Time to Make the Sourdough!

Norwich Sourdough

The weather is warming up here in the Northern Hemisphere. If you don’t have a sourdough starter, now would be a great time to start one from scratch. Flour, water, and patience are the only ingredients. You could be baking up a few loaves of Norwich Sourdough in as little as one week from now!

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  1. Susie Schultz says

    These loaves look so beautiful I am going to try them this weekend, but I am not sure what 125% or 100% hydration means. Could you please give me (a novice sourdough person) a quick explanation or this term.
    Thanks Susie

  2. says

    Susie, the hydration percentage refers to the amount of water in the starter relative to the amount of flour. 100% hydration means equal parts of each. My instructions for raising a starter produce one that is 100% hydration.

  3. Tisha says

    Thank you so much for your clear recipes and supporting photos. I have raised my own starter and am now baking my own breads. Every batch gets even better. I have learned so much from your blog!

  4. says

    Am going to try these as they look delicous, although with the humidity in Bangkok, sometimes things don’t always come out as well as they would if I made them in the US. Worth a try though :)


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