YeastSpotting 8.7.09


YeastSpotting is a weekly showcase of yeasted baked good and dishes with bread as a main ingredient. For more bread inspiration, and information on how to participate, please visit the YeastSpotting archive.
Loaves and Rolls
  • Bialy
  • Paulchen’s FoodBlog?!
English Muffins
Dinner Rolls
100% Whole Wheat Bread from BBA
moj kruh
  • Moj Kruh
  • Dvi ribe dva kumpira (in Croatian)
Double-Braided Cranberry-Walnut Celebration Bread
White and Brown rolls
No-Knead English Muffins w/Oats & Cornmeal
Sunflower seed-curd cheese-bread
Corn Spinach Garlic Cheese Bread
Hamburger Buns
Scottish Morning Rolls
Pumpkin Seed Bread
Flatbreads, Filled Breads, and Savory Pastries
Summer Tortilla
Cheese & Chilli Chicken Pizza
Lisnata pogaca
Carom flavored bread sticks
Cheese Rolls
Sweet Breads and Pastries
Cinnamon Raisin Rolls
Blueberry Buns
100 Minute Babka and Danish Braid
tiny sweet bread plaits
Almost-Cinnamon Buns
Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread BBA
Brioche Sticky Buns
Whole Wheat Fruits & Nuts Swirl Bread
Banana and Almond Bread

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  1. Great roundup, as always. Thanks Susan!

  2. Great roundup. Thanks Susan :)

  3. Great round-up! Lots of sweet ones this week. I could really go for some with my coffee right about now..

  4. I need to stop looking at this when I haven’t had anything to eat yet. I’m about ready to eat an entire loaf of bread after looking at this week’s pics! (Love the cheese and chili chicken pizza.)

    Thanks for including me!

  5. Gorgeous entries as usual.

  6. Yet again I’m drooling. Thank goodness it’s not Passover right now!

  7. Everything looks so freaking good!

  8. Great variety of bread this time around (well, every time, really!) and a wonderful roundup. Now I’m in the mood to bake bread!

  9. It’s unreal how every week shows me new breads I’m so wanting to bake … I’ll need three more life times to bake it all.

  10. (sigh)

    so many breads, so little time….

    can a person drown in recipes?

    Great batch this week, once more!

  11. [...] pretty natural extension of the whole make-it-yourself kick I’m on.  Got the recipe through Wild Yeast’s YeastSpotting feature from last week, and I’ve got to say: it’s a winner.  I made teensy-weensy ones, since I didn’t [...]

  12. I don’t know what Marie Antoinette was thinking of when she supposedly said “If they have no bread, give them cake”!
    Who wants cake when there’s bread like this?

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