Soda Bread With Herbs

It seems we Bread Baking Babes were a busy bunch this month, so Ilva kindly provided us with a bread that is ever-so-quick but oh-so-delicious.

I love yeast, but it’s a slowpoke, so soda bread (leavened by baking soda, imagine that!) can save the day if you need a bread fix fast. I got home from a busy work day at 5:30, and by 6:30 this fragrantly herby loaf was out of the oven, even though I had to take time to figure out the volume of a dessert spoon. (It’s 2.4 teaspoons, but I used a tablespoon of each herb; other than that, I followed the recipe exactly.) The bright combination of sage, rosemary, and chives is perfect, but other herbs could work just as nicely.

You will probably never again find it as simple to become a Bread Baking Buddy as you’ll have it with this bread, so go for it! Bake, blog, and send your link to Ilva before June 28, and you’re in. And don’t forget to check out the other Babes’ breads (links on my lower right sidebar).

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  1. No kidding – so simple – jump on board! I have been a buddy for some time and the monthly recipes have been a welcome challenge – soda bread is a welcome easy bread making experience!

  2. Your soda bread is splendid! I love that addition of herbs.



  3. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one struggling with the content of a dessertspoon, but with herbs added I guess you can’t have too much too soon. A fabulous looking loaf!

  4. Ho … gosh your loaf is so gorgeous perfect Susan.

  5. Herbs combination surely make this humble soda bread more delicious!

  6. My herb garden is crying out for me to make this…. I do love easy!

  7. Of course, your loaf looks beautiful! How did you get the indentations to stay indented?

  8. Lovely one Susan! The crumb on this one is fantastic!

  9. I love how fast this bread is to make and it is really one of the best soda bread recipes I have come across! (the others are from the same book…) Yours look fantastic!

  10. Soda bread with herbs is something I recently tried and it is fantastic. Now to start making my own.

  11. I love your site and would like to include a link on mine. Is this permissible?

  12. i just made this bread. i’ve never made soda bread before… never even eaten it, for that matter (yes, i live under a rock, why do you ask?? lol) on a whim this afternoon i decided to whip up a loaf and um… it was deeply and profoundly beautiful. so simple to make, the smells wafting through my house were straight from heaven, and it was such a simple, earthy and beautiful flavour, quite unlike anything i have ever eaten. this is truly my favourite bread EVER!!! <3 thanks so much for sharing!!!! :)

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