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The piece of gorgeousness you see here is the cover of a brainy new cookbook — and I’m in it!

Thinkfood is a collaboration between Posit Science and 50 food bloggers, each of whom has contributed a recipe featuring an ingredient known to improve memory, concentration, mood, or other brain-powered functions. With foods like flax seed, almonds, tuna, spinach, cinnamon, and more — doing their brilliant thing in everything from snacks to side dishes to main courses to desserts — you can eat smarter to be smarter.

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what recipes I and the other bloggers contributed, but I think you’ll agree that the list of blogs is pretty damn impressive, so you just know the recipes are going to be wonderful.

The hard-cover book will be available in July, but you can start cooking more cleverly right now by signing up for the Thinkfood Recipe of the Week. Beginning today, one recipe will be distributed by email every Wednesday for the next 50 weeks.  You’ll have free access to the printable version of the recipe, which includes more information about the brain-healthy ingredient.

Each of us will have a hardcover copy of the cookbook to give away during the week our recipe is featured, so make sure you visit the blog of the week, all 50 of which — like Thinkfood — are exceptional packages of style, smarts, and good taste:

Ambitious DeliciousnessAnne’s FoodApples and Butter

The Arugula FilesBest Fruit NowBrown Eyed Baker

Carrots ‘N’ CakeChocolate ShavingsCloset Cooking

Cooking with AmyDaily Unadventures in Cooking • Dash and Bella

Dine & Dish • Dixie CaviarEclectic RecipeseCurry

Fake Food FreeFood Blogga • Food Loves Writing

For the Love of Cooking • Gourmet FuryGreedy Gourmet

Hangry Pants • Healthy EverythingtarianHerbivoraciousKatiecakes

La Note Restaurant • Laurel On Health FoodThe Leftover Queen

Lisa’s Kitchen • Local AppetiteThe Lunchbox Bunch

Make Life SweeterMy Cooking Hut • My Sweet Vegan

Napa Farm House 1885 O-Cookies • Off the Broiler

Off the (Meat)Hook • Pink Bites • Project FoodieSassy Radish

Seriously Good • ShelterifficA Southern FairytaleStone Soup

Sugar Bar • Super Healthy KidsTastes Like Home • Wild Yeast

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  1. Jessica says

    Awesome! I look forward to seeing your recipe in this book. Please let me know when the book is available for purchase.


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