Did I Or Didn’t I?

Well. I was going to write about how Dan Lepard’s rustic garlic breadNatashya’s charge to the Bread Baking Babes this month — came this close to getting made without the garlic. About how I (oh-so-uncharacteristically) caramelized the garlic ahead of time, and about how that was exactly the problem: that garlic was so damn good, I had to use every ounce of restraint I could muster to keep myself from eating it any which way. About how I wanted to spread it on my toast, I wanted to top a hamburger with it, I wanted to mix it into my granola and ice a cake with it. About how I wanted to smear it all over my… well, never mind.

And then I would produce photos of the bread to prove that I really did exercise that restraint — and wasn’t I happy I did, because wasn’t that bread as good (or better!) as anything else I could have done with that garlic?

[Note to self: in the future, verify that all photos have uploaded correctly before reformatting the camera’s memory card.]

But you believe me, don’t you? Even without photographic evidence, you know I really made that bread. Right?

Or am making it up? Did I only imagine that those ciabatta-esque, olive-oil-rich loaves, each brimming with an entire head’s worth of sweet, creamy caramelized garlic cloves, instantly became my all-time favorite version of garlic bread?

Only one thing to do to know for sure: make it again. I think I can manage that.

And as for photos of Dan’s garlic bread, the other Babes have come through masterfully, so mine will not be missed at all. See my right lower sidebar for the links. And then do yourself a favor and start caramelizing some garlic, right now. Send posts to Natashya by April 29 to be included in the yeastiest garlic fest on the web.

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    Yes, indeed, that garlic is awfully good. Luckily for me, I didn’t taste any until just as I was putting it onto the bread, otherwise I would have made Dan’s Garlic Bread Sans Garlic.

    Too bad about the missing photos – I too have been there, done that…. But I believe you Susan! Can’t wait to see further proof of this bread from your kitchen though.

  2. says

    oh, this is too good!

    I could see myself easily leaving the main ingredient out of a bread, no problem whatsoever… particularly if it’s roasted garlic!

    I must put this bread on my list…

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    Oh great, now you’ve given me all those terrific excuses to just make the garlic all by itself again. Sticky tricky slathering!
    I believe you… I promised myself to bake it again and make better pictures. Which I didn’t. Happens to all of us some time or other.

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    Brilliant post!
    Slightly evil of you to post that photo of the garlic!!!! I want it sooooooo much. Have bookmarked this and looking forward to seeing the bread if you make it again. I might beat you to it, though.

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    I have this one planned for tomorrow, after the salt rising bread (bbd #39). Now I know not to taste the garlic before putting them in the dough, at least most of the cloves. Still hoping to see your version of Dan’s rustic garlic bread.

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    The bread was delicious but the garlic for the bread really was indecently fabulous. The bread will get made again just for that garlic. I feel for you with the photo thing..happened to me, too. Very frustrating. Bet later photos will be fab.

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    Well heck, that’s a money shot right there and just as good as the whole package put together. Worth making a double batch I’d say. I just might do that next time…

  8. says

    Um, make the garlic all just for the garlic balsamic reduction … don’t think I could do that … I’d want the bread too. ;-) that’s why I just double it (plus a little) so I can do the bread too ;-)


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