Baker’s Percentage Exercises, Part 2

The answers are here. The tutorial is here: Part 1, Part 2.

Exercise 1

Consider this recipe:

  • Flour 1000 g
  • Water 680 g
  • Yeast 30 g
  • Salt 18 g

Express this recipe as a BP formula.
What is the hydration of this dough?
The type of yeast is not specified. What type do you think is intended?

Exercise 2

Consider this formula:

  • Flour 75%
  • Whole wheat flour 20%
  • Whole rye flour 5%
  • Water 50%
  • Milk 10%
  • Instant yeast 1%
  • Salt 2%

What is the hydration of this dough?
What type of dough do you think this is?

Exercise 3

What questions are raised for you by the following formula?

  • Whole wheat flour 50%
  • Rye flour 10%
  • Semolina flour 10%
  • Water 75%
  • Fresh yeast 2.5%
  • Salt 0.2%

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  1. thanks this is exactly what i needed.

  2. I always make sure that i get an exercise each day, exercise keeps me fit and healthy.`’-

  3. i always make sure that i take exercise at least 3 times a week`;;

  4. i do a lot of heavy exercise twice a week and it really helped my health to be on excellent condition .,-

  5. Ex 1 Hydration is .68. Is the yeast a cake type? I have only used instant powdered type.
    Ex 2 Hydration is .60. Would the dough be bagel like?
    Ex 3 The hydration level is so high it must be making pancakes:)

  6. There must be a type of flour missing in the recipe. The total amount of flour doesn’t add up to 100%.

  7. thanks for the practice! will do the problems and come back w/my answers.

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