Brød And Taylor Folding Proofer Review and Giveaway

I’ll be honest: the Brød and Taylor Folding Proofer was not something I thought I particularly had to have. When I needed to keep my dough or starter snug and warm, I had been content with makeshift “proofing boxes”: the oven with the light on, the top of my stove under the range hood lights, or a big plastic bag with a frequently-changed bowl of warm water.

But now that I have one, I’m over makeshift. The Brød and Taylor Folding Proofer is a tool that does one thing, does it well and without a fuss, and makes my baking life easier. It’s hard to ask for more than that from your equipment, isn’t it?

Plug it in, set the temperature, nestle your fermenting dough or proofing loaf inside its cozy incubator, and rest easy. Your dough will be well-cared-for at a consistent temperature, even if the temperature in your kitchen is not very bread-friendly. And constant temperatures make for more predictable proofing times. That’s good news if you’re a control freak, or if you just like your bread to turn out well.

The proofer has a roomy, collapsible design. It has an 18 x 14.5-inch footprint and folds down to less than 3 inches thick for compact storage. The interior dimensions are 15 x 12.5 x 8.5 inches, which can accommodate a quarter-sheet pan, most 12-cup muffin pans, two or three loaf pans or oval brotforms, or two round brotforms of up to 8 inches in diameter. I can create a second layer for additional loaves by stacking two 12-inch square baking pans with Sklips. I do wish the proofer were just a skosh larger, to take a half-sheet pan (13 x 18 inches).

The operation of the box couldn’t be simpler: plug it in and set the temperature you want (70F – 120F). To keep the dough from drying out, you’ll probably want to add some humidity with the included water tray.

Brød And Taylor’s website offers some ideas for other uses of the proofer besides proofing dough: making yogurt, warming dinner plates, softening butter, melting and tempering chocolate.  I’ll add starting and maintaining a wild yeast starter (and especially the sweet starter for your holiday panettone). What else could you do?

Now here’s even more great news: The generous people at Brød And Taylor have a proofer waiting for a lucky one of you. The details:

  • To enter, leave a comment on this post about why you love baking (or why you want to learn).
  • The winner will be randomly drawn by me at approximately 9 A. M. PDT on Saturday, March 31, 2012.
  • One comment per person please.
  • The proofer can ship to a continental U.S. address only.
  • Full disclosure: Brød And Taylor gave me a proofer to review and keep. I received no other compensation.



  1. I love bread!

  2. I love baking because I like seeing people’s faces light up when they try my food. Other than that, I’m simply inexplicably drawn to baking, I just adore it. Eating the food isn’t even my favorite part, it’s the preparation that I love. :)

  3. I enjoy baking bread because of the science and artistry behind it! Plus, I love warm bread… Yum!

  4. I love baking since each morning when I wake up to go to work (to bake!), I wake with a smile on my face knowing my job is one of the best because I will be making people happy with my days work!

  5. Nothing’s better than the feel of water and flour turning into bread dough and the smell of it coming out of the oven hours later. It’s an epiphany.

  6. Baking relaxes me and makes the kitchen smell nice.

  7. This would be a fantastic win! Chilly uneven temperatures in the house make it really difficult to proof accurately.

  8. I started baking bread three years ago. After a long period of improvising tools and unpredictable results, my breads improved drastically when I begin to use professional tools (bannetons, dough cutters, myWeigh scale, etc). One important thing I can’t control yet is the ambient temperature. I want a B&T proofer from the moment I first saw it on TFL. I hope this is my chance to get it.
    I’m not from US, but I have a good friend who can send it to me in Europe, if I’m the lucky winner.

  9. I lone o bake bread because it feels healthy to me. It makes m feel productive even when all else is chaotic–at least I made bread. And I enjoy making it for my family and including my children in the process.

  10. There is nothing better than the smell of fresh bread cooking.

  11. I love the way that bread dough can be a little fussy, but responds to nurturing: it feels amazing when you get all the factors right, and the dough will show it when you do!

  12. Since getting my lap bad placed I’m no longer able to eat the delicious rustic loafs of bread I would bake weekly. My poor husband only gets a few loaves a year now since it’s so time consumming I don’t bake as often. And really how much fun is it to spend all day babysitting a loaf or two, making sure they proof right my super drafty old house, pulling the beautiful hot goodness from the oven, and not be able to take a single bite? Maybe it wouldn’t be so painful if I didn’t have to watch over it proofing? LOL

  13. I love the art of baking because it is the experience of creating harmony between your environment and food. Such a harmonious enviroment leaves endless possibily for creativity!

  14. So many variables can make such a difference in your finished product, and every loaf is different. There’s magic in turning a sticky ball of dough into a crusty warm bread, and I love it!

  15. Baking is one area of my cooking that has been profoundly lacking. I hope to change that soon.

  16. Baking bread is one of the most important parts of my life.
    The process itself is a miracle, so is the joy it has caused to one´s soul and senses for ages!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Quite simply, I love the way baking makes my house smell. And it naturally leads to sharing.

  18. Like most Americans, I’m a mixed bag of ancestries–Welsh, English, Swiss, but it’s the Italian blood that pulses through me full of identity. Italian blood carries with it certain antibodies, including those that love bread. It’s hard to say why I love baking, but I do. There’s something about getting my hands into dough that feels so right and so elemental. The fact that I can make such good bread is one of the things I’m most proud of.

  19. Baking is both a skill and an art. It’s one of the few artistic things I’m good at – I feel so creative when I bake, and I love that feeling.

  20. I love working with something that is alive.

  21. Growing up, my grandmothers were my role models. Both were strong women who baked often – not necessarily out of need, but tradition. It’s a tradition I picked up at an early age. My grandmothers are gone now but when I’m in the kitchen baking, I feel them with me.

  22. I love making things that disappear, so I can make more! (The problem with knitting is that it accumulates…) I appreciated the year that I had an oven with a pilot light for bread-proofing and butter-softening purposes, and since then have been struggling to find similarly simple makeshift proofing methods.

  23. Oooo! I need this. Proofing is where thing frequently go wrong with my baking – I keep my house cold and am impatient.

    I feel virtuous baking bread because it’s both cheaper and more compostable than commercial. And ripping into the fresh hot loaf (like you’re not supposed to) is so viscerally indulgent.

  24. I enjoy the thrill of victory, but not the agony of defeat.

  25. I love baking because you can play with so many variables and obtain very different results, in making something so “ordinary” as a loaf of bread.

    I’m not from the U.S. but if I win, I could pay the cost of the mailing or find a friend who could send it to Europe.

  26. I love baking because it makes me happy and homemade it’s healthier than anything you could buy in store.

  27. Love your site.
    Been Baking bread for decades. Grew up a Russian in San Francisco. How can I not Love bread? Russian Black, Jewish Rye, San Francisco Sourdough. I keep learning and improving.

  28. My wife loves baking since I bought her the Bread Baker’s Apprentice about 2 years ago. I love her baking because she makes great food and it gives her such enjoyment!

  29. There are many reasons why I bake my own bread. I like knowing exactly what’s in it; no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, etc. I love the smell of bread baking. I love the feeling of accomplishment, taking a pile of flour, a cup of water, a little yeast and salt and transforming it into a warm, crusty loaf of bread…it’s very rewarding.

  30. What a great tool to add to the arsenal. I love baking to share with others.

  31. Love handling something alive!
    Beside bread making, I am also making our own yogurt. Lately started sprouting. I am also thinking about making own miso. Anyhow, I have been using slow fermenting method because we keep our house cool. This equipment will make me happy! :-)

  32. I LOVE the smell of freshly baked bread. Unfortunately the proofing step has been a huge challenge for me in our house. I have a lot of trouble finding a space with a good temp for this step, so many of my bread attempts end up not proofing enough. This would be an amazing addition to our kitchen!

  33. From mixing to eating the final product, I love everything about baking. My family loves the variety of breads I make.

  34. I love baking because, as a former chemist, it’s hands-on applied science! It’s just so cool to see how minor adjustments to a recipe can yield larger differences!

  35. There are lots of reasons why I like to bake. I like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from making things myself, especially more challenging recipes. I like making things for other people, especially my family. And I like knowing exactly what goes into the food I eat.

  36. Opening the oven door and seeing my doughy lump has turned into a golden luscious mound of wonderful smelling bread makes me smile from ear to ear.

  37. Baking is such an act of nurturing and love. Plus it’s magic to see these basic ingredients create a beautiful (anything but humble) bread.

  38. Baking bread is my hobby.

  39. I especially love making bread with a starter that I’ve created from just flour and water; it seems like magic (other people treat it like it is!), and it is a partnership between the baker and nature. Really, my life changed when I discovered I could do this.

    This looks like a beautiful piece of equipment, and I appreciate the potential for versatility–yogurt, plate warming, etc.

  40. This would be sooooo fantastic to have!! I love to bake bread and this would really bring my bread skills up a notch!

  41. Every review I’ve come across of the proofer starts with “I didn’t think I’d need one” and ends with “I’m completely won over by how awesome it is.” I agree, it would be a treat to be able to have my starter or dough ferment exactly the way you’d expect it to, and not be at the mercy of the kitchen temperature/humidity!

  42. Wow, this is a fantastic tool, even for an amateur baker like me. :) I love baking and cooking, and everything about it. It is still a long way for me to go on this way to success but I am eager to learn. :D

  43. Baking is therapy for me…whether it is kneading dough or beating eggs into a foam. THe therapy extends to the marvellous feeling when you share home baked goods…if I kept them all I would eat them all LoL. Another reason I love to bake…love of eating. :-)

  44. i like baking because of the science involved.

  45. I love immersing myself in the process of baking and working with my hands. The art and science of baking bread from a few simple ingredients is very satisfying (and delicious, most of the time)!

  46. dedicated to science, gluten, pain au levain!

  47. I really just love eating bread (and cookies…and biscuits…and scones) …and homemade bread is worlds better than store-bought.

  48. There’s nothing better than the smell of baking bread – except eating it freshly baked!

  49. I love how good I feel when I pull something out of the oven and see that it has come out beautifully – huzzah!

  50. I love baking because of how it makes the house smell. :)

  51. The geek in me loves baking because it is like a science experiment that you can eat!

  52. I love baking because the results are often satisfying and delicious.

  53. I love baking because I love eating bread

  54. Oh, so many reasons…I love baking because I love to share delicious breads with people I care about. There is just something unique and special (in this day and age) about truly “breaking (homemade) bread” with loved ones.

  55. I love baking because nothing beats something fresh and hot from the oven! Plus you get total control over what you’re consuming. :)

  56. Being of Italian ancestry and having grown up on a farm, I have been baking bread since I was a child. So, baking bread is in my blood. As children we went to school with homemade bread, homemade cheese, home-cured meats and farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Our eggs and milk came from our farm. So whenever I bake a loaf of bread it brings me back to my childhood.

  57. I love baking because the process from beginning to end soothes and nourishes and delights me. I believe all the living yeast spores actually change the way the house feels.

  58. My mom loved baking and I loved the smells emanating from her kitchen. I learned how to bake from her and create the same loving memories for my family. Baking for me is a creative process, an art, and even therapy for me and I love the joy it gives to others when I share my baked goods.

  59. I love baking bread and giving it as a gift. I too have always made do with a proofing location, but your review is very intersting.

  60. I love baking because I love the process of raw ingredients to a delicious treat. so rewarding. Also it teaches you patience.

  61. Awesome giveaway – this would be so handy! I love baking because I can customize breads to my own taste, plus save some money over store-bought! Plus, there’s something so satisfying about bread warm out of the oven (even though I know you’re supposed to let things cool before cutting into them….sometimes I cheat!)

  62. I love to make bread

  63. I love fermentation of all sorts, this would be great for my yeast starters for brewing as well as my sourdough.

  64. I love making things. I love experimenting. I love learning. I love playing. I love working with my hands. I love eating. I love it when people say ‘Wow!’

  65. 1) It is kind of magic. 2) Baking relaxes me from work.

  66. the thing i love about baking is sharing it and watching people’s reactions when they taste something you handmade for them.

  67. One of the reasons I bake is because I live in a tiny little town. The only decent bread I can get is the kind I make. There isn’t even a bagel shop!

  68. Love to make healthy bread for my family.

  69. I have baked bread for several years and have been content with okay results. I am sure an upgrade in equipment would allow me to produce a much better loaf. Man, would this be an upgrade!

  70. I love the alchemy of it. Mix a few ingredients, wait and get something wonderful. Just like planting seeds.

  71. Initially I want to eat and feed healthy bread to my family, and I couldn’t always buy it where I live. Now, I enjoy the challenge and the surprise when I pull a good looking and smelling loaf out of the oven.

  72. I like baking because I enjoy sharing what I make with other people. :)

  73. I love baking bread because of the science and history behind it. I also enjoy doing it because I like to be creative and eat what I make!

  74. I love to bake because the variety and quality of what you can make at home beats out store-bought any day.

  75. I love baking for the simple, satisfying response I get whenever anyone eats something I’ve baked! And there really is nothing like the smell and taste of fresh, homemade bread!

  76. When I first started kneading bread, i was hooked. The rhythmic motion and the change in the feel of the dough is wonderful; I have a sense that the rest of the world disappears while I’m kneading. That was the first thing that peaked my interest; the second was the smell of bread baking; the third of course was the texture and taste.

  77. I love baking because of the great smell that fills the house!

  78. I love baking bread because it’s cool to see what you can make from just a little flour and yeast. It’s also a great way to destress

  79. I love baking because it keeps me grounded. I have to be at the top of my game every single time to produce the quality that I am looking for. Learning never stops with baking!

  80. Susan, don’t enter me in the give away, because I already have one, just wanted to jump in the praise for the box, I love it, love it, love it!

    I know it won’t get much use during the Summer, but in the past 6 months, it made my breads soooo much better!

    I will be curious to see who the lucky winner will be!

  81. There is nothing better than fresh bread and european butter….YUM!

  82. Wow, it’s so great there are so many of us! I’ve just found out there’s a meetup group in my town dedicated to artisanal bread-baking, and I can’t wait to join my kindred souls. It makes me very happy that there are so many others feeling the connection to the earth and the magic of baking. Thanks for your website, and for this offering.

  83. I love baking, especially baking bread because it makes me feel very happy, especially when stress in life occupy my mind. The other benefit I like about baking my own bread is, I know what and how much ingredient that goes into it.

  84. I bake my own bread because I enjoy baking and I can bake breads superior to anything I can buy commercially.

  85. I love baking bread. It’s what keeps me sane and happy!

  86. I find baking to be a really calming activity…something I love to do in my “me time”!

  87. I love baking and nothing is better than freshly bakes bread slathered with butter.

  88. Love baking and sharing. Nothing beats home made !

  89. My daughter taught me to bake bread this last Christmas season. Who knew I could bake bread! And that it was fun! Best part – the stress relief of kneading (and whacking it on the table!). Hardest part – timing the rise. Looks like this could solve the hardest part!

  90. I love baking for the memories it triggers. Nothing takes me home like fresh bread

  91. I started baking with my mother at the age of 12 [now 66] making my favorite cookie [Sour Cream cookies w/a powdered sugar frosting]. I continue to make these cookies along with other baked items. I’ve just started to learning how to make both yeast & quick breads & buns. Cheers…

  92. I love making bread because it brings me back to the time
    where my Grandmother taught me to make it and all the times I helped her when I was a child. She instilled in me a love of creating delicious food for the people I love.

  93. Wow! I didn’t know such an appliance even existed. I would love to own one.

  94. Baking just makes me happy. It is a very relaxing process, and one of my favorite things to do is knead dough, I like how over time you just learn to know exactly what the texture should be when the kneading is done.

  95. That’s an easy answer . . . baking seems to be embedded in my DNA, just like digging in the ground and growing things in the Spring. I don’t seem able to live happily without it. I’ve always dreamt of owning a Brod & Taylor proofer, as I constantly shift my dough from place to place to place in my house, trying to achieve consistency of temperature. Thanks for the opportunity to have one, Susan!

  96. My neighbor’s 1 year old can’t say bread yet, but he knows where I keep my fresh baked loaves. He says “Please” in sign language and points and is always rewarded with a slice!

  97. I am a dedicated bread baker. I would love something like this because my husband gets annoyed when I always have dough rising in the microwave.

  98. I love the look on everyone’s face when I pull out a warm just baked loaf to go with dinner. Baking is fun!

  99. baking is so satisfying isn’t it? I’ve been eyeing those proofers – great to read your review – I have no place for makeshift LOL
    I love to bake because I love to eat and to share!

  100. The process of hands on breadmaking is soothing and satisfying. Kneading the dough puts you in touch with the textures of the combination of yeast, flour, water and salt. The actual baking is a magical transformation from a roughly shaped form into an edible artform. By placing it into a dark place and applying heat you change it from potential to an exquisite finished product that can be shared.

  101. Baking is both a pleasure and a challenge… smiles all around are the reward. What’s not to love?

  102. I love baking bread as I enjoy the feel of the dough under my fingers as I knead it and I love eating the finished products. I love baking cakes because I am almost addicted to sweets; I love baking cookies because they are small and I feel less guilty about eating the sweet stuff. As for pies, let’s not go there.

  103. There is n o t h i n g like the taste, texture and smell of home-baked bread! Every loaf is a surprise and I never tire of trying new recipes – success or failure! I can’t explain why I love to bake bread so much, but what I do know is that it’s an ephemeral experience that is repeated with each new day or loaf. Surely, God gave us the sense of smell for bread and the herbs and ingredients that go into it!

  104. i think i like baking because it connects me to a long line of men and women around the world and back into time…simply water, flour, salt…time,fire, and friends…
    it is ancient and new all at once. Thank you for all that you share and teach…

  105. I love baking because it’s a good stress releaser . When I’m baking I get to create, like an artist with a paint brush. It very relaxing.

  106. I like baking because its a break from the hustle and bustle of life. I like feeling the dough come together under my hands, and I like being an active participant in the food I consume. Thanks for your work on this website…

  107. I love making bread. My four daughters love to eat it. My large dogs LOVE bread as well, so I dare not leave any where they can reach it. Only the top of the refrigerator is safe (a Newfy and a St. Bernard/black Lab Mutt). Thank you for all the inspiration that you have give me!!!

  108. I learnt to bake bread from my grandmother and have passed this pleasure on to my daughter. Its a gift I hope will continue to be passed on from generation to generation The smell of fresh baked bread is simply beyond comparison. It brings such joy!

  109. I keep trying… sometimes with terrific success other times with a lump that just looks up at me from the counter (made a wonderful carmalized onion, goat cheese and herb pizza with that one). It is always a challenge, something new, something good. From croissants to bagels, I am always “looking for the world’s best sticky bun”.


  110. I’m all about makeshift too but my home is simply too cold to get my dough to proof. Bread baking means so much to me. Turning such simple ingredients into a loaf of bread is almost like alchemy.

  111. I love baking because it seems to stop time and it makes life feel simpler.

  112. . . .because it results in things that I can eat and enjoy.

  113. I so want this! I have never made my own starter and since my house is always around 60F I didn’t think I could. Until now……

  114. Baking is in my genes I think. My paternal Bohemian grandmother was a professional cook & I still use her bread board for kneading. That continuity is just one of the things I love about baking bread.

  115. I love baking because I get to have so much fun making things and then I get to see my friends and family have so much fun eating the things I make!

  116. I love baking because it smells good, tastes good and my food doesn’t have any weird ingredients!

  117. Smells of baking bring back good memories for me while creating new ones for others.

  118. Once I made my own sourdough starter from scratch, I became obsessed with sourdough baking. I feel a connection with the past as I use wild yeast dough to make the best tasting bread imaginable. I make bread every weekend. Since my house is very cold, I have to expect extra long proofing times. A proofing box would be heaven in my sourdough kitchen.

  119. Since I started baking bread some months ago, the only bread my family eats is the one I make. Once a week I spend many hours making different kinds of breads that I slice and then freeze. Everybody enjoys the home-make breads a lot!

  120. Few things in life can surpass the supreme satisfaction of seeing flour,water,yeast,salt tourn into a wonderful loaf of bread

  121. Few things in the world can surpass the supreme satisfaction from flour,yeast,water,salt turning into a great loaf of bread!

  122. I love baking because I love food. :)

  123. I’ve been baking bread for 30 years and I just love to see the faces of family and friends light up when I deliver their loaves. Um, not to mention the fact that I love to eat it too.

  124. I love baking because it is pure magic! Flour + salt + yeast + water = life!

  125. I love baking because it is my time to get lost in what I am doing, it’s my version of video games. It calms me, it restores me and after I’m done it fills my belly with yummy-ness!

  126. Homemade bread? Fresh from the oven? Heavenly!

  127. Baking sourdough bread especially, but any kind of bread really, is my way of being creative, of relaxing, and of trying new things. The reward of fresh, warm, delicious bread is pretty nice, too.

  128. After years of baking bread in a cold, cold kitchen…it would be a delight to dispense with heating pads, towels and rubber bands and comfort my dear little yeast cells in a warm, cozy cloche;-)

  129. I love baking bread. I love giving it away. I love the magic of yeast.

  130. Baking allows me to spend some wonderful time with my son and daughter making homemade memories.

    Thanks for your blog

  131. I love baking! I’ve been doing it for 6 months, am horrible at it, but thoughts of a perfect loaf are still egging me on! I can’t stop! :D

  132. 1. Bread is sustenance. 2. Bread is love. 3. Bread is art. 4. Bread is science. 5. Bread is ritual. 6. Bread is pleasure. 7. Bread is life and lessons about life. For me, baking bread is discipline, gratitude, and joy.

  133. I enjoy sitting in my lawn chair in front of the wood fired oven with sourdough steam seeping through the cracks in the door. Kids, chickens, and woodpeckers hovering around to see what smells so good. I like that my family says it is the finest bread they have ever had. A proof that is predictable would be a nice addition to my baking day. Blue skies, thanks for the work you put into your web site and email list.

  134. I love baking, and especially bread. I love the feeling and the satisfaction of creating something wonderful from start to finish and to see people enjoy it. Thanks for the chance to win this proofer!!!

  135. Bread baking fully engages my mind and my hands. Mastering the variables of this “simple” miracle: flour, water, yeast; is a joy.
    Bringing pleasure to family, friends and myself with the taste of home baked goods is a true reward.

  136. Baking is extremely relaxing and therapeutic!

  137. I loke baking! I am a student at a culinary school now and recently had a teacher who turned me onto bread baking! I love it!

  138. I love baking’s smells and tastes and creating something out of (usually) simple ingredients.

  139. Since I was a child I have always enjoyed baking. I think it’s the creative aspect that interests me. My fondest memories of baking have been those I have shared with my children and grandchildren.

  140. I love to make and eat bread!! And also share it with others. Recently I donated 2 silent actions donations to my school. One was making pretzels with ms. Sonia for kids. The other was a bread of the month. A different bread made each month to a well deserving family!!

  141. I love baking! Honestly don’t know why, but I really do! Most of the time I have to give it away, because I definitely can’t eat that much stuff! :P

  142. what a marvelous addition to a cool kitchen! goodbye to all that hot water under the pan stuff. Love cinnamon rolls and raisin bread.

  143. I love to give things to our neighbors. It is so fun to make something, taste a little and pass it along to those that are too busy to bake. This proofer would be wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  144. I love the whole process…and to eat bread

  145. I love baking because of the pleasusure it gives me to bake, and then, the added benefit is that our family gets to enjoy the baked goods. It is perfect.

  146. I was raised by my grandmother and she always had fresh baked rolls or bread. I was the only one in the family that could make fresh bread like her. The smell of bread rising and baking excites the family to hurry and gather in kitchen every time.

  147. I would love to have a proofer. My kitchen varies from cold in the winter to hot in the summer so my bread rising improvisations are many. I make nearly all our bread–I love the feel of kneading the dough and the smell of baking bread.

  148. I teach kids to bake bread. What could be better or more joyous than that revelation when the shaggy or gooey autolysed dough turns supple and lively under their hands? It’s sometimes tricky to manage having dough in three stages ready for them (just mixed, autolysed, proofed and ready to bake) but I do it that way because our time is limited and it’s so important to feel it as it goes along. I like to think I’m inoculating the kids with my yeast culture =)

  149. Someone with a real love of bread must have invented this proofer for the rest of the world to enjoy. They knew that conditions are not always right for a person to proof bread.
    Now, no matter the conditions of the weather outside or in your home, delicious homemade bread can finally be accomplished for all to enjoy. And there’s no more rewarding feeling than making the perfect bread. Now it can be accomplished easily with no excuses accepted. Bread from the grocery store is “bagged air” as our priest once said in his homily. I agree. With homemade bread you know what is in the bread and you offer it to your family lovingly. Thank you to whomever invented this wonderful, compact machine.

  150. I enjoy seeing the smiling faces of my family when I start baking and they can’t wait till I’m done.

  151. I love to bake. I make bread, rolls, cinnamon rolls and yeasted coffee cakes all the time. I would love this because we keep our house on the cool side so I’m always waiting longer for my doughs to proof.

  152. Baking makes me happy! My friends shake their heads and say, “but it is so much work!” and then eat my bread. It’s not work if you love it.

  153. Its like dream come true when looking at this Brod and Taylor proofer….when reading thro’ this post at the beginning, I thought, hmmm….I can do my yoghurt in this…and viola…you can make yoghurt and how about melting chocolates? Well, we can do that too:):)

  154. Baking yields happy faces.

  155. Bread making touches all the senses and is good for the soul. The result, a magical gift for all.

  156. For me, I enjoy the process of baking. That the end product is delicious is an added bonus!

  157. have been a follower for a while and have been using your starter method will good results. My family and friends will not eat store bought bread now and are loving it. So I’m busy baking all the time and love it! Just want to say thanks for all the inspiration and great web blog!!

  158. I love the smell of bread baking in the oven, and I love seeing something as simple as flour and water come together to be something delicious. Plus, homemade bread is 100 times better than store-bought loaves.

  159. Nothing tastes better than a loaf of bread that you made from scratch with your own two hands.

  160. I’ve been a lurker because my ambition exceeds my skill. I use my sourdough (from an old Alaskan starter) constantly and have hoped the blog will help me improve. I want home-made sourdough rye that’s perfect for my borscht, sourdough buns for home-grown grass-fed hamburger, sourdough rolls for dinner, sourdough buns for kielbasa, and… and… And every issue of Wild Yeast expands my list. I’ll die before I can finish, but that’s not all bad, is it?

  161. I enjoy making bread and have had great success with the no-knead recipes. Now I’d like to expand my bread-making to sourdough bread recipes. “Wild Yeast” keeps me inspired!

  162. I would love to win this item. I live in an older, rented house, and temperatures are not constant by any means! One of my favorite childhood memories is smelling my Aunt Betty’s yeast rolls rising, then baking. And they tasted so wonderful! I would love to be able to bake breads and rolls for my kids to experience some of those great memories second-hand. I have a bread machine, but it’s just not the same!
    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes that I want to try. I hope to have some success close to yours!

  163. I recently started baking with a sourdough starter (from the Friends of Carl), and don’t have a good set-up to proof my bread, especially now with the larger sourdough recipes. I’m also an avid yogurt maker, my method involves the heating pad/bath towel and is much less exact than a bread proofer.

    I love your site. I’m working on a batch of Norwich Sourdough as I type this.

  164. I love to bake because it relaxes me and let’s me take a break from studying :)

  165. I am an early childhood teacher in a Waldorf school. My classroom would benefit greatly from this as we make bread once a week and I am striving to make sourdough bread part of our diet. I have my starter but have yet to make it happen.

  166. Can’t imagine I’ll win the proofer, but thought this was as good a time as any to say how much I appreciate your blog. I try things I might not otherwise, thanks to you, even though I was a professional chef for 35 years. I love baking because it’s relaxing and my husband loves the results.

  167. I love to bake bread because it life me up.
    Baking gives me instant return and enjoy the fruit of my labor.

  168. An excellent device. The perfect and useful companion for the amateur baking in any season.I usually use a large cooler and hot water (it holds more heat and humidity) .. the proofer looks like a dream come true for me now.

  169. Baking? My husband said he married me for my looks and stuck around for the bread. (He has a sense of humor.)

  170. I love baking because it is as much art as science. I preheat firebrick in my oven to hold the heat during the proofing.

  171. I love baking – how bringing together a few ingredients together can creat such yummy treats. And the smell of fresh bread, cakes n cookies cant be beat. Baked goods are also my favorite gift to give – people truly appreciate the gesture of something you made just for them – whether its a birthday cake or homemade candy at christmas.

  172. I love baking as a creative outlet… no two creations exactly the same, the joy of making something complex out of something simple and the pleasure when it turns out just right. Not only that, but baking makes people HAPPY whether they are receiving the goods or creating them. Happy is GOOD! :)

  173. Baking is characterized by an almost magical alchemical process; one generates the most fantastic, delicious foods from a host of humble, modest ingredients. I am fasicinated by the methodology involved, which transform the everday ingredient, such as flour, into spectacular culinary fare, like a foccacia.

  174. As a busy dad working 80 hrs a week, making bread with my kids is both fun and productive for all of us.

  175. Susan the Baker, I have recently started making my own bread. Although I have been cooking since age seven, I always thought that baking required a lot of intricate tools and a mind full of formulas.
    However, I have been amazed at the techniques and recipes that are available through blogs and interest groups. One of the exciting discoveries, however, is the sense of virtual community and sharing that exists as people come together for a common purpose — the wonder of BAKING!
    In the past two weeks, I have made eight individual 12″ pizzas, cinnamon rolls using a sweet brioche, bagels (your recipe) and ciabatta. I am on my way to becoming a confident baker.
    And most of all, since my 86 year old mother, my daughter, son-in-law and three grandsons (future bakers all) have recently moved in with my husband and I, it is fitting that our little home community join together to discover the value and satisfaction that comes from making food from scratch. P.S. Oh yes, by the I would love to have the Proofer!

  176. I like to bake bread and other stuff because I know exactly what ingredients are in my baked goods.

  177. Wow, where to start…I love baking for so many reasons. I love that it allows me to put forth something fresh, delicious and nutritious for my family. I love that it is something my sons want to share doing with me. I love that when it comes to bread, I can create something wonderful from such simple ingredients…like magic. I love the feeling of accomplishment that it gives me. I love that while I feel I have learned quite a bit, there is ever so much more out there to learn and master. Many thanks for your wonderfully inspiring and educating blog, and for a great giveaway like this!

  178. My love of baking bread started last year when I became gluten free! I have enjoyed learning the process and baking has been a wonderful relaxing time for me. I would love to own a Proofer so that I may make the switch from “make shift” microwave proofer to awesome proofer!

  179. Because I’m always learning something new, and it keeps me humble and on my toes…

  180. As an avid home baker, I’ve been waiting for a viable, compact proofing solution for years. This looks great!! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  181. The more often I bake my own bread, the more my interest in “technique” grows. Like you, I have fashioned many makeshift proofers…some work, and some haven’t. Either way, it all contributes to the learning process!

  182. I would love to learn how to make bread without using my electric breadmaker.

  183. I love baking bread and I have used many of the recipes from your blog. When a bake, I sometimes have trouble with keeping an accurate proofing temperature, and it can be a problem in the winter. This tool would definitely help. Thanks for offering the review.

  184. As a young girl I dreamt about baking, but I was discouraged due to a slight mishap of baking a cake that boiled over into my mothers spotless oven. The art of bread making is still a tasty concept I want to perfect.

  185. Baking bread is my favorite thing to do. I love the art & science, making something with my hands, and of course sharing and eating it!

  186. Oh goodness! This sounds wonderful and would be of great help in my kitchen.
    Thanks, Susan

  187. I love baking because it fits my personality: I get to be creative and precise, impulsive and patient, methodical and experimental.

    I love baking because it expands my personality: I get to be social and impressive.

  188. there are two loves in my life. one is triathlon and the other is bread making. ive worked in all kinds of hotels and restaurants but my next with be artisan bread making. i love the process of bread and making sourdough is probably the most exciting thing for me….ever^_^.

  189. I love to bake because you get a much better result than you can buy at the store.

  190. I love baking bread, period! The smell…the taste…there is nothing in the world like a slice of warm bread, fresh from the oven…slathered with real butter…nothing!

  191. I’d much rather bake than cook dinner! I started out baking cookies when I was in grade school. I don’t make cookies too much anymore, but I do love baking all kinds of breads. It’s so much fun to see the transformation of flour, water, & yeast to a finished bread.

  192. Have just recently started baking with sourdough and have enjoyed it and your blog immensely!

  193. I love baking vegan bread recipes and being able to pronounce all the ingredient names! Love baking with a sourdough starter….beautiful results!

  194. I like to make and eat tasty things, and I am fascinated how a limited number of ingredients can be transformed into so many different things!

  195. I bake breads for my family weekly as they enjoy simple 4-5 ingredient loaves that I put together. I can really use a good proofer.


  196. The chemistry part of baking hooked me first, then the aspect of yeast really drew me in. I’m still loving it some 20 years later. I’d love a multi-function machine like that.

  197. Baking bread is my creative outlet and each time I am amazed at the power of yeast, flour, water and salt!

  198. I started baking artisan bread during a time we cared for my father as he suffered from dementia. The kitchen was strategically located so that I could keep an eye on him and indulge in this most pleasant of hobbies. Funny thing is when the bread came out of the oven, it would peak his interest and allow him to return to an almost normal state for a time. Oh how he loved it even though those early attempts were less than beautiful. Dad’s gone now, but the love of good bread here will last as long as my wife and I do. Thanks for the wonderful recipes you provide on your blog.

  199. Baking is relaxing, nourishing and produces, quite often, art. I love it!

  200. I grew up eating a lot of home made bread, and now am attempting all kinds of different breads on my own. I love the feel, smell, taste, and how it puts everyone in a good mood! And my kitchen is usually a cool place…

  201. I’m addicted to bread and the challenges of making it.

  202. I love baking as a stress-reliever. For bread in particular, I love that putting together a few basic ingredients (bread, water, yeast) can result in something so much greater than its parts.
    For cookies/quick breads/cakes/what have you, I love sharing them and making people happy. And the compliments are always good for one’s ego. :)

  203. After reading a historical article on American pioneer women and their salt rising bread, I had an overwhelming desire to make some. I found many recipes on line but I used a recipe found in my grandmother’s 1939 Watkins cookbook that used fermented potatoes to create the clostridium bacteria used to leaven the bread. I thought, if my ancestors could make it without all the creature comforts I enjoy, surely I can. Well. . .I have a new-found respect for my ancestors. After several failures, I doggedly kept trying and finally got successful loaf of salt rising bread. Eureka! What began as an historical interest erupted into a full-blown passion. I began reading, and studying, and researching all kinds of breads, flours, leavenings, pre-ferments, and techniques. My only regret is that I just began this wonderful adventure at the age of 62. Oh, so much bread, and so little time!!

  204. Well, in this case this proofer is evidence that the “end justifies the means.” Why do I love baking (bread)? Let me count the ways:

    I love bread to the depth and breadth and height
    My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
    For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
    I love bread to the level of every day’s
    Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
    I love bread freely, as men strive for right;
    I love bread purely, as they turn from praise,
    I love bread with the passion put to use
    In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
    I love bread with a love I seemed to lose
    With my lost saints -I love bread with the breath,
    Smiles, tears, of all my life!

  205. Holding a deep golden brown pain bordelais, my darling boulangère stands at the door of a neighbor delivering her baked goodness to
    another neighbor, friend, or social event—gorgeous crust, great oven spring. The recipients add a tandsmør amount of butter and enjoy. She doesn’t want recognition. Just knowing that she can provide great baked goods for others is the quintessential source of joy in her life. I get folded into the process when I am frequently charged with feeding the starter, or folding the bread according to schedule. As a helper, I’m even learning how not to overwork dough. I’m not great at shaping or handling a lame, but I love the feel of the dough on my fingers and hands. So does our three year old rising petite boulangère. For this, I love baking: that her leaven, love, is added to her breads with which she loves others. Have to run, time to fold the dough. Jeg elsker brød!

  206. I got into baking bread because I find it to be very therapeutic and relaxing from a week of stress from work and life in general. I have dedicated my Sundays for bread baking. Even though we don’t consume as much as the bread that I make, most of it goes to neighbors and friends. It makes me feel good to know that the bread that my family eats only contains natural ingredients and lots of tlc.

  207. I love making things from scratch, I’m fascinated with wild fermentation, and I don’t have a lot of money so baking bread is the perfect pastime for me. I don’t think that there is any other food that I am willing to make and eat day in and day out without growing tired of it.

  208. baking is a great stress reliever. (plus, non-bakers adore you and are happy to eat even “mistakes” :) )

  209. My daughter and I have begun baking different breads every day. I’m such a beginner and am looking forward to learning so much.

  210. I love the endless variation and complexity you can get from just four simple ingredients. Thanks for the great blog!

  211. It makes me happy when I break into a loaf of bread that I made that has turned out as I hoped for. This is not always the case but there is always next time.

  212. I love baking because there is a whole world of flavors and textures out there to discover, and because each bag of flour offers so many possibilities. It is exciting and inspiring to see the creativity and skill displayed by those who share their breads and baking on your site, and fun to see bread dough used as an artistic medium. Thank you so much for your wonderful website, and for the chance to win a B&T proofer. :^) breadsong

  213. Making bread and sharing it with friends and family is love.

  214. Thank you for the opportunity of a chance to win the machine. I love baking because I love eating bread. The process fascinates me. And I want to be able to eventually bake healthy bread for my family. I am happy when family likes what I bake.

  215. I have fallen in love with baking over the last 2 years because I had to control my ingredients due to health reasons 2 years ago. With that I was happy to find that I really enjoyed baking and when the breads turn out right it gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and when they don’t turn out right it is fun to figure out what the heck went wrong. (like last week when I was messing around with ciabatta and forgot the salt….) I’m still making lots of mistakes to keep it entertaining :)

    I also like peoples reactions when I say lets make pizza, and they act surprised that I mean the dough as well :)

  216. That is so cool. I love the way it collapses for storage. Not that you’d be storing it all that much.

    Please enter me in the giveaway.

    My spring vacation starts tomorrow so I’m going to be baking bread a little more often. Thanks for the inspiration your blog provides.

  217. What a fab idea it would save the guess work.

  218. My kitchen always seems too hot or too cold to proof. I can’t get my bread to rise like it should. Never was a problem in other houses I’ve lived in. I could use this. Thanks for the chance!

  219. I love homemade sourdough bread! I would like to win this proofing box for my girlfriend. :P

  220. I love peoples reactions to what I bake. I’m still learning but people kept on acting surprised I made a braided bread a few weeks back. I felt like a rockstar!

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