Folding a Wet Dough: Video

Folding is a powerful technique for strengthening a dough. Wet doughs such as ciabatta can particularly benefit from folding, but can also be challenging to fold. The key is using plenty of flour on the counter (go ahead, make a mess!); excess flour should be brushed away so you don’t get streaks of unincorporated flour in your loaves.

(If you can’t see the video here, view it on YouTube.)

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  1. says

    Don’t you dislike dough that sticks like that? Hey Susan, what about a whole demo on ciabatta? From the mixing, the fermentation and then the oven on that sweet looking stone, any winners?

  2. SallyBR says

    Great video, Susan!

    now, could you tell me the brand of your plastic box? It seems very sturdy and nice, not at all like the one I have

  3. says

    As I was teaching myself to bake, I recall coming across this technique and the difference it made in my bread. I enjoy reading your site.

  4. SallyBR says

    Thanks, Susan

    looks very sturdy indeed – I’ve been trying to reduce the number of “bread baking gadgets” I bring to the house, but this plastic container is tempting me way too much!


  5. says

    My ciabatta is warming as we «speak.» However, I did not look at your video prior to folding–I just scraped it down before proffing. I will have to wait and see the results. I am looking forward to dumping it out on the counter and cutting it into loaves, but I will have to use some floured paper as I don’t have a couche yet. I love the look, feel and smell of your recipe!


  1. [...] Und eine liebende Schwester mag so etwas natürlich nicht verantworten. Und um zu beweisen, dass es auch ganz ohne Küchenmaschine gehen kann, musste auch meine dieses Wochenende schweigen und ich habe stattdessen von Hand geknetet! Dabei habe ich die Knet-Methode von Bertinet verwendet, die sehr schnell gute Ergebnisse bringt, in Verbindung mit Autolysis (also dem Vorquellen des Mehls) und zweier Stretch-and-Fold-Zyklen. [...]

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