Super Peel Giveaway

loaderThis is a loader.

It’s what we use at SFBI to deliver about 20 loaves at a time into the deck oven without harming one strand of gluten on their pretty little heads. This canvas conveyor belt does a great job of ensuring, for example, that our lovely pear-shaped loaves don’t wind up becoming oranges or bananas on their way into the oven.

pear-loaves pear-loaf

Super Peel

This is a Super Peel.

It’s what you can use at home to pick up your own pears, pizzas, or pains de campagne and deposit them onto your baking stone equally unscathed. And although it’s modeled after those big conveyor belts, it’s far more versatile. The SFBI loader can’t pick up a rolled-out pie crust from the counter and move it onto the pie dish, or transfer a freshly-ganached cake from wire rack to serving plate, but the Super Peel is great for these tricky jobs.

Check out videos of the Super Peel in action at the Super Peel website.

Thanks to Gary Casper, Super Peel’s inventor, you can have a chance to win a Super Peel (your choice of original maple or gorgeous new butternut) just by being a US resident and leaving a comment here by 11:59 PDT on Friday, October 23. Gary will even upgrade to a gift set — including a cloth storage bag and an extra cloth belt — if the comment I pick at random is super good (as judged by me).

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  1. Ah, you make things difficult! To grab for the first comment, or to try to write a super-good one? Well, here it goes…

    I think you’ve probably managed to sell one of those to every one of us who doesn’t win it. I can’t even think of how many times I’ve needed something like this, like when I’ve over proofed a larger loaf, or happen to be working with a softer dough. But, more so I think, it would be my saving grace when I’m baking with children. They have a tendency to turn a perfectly good pizza into a perfectly good stromboli… or a mess all over my pizza stone. Since offering to load the dough myself is clearly not an option, well, this is brilliant.

  2. Oh no. I have to move to the US. ;-)

  3. I’m sure this Super Peel would work far better than my decidedly low tech slab of plywood. I’d love to have one…

  4. As a poor starving college student that loves loves LOVES to bake this would probably be one of the best things I could get my hands on. I constantly bake in the communal kitchen in my residence but I’m so poorly equipped! I’ve decided to attempt to grow myself a starter and take a shot at baking myself a nice sourdough and this super peel would certainly help. My goal this year is to gain as many baking and cooking tools as possible. I think this super peel would be a wonderful tool to add to my currently rather pathetic collection. I know I’d love to have one!

  5. Ah, but this is too tempting. I’m not going to lie and say that I live in the US. But The Main Squeeze does, and we are there together twice a year, every year, in the summer and again around Christmas. The Super Peel would make a fine addition to her Mom’s kitchen.

    Failing that, can you send me a second hand loader?

  6. Contest you say?

  7. Very, very cool baking tool! Sign me up, and thank you!

  8. Oooh! I’ve got one of these on my Christmas “wish list”! I haven’t been baking bread quite as often since I got pregnant, but I’m still making pizza galore. And now that I’m starting to feel more like myself again, I’m sure my bread production will be picking back up too. I’d love to be entered in the contest! Thank you, thank you!

  9. I make all kinds of bread, and love homemade pizza. I have used the canvas conveyor belt peel at classes that I’ve taken, wished I had one and the space to use it. This would be my best real solution.

  10. I’ve been flirting with the super peel for a long time. Seriously.

    but I am glad I did not buy it, because it will be much more special winning it here! :-)

  11. Not only does the peel look highly useful but a small part of me is noting that it would make a really attractive decoration in my kitchen when not in use. I’d been eyeing the giant spatula for moving around cakes but this definitely looks more versatile and prettier!

  12. That pear shaped loaf is so unique! As always I am inspired by “Wild Yeast”. I am definitely going to make a pear shaped bread for out Thanksgiving tabe, but will start with a loaf this weekend. I would love to have the “super peel” to make the job a little easier. Just wondering what kind of dough was used for the “pear bread”? I was thinking of maybe a rustic cranberry walnut bread or?

  13. What a great giveaway! I do live in the US. :)

  14. I’d love you forever if you picked me! My pizzas need this! :)

  15. I would love a peel! I always have problems transferring my bread to the oven…

  16. Oh my. If I were to ever win a giveaway I would want it to be this one! I make homemade pizza all the time and I don’t have a peel. I have two baking stones (round ones) so I use one as the peel while the other waits in the hot oven :) I have even been known to use my round microwave turntable as a peel. LOL Hey, it works! ;D Love your blog :)

  17. this really has a peel….

  18. Well,after finding the site,and loosing the fear of “yeast bread”,I have taught many around here,especially grandaughters,to love and bake bread!! The peel,sure would help,in my classes,of fun!! We,make bread,rolls,cakes,etc. So not only,does your site,help ones who come here,but it will help,future cooks.To make your own buns,for dinner,pulled BBQ sandwiches,white bread,etc.,sure makes a meal better than depending on the local store.Where,we win or not the peel,we already are winners,because of the work and time,”You Do”!!! Thanks So Much!!!!

  19. It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s SUPER PEEL!!!

    Super Peel to the rescue!!!

  20. This looks great! I’ve ended up with pizza toppings on the oven floor a few times, it’s no fun!

  21. I make alot of bread. Just found your web site a few weeks ago. I have a peel I’ve had for years but not like the one you are giving away. I think yours would work better than the one I have.

  22. Super Peel looks pretty cool. My bread usually gets smeared onto my baking stone :(

  23. I have seen SteveB put this peel to work on It works with all hydrations of dough with perfect oven loading every time! He doesn’t plug any baking products really, but I emailed to ask what nifty devise he uses for loading breads and pastries and he sent me the link to the SuperPeel site. I have to get me one of these!!

  24. This would make baking SO much easier!

  25. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now. I’ve gotten pretty decent at getting my pizza to slide nicely off my regular peel, but heavier breads often give me trouble. And recently I’ve started baking breads at much higher temperatures, so sliding them into the oven on parchment is no good – most parchment is apparently only heat resistant up to 450.

  26. Moving pizza dough
    not easy. Super Peel helps
    I enter contest.

  27. I bought one as part of my friend’s wedding gift! I would love to have one for myself. :)

  28. I hereby vow to make endless supplies of homemade pizza and bread for my wife when she delivers our 4th child in a couple weeks if I when this peel. Actually, I’ll be doing this either way.

  29. Winning this would make my life easier since I do all the cooking and cleaning, run a small business out of the house, take care of the kids, and remodel the house. After all, I’m the man and I’m in control. Now excuse me cause I have to go do the dishes.

  30. Oo la la! Count me in for this giveaway, please!

  31. The super peel would be another wonderful kitchen tool in my kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway. Please sign me up!

  32. I would LOVE to win one of these! Although, if I do win this do I keep it for myself or pass it on as a gift of love to one of my daughters? And then which one? The one who has worked hard on developing wonderful dishes on her own or the one who we call “challenged in the kitchen”? Regardless, I know the peel will find loads of love and plenty of gentle care in any of our homes!

  33. I’ve been admiring this tool for a long time on both your blog and The Fresh Loaf. I’d love to give this a try!

  34. That peel would be fantastic, it is always quite exciting trying to get my bread into the oven!

  35. Oh Susan, why must you always make these things so difficult!

    Hope you’re planning on doing an upcoming piece on that pear bread, especially how you shape it – yeah, that’d be nice.

  36. I had to take a second look to figure out how the super peel works, as they video is super fast. Pretty nifty design, and I would love to win it!

    I am so jealous of you spending so much time with you hands in the dough. I should kick my rear and make some bread today.

    Keep on bakin’!

  37. i was just talking to my housemates in our recently-formed co-op that with all the many kitchen tools we have between us, it’s shocking that we don’t have a peel. Maybe if we had one, we’d make more use of that pizza stone tucked a way in one of the baking supplies drawers.

    thanks for running such a great blog. i look forward to the collection of recipes each week.

  38. Hi Susan –

    first, how was the marathon? I look forward to the post on that.

    second, please tell us more about the pear bread. it is too beautiful to pass by uncommented (and I just love love love pears)

    third, please pick me! I do need a peel. the first time you posted on peels, I didn’t think I needed any more equipment in this kitchen. Then my darling husband bought a stone and getting the bread onto it has been interesting. sort of like a waterballoon toos, only scorchier.

  39. I am a new fan to this site. I came across it when looking up recipes for Tortas de Aceite. It was like striking gold! I have been baking slow rise bread and home made pizza for a couple years now. Thanks Susan

  40. Learning to bake bread is my winter resolution, this would definitely make it more fun and easy!

  41. This peel looks very useful! I would love to have one to move the pizzas I make. Right now its a tricky process! and Friday is my birthday! so this would be great to win for my birthday!

  42. My peel is kind of splintery! Need a new one for sure.

  43. Oooh! This looks awesome! I’m one of those unfortunate beings that will roll out and top the perfect looking pizza…only to mutilate it transferring it to the oven. Sometimes I mutilate my pizza so much the crust folds under, and the cheese and sauce leak off. :(

  44. What a wonderful contest and giveaway! I have always loved baking bread, but have only recently begun to try my hand at free form breads. The Super Peel would make my life so much easier. The cutting board method fails me almost as often as it is successful.

  45. Your blog always inspires me to bake something wonderful. I’ve eyed up the Super peel for a while, I can see it being really useful to transfer my high hydration doughs to the oven.

    Thanks for such a great blog!

  46. I tried to bake two sourdough boules at once using my dinky crap-ass peel the other day. I ended up with conjoined twins. The SuperPeel looks super! Thanks for the contest!!!!

  47. I would love to have this tool! We do a good amount of pizza, and I have big plans to start making more bread. :) This would be such a great addition to my kitchen.

  48. I’m in serious need of buying a real pizza peel– I went cheap and my pizzas and I (and those around to hear my cursing..) have been regretting it ever since :(

  49. There once was a man named O’neal
    For him, baking bread was a thrill
    He rolled out his dough
    In the oven he’d throw
    What should have slid on Super Peel

    Actually my names not O’neal, but Ethan doesn’t rhyme with much.

    The wonkiness of my last few pizzas can attest to the fact that a Super Peel would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Susan for the post and the contest!

  50. Right now, I use a sheet of parchment on a rimless cookie sheet as my “peel”. I would love a Superpeel for our weekly pizzas and breads!

  51. Cool invention…. I once dumped a pizza on my stone in a glob trying to get it into the oven. That made me start using parchment all the time to try transferring pizza. It worked alright in my oven, but when I decided to try grilling a pizza on parchment, that was a mistake. The parchment actually caught fire. It was ugly!

  52. OMG! No more misshaped pizza? Pie crusts that slide off the counter and magically get placed onto the pie! My daughter, the self proclaimed cookie queen, will be so excited to see the Super Peel in action. My friend who bakes bagels with our High School Cooking Club, will be in awe. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!

  53. That super peel looks too amazing!

  54. What a great idea. This isn’t just a gadget. It’s an everyday necessity. Thanks for telling me about it!

  55. Would love one. Been experimenting with pizza doughs for a while and maybe this would help step it up………..

  56. oh i wish i could think of something to say for you to think it was a “super good” comment – but alas i can not. i would just really like a peel. i don’t have one but have wanted one for a long time. i think it would help motivate me to bake more bread – and pizza of course – which would be good for me both in terms of money and feeding my spirit. there is just something about kneading bread and smelling it baking that is good for ones soul. IHMO of course.

  57. Super peel give-a-way from a super website!

    This is super!

  58. that is BRILLIANT! How has nobody thought of this before, and why don’t I already have one of these??? I can’t even count the number of mangled pie crusts, pizzas, loaves of bread and frosted cakes that a super peel could have saved.

    Seriously, that is just brilliant.

    I wonder how incorporating a conveyor belt might help other parts of my life? Superpeel should expand on this. They could make conveyor-belt devices to help get me out of bed in the morning, to automatically put away my laundry, to organize my bookshelves… no, seriously, I bet they could! This is just genius!

  59. you’ve managed to convince me that my nifty use of parchment paper and bamboo cutting cutting board does not, in fact, count as actually having a peel, not even a super peel. How happy I would be to humbly accept the upgrade!

  60. I love the nifty, loaf-sized long-handled Peel-let that my husband custom-made for me, so I can get my round loaves into the oven and onto the quarry tiles that make up my baking surface. But this super-peel clearly would be perfect for those bigger items that I have to slide so carefully off a cookie sheet, hoping all the while that the parchment doesn’t decide to make a wrinkle when it’s on its way onto the tiles. At any rate, thanks, as always, Susan, for a spectacular blog to visit.

  61. I will have to buy this product.

    When I make pizza, I lay a ton of cornmeal on two peels and then proof my two pizza doughs on them. I load the pizzas with so much weight in toppings that even with lots of cornmeal to keep the dough from sticking, the pizzas will not budge when I try to load them onto my stone. I have to enlist my boyfriend (who is a thin, muscular but lanky man with razor sharp elbows) to come in for an assist with a large wooden spatula. He takes the spatula and prys the pizza off the stone while I shake the peel, avoiding his sharp elbows. 75% of the time we don’t have an accident….

    I need a Super peel so badly! :roll:

  62. Could have used this the other day when we were making pizza.

  63. I sure can use it, started baking bread a couple of months ago, and we can not eat fast enough :)

  64. I’m severely peel challenged; I destroy the beautiful risen bread form when I try to transfer it to the oven. A couple days ago I tried to peel a loaf into the oven and missed, a quarter of the loaf was hanging off the side of the baking stone and slowly oozing towards the oven floor. I grabbed a spatula and rescued what I could. That was a very sad looking loaf.

    Destroying bread before it’s even baked is rather depressing. A Super Peel would be a nice anti-depressant! :p

  65. Love it. Must have one. Pick me! ;)

  66. I read your spiel and I’m thinking: What an appealing idea. Now I no longer have to peel pizza toppings from the bottom of the oven. Let the bells peal in celebration!

  67. Would love one of these!! If I don’t win, I might have to file an “a-peel” -Waun, waun :)

  68. Mmmmm. The super peel is beautiful as well as useful. Perhaps with it, DH would agree to let me line the bottom of the oven with tiles to bake breads and pizza? Seems logical to me!!

  69. made a starter from my friends dads vineyard freshly picked grapes. followed your advice for norwich sourdough and apple cider rye with fabulous results. my new girlfriend is impressed at my bread baking skills. visit my friend at you will enjoy it.
    please hook it up with that butternut peel. please please please.

  70. My current peel consists of two forks. Needless to say, I always have to make sure my floors are sparkling clean. (Which is nice, but a Super Peel would be awesome!)

  71. Without going into a long sch”peel” I’ve always wanted a peel and having a super peel would just be icing on the cake.

  72. I was going to say something clever about how this contest was really a-peeling to me, but you can only really pull something like that off if you’re the first commenter. Alas.

    So let me just say: I so need a Super Peel. I suffer Average Peel-failure on a regular basis; the Super Peel will change my life.

    Good day.

  73. It would be a wonderful upgrade from the old shoebox lid which is falling apart.
    What’s the latest from your SFBI course?
    I’m sure your clinic misses you.

  74. My husband is building a brick oven from scratch and this would be a great gift to give him~ thanks for such a great giveaway!

  75. There is an adage ” Use the Right Tool for the Right Job”. When you first take on the joys of home baking, and you make that first Pizza Pie on your counter, you don’t realize that it needs to make it’s way into the oven. Or those light as air proofed croissants that deflated if handled by hand. the perfect pie crust that suddenly gets a forest of decorative leaves to hide the holes made when trying to move it onto the pie.

    There must be something I can use? You try your pancake flipper; too small. Your wooden chopping block; too thick. The rimless metal cookie sheet; too hard to handle. When you finally get an introduction to the right tool- it is like an epiphany and everything starts to fall into place.

    Thank you Susan, for that introduction. I know now that accidental calzones never have to happen to me again. I can be as French as the next baker and the 5 second rule need not apply.

  76. This is absolutely brilliant. I have burned grains of cornmeal all over my oven and never cease to end up with ameoba shaped pizzas. What an excellent invention! Thank you for highlighting such a worthy product!

  77. how cool! i’d love one!

  78. My current peel is literally peeling off, because it’s some fake cheap wood with a faux wood painting on top, ah, it’s probably not safe. Save me!

  79. i’m from israel really
    but if you pick me up i have a family in New York City that can bring the peel to me.
    i would love to make some Israeli pizza with it.

    thank you

  80. I’ve had my eye on that ever since you blogged about it a while ago!

  81. A Super Peel would certainly help the shape of my pizzas (like others, I’ve sometimes had mangled globs), and would probably help prevent some of the burns I’ve gotten trying to get bread in or out of a hot oven. You have inspired me to make bread again after many years of not baking. I’ve made my own sourdough starter with your instructions- it’s definitely improving with time, and we enjoy delicious sourdough pancakes on the weekends.

  82. I would love love love to win this Super Peel – it would be put to good use daily in my home … making breads, making pizzas etc .. right now I’m using a cookie sheet with no rims on the edges and it’s just not working well at all – sometimes the dough sticks even when I used cornmeal – which then makes a huge mess on my stone and a mess all over in the oven – eventually creating a mess on the floor and into the drawer space under my oven door.

    I really need a Super Peel and would dearly love to win this one!

  83. I bought a peel, aluminum with a wood handle, but sometimes it’s tricky and my loaves often slide where I don’t want them to go. this would be a wonderful addition to my baking equipment (which is growing almost daily).
    If this is as wonderful as the SFBI book, Advanced Bread and Pastry, which I recently bought during your give-away, I’ll probably order one if I don’t win.

  84. i think i can paraphrase what my husband says about good hiking gear and apply it to the super peel: a super peel won’t make me a better baker, but it will certainly make people think that i am :)

    thanks for doing this!

  85. I don’t have any story that would make a “good” entry. I just want this so I can use it in my gas oven. I am getting married soon and my new place, although tiny, has a gas oven. I like baking with a stone in my oven and this would help immensely with not burning my fingers, especially when I make pizza.

  86. I’ve read about this superpeel before either here or on another blog. I’m curious if it is easy to disassemble for cleaning. Does anyone have hands-on experience with it?

  87. I want a Super Peel so that I can reproduce that amazing action movie on the Super Peel website.

  88. I’d love to have this baking tool ! Please count me in and thank you !

  89. After two years of repairing our home from a flood, we’re finally moving to a new home on higher and dryer ground. Only last night I told my daughter we should give the new home a “Tuscany” feel – and celebrate with homemade pizza. Winning the Super Peel would be the very best topping imaginable to add to our new beginning!

    I’ve never won anything – could it please be my turn this time?

  90. I have a Super Peel after your recommendation several months ago as well as a large stone from the folks you recommended. I have enjoyed both but it does take a bit of practice to get accustomed to using the Super Peel. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity because if I win…I will give it away too!

  91. i love your blog. considering going to sfbi in april so it is like an awesome preview.

  92. Oh, this would be so super helpful in my baking escapades!

  93. Oh! This would be wonderful! I just got my first pizza stone. (My crusts were really suffering before.) I was thrilled with how wonderfully crisp and chewy the crusts stayed. Even the leftovers didn’t get all soggy and watered down. I love it! However, it was a little tricky getting the crust onto the pizza stone from my cutting board. Thanks for the chance to win!:)

  94. Wow, what timing! I just added this exact peel to my Amazon Wish List last night!! Maybe I’ll be able to remove it after Friday! :)

  95. My family makes fun of me for my bread obsession. Maybe if I had a cool gadget, they would take me seriously … probably not, but maybe.

    Cheers : )

  96. Wow, what a cool prize!! I would love to win this amazing prize. I am a stay at home Mom with 5 kids who love to cook with me. I think that we would have an awesome time using this peel, we make homemade pizzas and breads all the time.

  97. I have never won anything despite entering numerous contests and lotteries. I have mostly given up on entering these days but I can’t possibly give up on this contest! If I could win one contest, this would be it. To win a Super Peel would be better than winning the lottery because, after all, the lottery only provides me with money. The Super Peel would provide me with pizza, bread and lots of other goodies from my oven. So I enter and hope…

  98. What a wonderful bread tool! I’m planning to build a cob oven for pizza and bread. This will be perfect!

  99. I’d love to have this peel because a) I have none and b) I don’t dare make pizza without one because it would end up on the floor, I’m sure. Thank you!

  100. Wow, can’t believe anyone would wait to win one of these. This is one of the best baking tools I’ve purchased. Highly recommended and well worth the money, that is, if you don’t win it and are forced to by one. :-)

  101. So I’ve been making do without a peel (dusting the back side of a cutting board); no longer, I think. Even if I don’t win, I’m pretty sure one is going to be in my house by year’s end; thanks for finding it for me! (You should clearly get a commission for all of the sales this is going to drive. :) )

  102. If I win the super peel then I’ll have to bake more bread! Thanks for another great post!

  103. Very cool ideal. A mini hand held conveyor belt.

    Now, tell me more about the pear loaf. Don’t tell me it actually has pear in it. But the dusting of flour (?) to form the pear silouette on the pear shaped loaf. Hmm. Is it a rye loaf? Seems a bit dark in the center where the pear left the bread undusted.

    I am so dreaming of sweet rather than savory breads. cardamom or maybe…orange and clove. I also want to make the perfect rosemary foccachia.

    And might I add that this fabulous super peel would be the perfect complement to the pizza stone I already have for my oven?

  104. Faster than a speeding boule. It’s
    More powerful than a loquat muffin.
    Able to slip tall baguettes in a single slide

    It’s a bread, it’s a pain…No, it’s
    Super Peel!

  105. I don’t have a small peel let alone an enormous one.

  106. if i had a super peel
    my breads would not fall down at my heel.
    i would throw a great big feast
    and bow down and thank wild yeast!!

  107. I rarely have difficulty getting my loaves and pies off the wooden or aluminum peels I have, but I am intrigued by the SP. When I bake indoors, I have to slide my stone out of the oven to access it easily, maybe the SP will obviate that requirement.

  108. I would love to have a Super Peel, please.

  109. So then the orange says to the banana, I like you because you have a-peel..wocka wocka…

  110. Susan – your pictures are beautiful and your bread – !!! Pear shaped?? Who knew! They are incredible, you inspire me to bake all day today!! So many recipes, so little time. Thank you thank you thank you!

  111. O how I needed one of these last week – I tried using parchment on a standard baking peel, and ended up baking a some crumpled up parchment into one of my three loaves of bread – SuperPeel to the rescue, please! (Also, have I mentioned that I’m crazy-jealous of your SFBI courses? how fabulous they sound!)

  112. I’ve just recently started to follow your blog. Thanks for the chance at a give-away! :)

  113. What a useful tool for all of the bread baking and pizza making I do. Thanks for the chance!

  114. I’m a new blogger & first time here. What a neat & clean idea, means I can keep my pizza & pizza stone also neat & clean.Wow, I can’t wait to have one & try my hands on it. And yes, I don’t have to say no, to my 7 yr. old, next time when she wants to help me with pizza making & baking.Cool Stuff.

  115. Hello Susan:

    I am a newbie on this site, but have quickly come to love it. Because I have nothing clever to say at this point, I decided to go ahead and buy the Superpeel myself, and it should arrive within the next couple of days. It looks very neat and I am really looking forward to trying it. BUT, what I am really interested in is how in the world do you get that beautiful pear shape and image on the crust? I am sure you are super busy at the SFBI, but one day, do you think you could share this technique?

    Thanks much and regards,


  116. I have been wanting to get a peel for a long time, but just don’t have the money budgetted for it yet. So, please sign me up for a chance.

  117. Wow, what a great idea! I am often not very successful with the “cornmeal on the peel” approach. I end up with the product not retaining the proper shape and the cornmeal burning to produce a shoe-black kind of substance.

  118. I have just made my first loaf of no-knead sourdough and it will make anything else seem second rate. A peel sure would be great for further experiments!

  119. super peel works great, well worth the money

  120. I would love to win a peel. I use a piece of cardbroad right now. Yes, I really do. Does it work….yes it does. You use what you have. When I burn it I just rip up another box. Does bread or pizza slide off…yes as long as there is enough flour down. I try rolls once…well I now know why they are called rolls…..yes, they did roll all over the oven. No fun….lost most of the batch.

  121. I would love a super peel. Now I use parchment paper which guarantees movement of the bread and/or pizza off the counter and on to the baking stone….but it doesn’t guarantee a crisp crust. My fear of going ‘parch – less’ is that the dough will stick to the counter and I’ll be dealing with a big blob (like last week’s pasta – but it turned out ok anyways). I haven’t bought bread and/or pizza in over two years. Once you have home made it is hard to go back (even if the crust is not super crisp).

  122. I wish I were an Amerikan resident right now!
    Pick me and send it to Jeremy…he’s a good egg, he’ll forward it to me!
    Hope all is well in wildyeast land, glad to see you are well on your way to burying every bread baker world-wide!
    I mean that babe!

  123. Pizza on the floor
    Super Peel makes this no more
    Please pick me, I’m poor

    haikus ftw

  124. More of a necessity for pizza than bread, I think, but looks like a lovely tool.

  125. You have the best contests and are such an enabler!!! I must have one of these. Right now, I am sadly using a thin plastic Ikea cutting board with a big chunk taken out of the end to slide my loaves onto my stone. Why the chunk you ask??? Because I regularly and accidentally touch that plastic cutting board to my nice hot stone. I now have a blue speckled stone and a chunk out of my cutting board. I need a real peel!!!!

  126. In for the win!

  127. This is a fantastic giveaway! If I’m lucky enough to be the random comment chosen, I pledge to put this peel to excellent use, transferring many a pizza dough and bread loaf to and from my oven. Thanks for the opportunity!

  128. That peel is awesome–would beat the heck out of the upside-down cookie sheet I use now!!

  129. I don’t a supergood comment, but I do have a strong desire to get my pizzas to the stone without mutating them into random shapes.

  130. I visit your site weekly and have been sourdoughing for about 6 months now.

    Last night was sourdough pizza night (a weekly ritual now) and after trying to move my overloaded pizza from my counter onto a pan, I realized how nice it would be to have a Super Peel. Eric at uses the peel for his outdoor barbecue pizza making. It looks like a great tool and I sure could use one, as could probably everyone else.

    thanks for the chance to win one,


  131. I’d love one of the super peels. Right now I go between using a flat cookie sheet covered with parchment paper to transfer bread, pizza etc. from counter to oven and back. I do have an aluminum peeler but it isn’t wide enough at times.

  132. Bread doesn’t scare me, but pie crust does. Mayhaps a SuperPeel would motivate me to overcome my pie crust phobia. We can only hope!

  133. I would like to have one! Please, sign me up, and thank you!

  134. WOW!!! I would have never thought to use that to transfer pie crusts as well! What a great idea! This is something that would go right along with my new learning process… I have a book called Bread: The Breads of the World and How to Bake Them At Home. I am so excited about it… and have found awesome plans on how to build a stone oven outside. Working on getting that built in the yard! It is always so exciting to make something that is so much better than you can buy anywhere… especially because I live out in the wilds of nowhere and there is not much interesting food around here… unless you make it yourself! Looking forward to all these new experiences. Hope everyone else enjoys what they are able to do with their own two hands as well :)

  135. This has been on my wish list for Christmas for a month or so, when I found out about it. I make pizza every Friday for my family and always have to pre-bake my crust or I end up with a ruined pile of dough/cheese/sauce. Would love to win one!

  136. I just bought my first pizza stone…a terra cotta tile at a thrift store! So, to spruce up my pizza making and baking supplies, a SuperPeel would be ideal. Keep me in mind….

  137. Good for you Susan! I hope you are having much fun at SFBI, I wish I was there with you! The pear bread and super peel look fun. I wonder how many pear breads you can load on that big loader??? Happy Baking, Teresa

  138. The truth is, I already have a Super Peel, and I absolutely love it. It took me two trials to get the hang of it but I haven’t used either of my other peels since.

    The Super Peel makes it easy to load a couple 1 lb boules or two bâtards or 3 baguettes simultaneously and have them perfectly placed on the baking stone. No loaves leaping off the back of my stone since I’ve been using the Super Peel!

    This is a wonderful tool. My congratulations to whoever wins!

    I don’t need another Super Peel, but those accessories sure would be put to good use.


  139. I’ve been meaning to order a Sassafrass peel through your store but have been too busy. A Super Peel would be stupendous! I love Yeast Spotting & wish I had more time to bake. Besides 2 people can only eat so much bread.

  140. Wow…That’s quite a peel. Thanks for showing it!

  141. I would love this peel! I’m a novice bread maker, but getting better by the loaf and this would really help!

  142. Oooh! I’d love one! I just got some oregon trail sourdough starter going, and would love this peel for when I start making sourdough bread on my baking stone…

  143. That pear bread is beautiful, Susan!!

  144. Since I hope to get a baking stone soon,

    unforeseen problems will occur if I don’t have a

    peel. My current method involves baking on half-sheet and

    even I realize this is inadequate.

    Real bakers don’t use pans (except for

    pain de miche and other square-sectioned breads.)

    Experiments with flat pans have been disappointing; as the

    elevation of my loafs has been

    lower than needed.

    The only solution for this is spelled “Super Peel

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