

  174. Newlywed baker…. couldn’t figure out where to register for brotforms! I’ve loved them since i lived in germany and used to watch bakers flip out countless proofed loaves for baking…. a nice image to imagine being recreated in my kitchen!

  175. Ooo, how I would love to own such a thing.

  176. I’m in. They won’t make my bread better but I want one. Or two.

  177. Thank you for the chance to win a brotform – my sourdough starter is happily bubbling away, hoping for the chance to be as pretty as it is tasty!

  178. I wonder if brotforms will work more effectively than my wooden dough-rising bowl?

  179. OK…I have to enter because I would simply love these so i don’t have to keep proofing in a colander.

  180. really beautiful artistic forms, I luv them so much, takes bread sculpture to another level. thanks for the post.

  181. Oooooooh. I’ve always wanted one of those!

    Great give-away!

    And thanks for the nice comments on my blog.

  182. I’m just starting out at bread baking, and I’d love the help these would provide.

  183. Wow, a lot of people are lusting after these Brotforms. Add me to the list, I would love to win one of these.

  184. I would love, love, love a brotform. What more can I say?!? Thanks for sponsoring this great giveaway. :)

  185. I’d love one too! Poor grad student here! haha.

  186. I want that BROTform in the WURST way! I am so afraid of moving the bread from a form to the bake sheet. Maybe this would CURE me. OK bratwurst is not cured, but…

  187. I’m a wife in a tiny apartment with little money: anything free (and useful) is like the best un-Birthday ever. If I win I’ll donate my first loaves to friends (suckers) until I perfect my baking. Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. Ooh! I’m going to make beet bread with all the Red Ace beets we’ve been harvesting at the farm!

  189. I know they’re far superior to my floured teatowels in china bowls!

  190. The sad truth is, making bread scares me. I love to cook, but my mom, brother, and sister in law have the corner on good tasting and looking bread. Oh, so have a brotform to have a least the prettiest bread while I work on getting the fabulous tasting part down.

  191. Beautiful & useful !!!!!

  192. What a generous thing for Brotform to do. I would love to have one to experiment with. And thank you, Susan, for your inspiration (not to mention your beautiful photography).

  193. I love baking bread, it would be so fantastic to try this using this form, and impress my German friend. Thanks!

  194. those brotforms would be just the thing to take my normally boring-looking loaves to the next level. what a great giveaway!

  195. Count me in. I’ve tried improvising brotforms a number of ways (cereal bowls with towels in them, plastic hamburger+fries baskets, etc) and nothing seems to work too well. I’d love to have some real ones.

  196. I bake quite a bit of bread but have never used a brotform, if chosed I promise to use it faithfully.

  197. I own four plastic brotforms in different sizes, but haven’t used them as much as I thought I would because the SD bread that I make is so slack that I can hardly make out the pattern when unmolded. However, I have wondered if using a cane brotform would imprint a stronger pattern.


  198. Oh, I would love to win a Brotform. I’m pretty new to baking bread and Brotforms make such a beautiful loaf of bread. By the way, I love this blog with so many beautiful photos for inspiration. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I win. Thank you.

  199. I’ve always wanted a brotform but could never find a good source for them . . . Thanks for offering this giveaway and I’d love to win them! :)

  200. OOH OOH OOH! A brotform for my sourdough. I have three starters – one I made from a Sunset Magazine recipe years ago, one given to me by a friend whose father got it from someone else (heaven knows how old it is) and one from my sister’s friend’s father who also baked. Good luck to me!

  201. Have an oval one and love it! Could certainly use more!

  202. I’d love to have one of these.

  203. I would love to win these. I only have a round one right now.

  204. If I can have loves that looks as gorgeious as that by baking in a Brotfom I would be a very happy baker

  205. Hi Susan,
    Just wanted to let you know that I Received my Brotforms today straight at the Mission’s door (7/15 – 7/6 = not bad at all for 9 days delivery to Islamabad!) all safe and perfect. They look great; Can’t wait to try them.

    Thanks again and happy holidays.

  206. I could use one of these. i like crusty bread.

  207. I would love any of there bannetons!!! I am tired of towels sticking to my dough and they sure would be more impressive.

  208. Wow! After years of baking, I finally ordered my first two brotforms from (on your recommendation) and I’m IN LOVE with how beautiful my loaves look. Maybe it’s an omen. I’d love to have two more of these.

  209. I have 4 brotforms – can I justify buying two more? I think so. How many loaves do I have to sell at the Farmers Market to pay for each one. Oh well, right it off to “hobby” if I can’t justify as “business expense.”

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