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I know I’ve said this before (and before and before and before), but I need to weigh in on this again:

If you’re not weighing your ingredients, you should be!

If you don’t know why, go scoot and read my small rant on weighing. (Summary: It’s accurate. It’s fast. It’s neat. Everyone who’s anyone is doing it.) Then come back, because I have something you might want.

For two years my trusty scale has been a My Weigh i5000. I love it because:

  • it is spot-on accurate
  • it can weigh in either grams (to 1-gram precision) or pounds and ounces (to 0.5-ounce precision)
  • it has a capacity of 5 kg
  • it is slim and lightweight and fits easily in a kitchen drawer (although I leave mine out because I use it daily)

I love my scale so much I thought I’d ask the people at My Weigh if they would give me one that I could give to one of you, and they were nice enough to say yes.

Actually, they were doubly nice, because they sent me not only an i5000, but one of their new scales, a KD-8000. I haven’t used this one (if you win it, you have to promise to fill me in on how well you like it), but it looks great. It’s bigger than the i5000, with an 8-kg capacity, and has what looks like a very cool baker’s percentage function.

I will choose a winner for each scale by random drawing. To be eligible, just leave a comment saying:

  • which scale you would like to win. If you would be happy with either, you can say that too.
  • whether you are currently weighing your ingredients, or are ready to make the switch from volume to weights.

Get your comment in by 11:59 PST on Friday, June 5. And apologies to my international friends, this one’s for US shipping addresses only.

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  1. E.T. says

    This is really exciting! I’ve been reading yeast spotting for a while, but I only just started baking bread this year. As a college student, I have no money for an accurate scale, so I’d be super jazzed to have either. Throw my name in the hat, please!

  2. Kallie says

    I want the KD-8000! I do a lot of baking, especially bread, but I haven’t had a scale to weigh my ingredients.

  3. Laura says

    Oh my goodness. Those scales are beautiful. I would definitely be happy with either one. I am not currently weighing ingredients when I bake, but would love to be able to follow recipes more closely and troubleshoot baking problems more effectively. Additionally, as a knitter, I’ve been needing a kitchen scale to weigh my yarn…so it would be a very well-loved scale. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  4. pulverschwein says

    Oh My! I love the recipes on this blog, but always have to do conversions! A scale would be a miracle in my life! Pick me! Pick me!

  5. Sarah P. says

    that bakers percentage function looks wicked cool!

    1. i would prefer the kd-8000, but would be happy with either.

    2. I keep meaning to start (especially for baking) but can’t seem to find a suitable scale locally, and even online the good ones are kinda expensive. We got one from a friend but it’s very inaccurate, so we don’t use it and my hubby and I bake a lot, so we really should start.

  6. says

    I would like either. Although the one with the bakers percentage function might be nice. I do not currently have a scale and am currently a volume baker/cooker. I have been wanting to make the switch, and even have a scale on my kitchen wish list, but our financial situation right now has prevented me from purchasing one. It would be handy to use as I’m participating in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice challenge and that would give me a great chance to get used to weighing.

  7. hollie says

    I wouldn’t care which one I got, I just want a scale. Currently I’m not weighing my ingredients because I don’t have a scale and my husband and I are getting ready to move to Romania, so things are crazy.
    But I really want to start weighing my ingredients. So if we don’t have a scale before getting to Romania I plan to buy one there.

  8. Cathy says

    I would love to have the KD-8000. I’ve been wanting a kitchen scale for a while now but just haven’t gone out and bought one…yet. Maybe I won’t have to.

  9. says

    Either one of those scales looks amazing! I’m using a pretty decent Salton right now for my bread-baking, and I’m trying to convert other baking recipes to weight. Hurray for weighing ingredients!

  10. Barb says

    I would be happy with either scale. I currently do not weigh ingredients, but many recipes I’d like to try call for weights vs volume measurements.

  11. Christian says

    I’d be really pleased with either scale. I do weigh ingredients (I love “The cake bible” for the fact it gives recipes in mass as well as volumes) but my scale is not very sensitive for small amounts. Hard to justify buying something you already have though. Thanks for this great idea!

  12. Erin says

    I would love either of these awesome tools. I have been “weighing” the idea of getting a scale. Currently, I use volume measurements, but I am getting into baking bread regularly, and want to start using a scale!

  13. Pam says

    This would be a great addition to any kitchen. I have a scale that is not digital and I still get variations in quality. I would love either one of these scales.


  14. Joanna says

    I really would be happy with either scale! I try to weigh my ingredients when I bake bread, but my scale is not entirely reliable…. so most of the time I end up using volumetric measurements. Thanks!

  15. gillis says

    wow…i would love to win either of these! i recently started baking bread regularly. i don’t own a scale, so i’ve been measuring out the ingredients by volume, but i’m definitely ready to make the leap to weighing the ingredients. (partly because there are so many great recipes out there that list the ingredients by weight).


  16. says

    Hi there — what great timing! I would love to have a kitchen scale — I just started learning how to bake bread and have been nudged by several bakers to get a scale. (This happened after I guesstimated on a bagel recipe and ended up with way-too-big bagels.) Either of the two would be fabulous — I’m definitely willing to make the switch to weighing ingredients while baking after my bagel fiasco…


  17. ameliapants says

    I would be very happy with either scale! I dont currently own one, but am ready and willing to make the jump to weighing ingredients for more accurate baking!

  18. says

    Weighing ingredients is the only way to really know what you’re doing. I mean, we face so much uncertainty and confusion, why add more with measuring cups?

    So yes, I would like this scale, the big honker. Mine is dying slowly, the lens is clouded by flour and it seems rather fickle, giving different readings depending on mood. Not good for a baker…

  19. marilyn says

    I’d be happy either scale as well. I don’t weigh my ingredients currently but it’s one of those things in the back of my mind. It also might explain how I always get subtle differences every time I try to bake brownies or make pancakes. I’d be happy to get closer to the same every time kind of baking. :)

  20. says

    I’d love to win either scale. I do weigh ingredients sometimes, if the recipe is written for it. Unfortunately, not many of the ones I’ve used are.

  21. Amy says

    I would be happy to win either one! I’ve only recently started seriously (for me)baking and I think weighing ingredients may help avoid some “interesting” results. :)

  22. says

    Always a sure way to get a trillion comments, makes me laugh and a bit greedy too (:blush:). How cool that they send you these free give-aways!
    I’d love either, but the extra-cool KD-8000 would be my preference, will be interesting to see how this baker’s percentage works with a scale.
    I always weigh my ingredients, my scale just turn off quite quick, sometimes still busy getting more ingredients and it turns off. Which can be very annoying ’cause then I will have to guess what amount is in there already (but I do manage somehow :D).

  23. Stephanie says

    I’d love to be entered into either one or both scale drawings. Thanks. I’ve been weighing ingredients for baking for years. It makes a big difference in baked goods; it makes for consistency. You don’t have to factor in the environment etc. as much. My scasle is ancient: Salter Electronic Aquatronic. It does its job but it would be great to have a newer one.

  24. Sarah says

    Oh, either would be a huge improvement. I have a junky plastic scale that is annoying and inaccurate. I tried to make the switch to weighing, but I hate the scale so much I’ve gone back to measuring cups.

    I love your site!

  25. says

    *SCALES*!!! This is one of the items I was griping about not having this weekend!! I was measuring flour (in grams) for dough for xiao long bao and couldn’t get it quite right. I’d be happy with ANY scale! I don’t have one! Please, help me out :)

  26. Joey D says

    Either scale would be an awesome addition to my baking supplies. I’m presently using a non-digital (cheap plastic) scale to measure ingredients. Not very accurate. So I’d love to upgrade! :)

  27. Girl Noir says

    This is perfect! I’ve been looking to buy a kitchen scale, because I read your article on why one should weigh one’s ingredients and was immediately converted (I hate washing measuring cups). I would love to win either scale. Thanks so much for this contest!

  28. Paul says


    I just made some bread over the weekend using a recipe that forced me to use volume measurements. It went something like this: “add two cups of bread flour and if the dough seems too dry keeping adding 1 T. of water until it feels right.” I just about screamed, having gotten used to weighing the ingredients, which is SO much better.

    I tried buying one of the KD-8000′s a couple months ago from a business that had quickly sold out of what they had. I would LOVE to have one to join my Salter on the kitchen counter.


  29. Nick says

    I would love to have either of these; both would beat the current cheap pos scale that I use. It works, generally, but I’m not terribly confident in it.

    I always weigh ingredients for baking. I’ve even started doing so for non-baking cooking. It’s a great way to portion out pasta, beans, rice, etc. And when making homemade sausage, it allows for much greater consistency in terms of the level of salt and other flavorings.

  30. says

    I’d be thrilled to win either of the scales.

    At the moment, I do weigh ingredients for many dishes, especially when baking, where I’m most likely to follow recipes carefully.

    For dishes that I’m more familiar with I tend to approximate.

    I don’t really measure by volume, in the American way, as I find that harder to work with. If a recipe tells me I need a cup of this and two cups of that, I’ll get to the supermarket, and be completely confused about how much I actually need to buy. So I tend to avoid volume-based recipes!

    Thank you!

  31. Ian Penkala says

    I would be incredibly happy winning either scale, since I have not been weighing ingredients, not having a scale on-hand!!!

  32. Sam says

    I keep meaning to get a good scale and start going by weight, but I always seem to put it off. I would be happy with either, just so long as I actually have a scale to use! :)

  33. Kirsa says

    Hi there !
    this is a wonderful giveaway. I’d love to win either one of those (even if the kd8000 with the nifty looking baker’s percentage looks REAL nice).

    I bought my first scale not long ago, so yes I weight my ingredients, but there is a bit of deception (lack of accuracy, the balance shutting down by itself when I’m filling up something that’s lightweight) ok the main criterias was “cheap” but maybe i’ve overdone it…

  34. chyk says

    i would love to win either scale. no i am not weighing my ingredients, and yes, i am terribly embarassed and know i should start soon.

  35. Wendy says

    I am so ready to make the switch from measuring to weighing ingredients! I recently took a class and realized how much of a difference it makes… I would be excited to win either! Thanks for the great blog!

  36. says

    I would cheerfully take either because my scale has been on the fritz lately. I really need to replace it. So if I don’t win I guess I will be off to check these out. :)

  37. says

    Oh, joy! I would love to have either one of those beautiful scales. I have not had a good one in my kitchen since I returned from living in Japan 15 years ago and really would like to start weighing ingredients now that I’ve discovered the no-knead method and bake bread more often.

    Thanks for posting this contest!!!

  38. Art says

    I would be happy with either model to play around. I am relatively new to baking and I am slowly starting to get my hands on the different things that I need…


  39. Allen says

    I’d be ecstatic with either model. I’m currently weighing my ingredients right now…

    Thank you.

  40. Pat says

    WOW! This is some giveaway and coincidence. I was just trying to wrap my mind around the notion of bakers percentages after reading Mr.Reinhart’s book and those of many other bread bakers. After much success starting with Lahey’s recipe I have moved into an obsession with yeast and a bread recipe file almost table height. I would love to work with the KD-8000 just for the percentages. I sometimes weigh and know I should. I did when I lived in Holland for 7 years but it was so easy to go back to cups when I moved back here. Can I blame the cookbooks?

  41. Geri says

    I would love to win the smaller scale. I usually bake my volume, but once received a recipe from New Zealand cookies and measured by volume, not by weight, and the cookies, of course, were a disaster. My mum bought me a cheap scale shortly after that.
    Love your blog. Where is your tasty hummus recipe?

  42. Doug says


    Wow, would I love a scale this accurate. I weigh but I’m not faithful about it because my scales are not that accurate.


  43. Emily says

    Oooh! I would be thrilled with either, though with a slight preference for the smaller one… Right now I am weighing my ingredients on a highly inaccurate 8-dollar spring-loaded (so non-digital) scale from Walmart. See? I REALLY need to win one of these! :-)

  44. says

    I’d be happy with either, honestly, because i don’t have one at all.

    I usually measure by cups, or eyeballing. Heh.

  45. says

    I’d love the KD 8000. Have just started weighing recently but my scales will suddenly cut out so I have to be careful. These scales look great. thanks for this give away. love your website.

  46. jacquie says

    i would love either scale. i currently measure ingredients but have been contemplating making the switch to weighing and winning the scale would surely help with that switch.

  47. Jason Gutierrez says

    Either scale would be awesome!! I weigh my ingredients and find it makes life so much easier!

  48. says

    I do already weigh my ingredients, and much prefer that method over cups and such. I could use a new scale though, since mine is getting pretty worn from years of use! The 8000 model sounds amazing, especially with that baker’s percentage function.

  49. says

    Oh, wow. Those are so nice! I have recently been looking at purchasing a kitchen scale. Since I have started baking my way through the Bread Baker’s Apprentice in earnest, volume measurements are becoming less important to me. Plus, bread seems to be so much more dependent on measurements by weight. So, I think it’s time to take the big step forward and make the switch.

  50. Dani says

    Put me in the running for both! I bought a scale for my brother because many of his recipes are from Europe, but I haven’t scraped up the pennies to buy one for myself.

  51. Alexia says

    just finishing a complete kitchen renovation and investigating a scale for the endless amount of cooking that I plan to engage in. . . would love the 8000, with the baker’s percentage, since i currently don’t weigh :(

  52. Jim-49 says

    I would love eather Scale!! I have been teaching two granddaughters how to cook,the proper way.We have a cheap Wal-Mart,which I don’t really trust!! The 5 year old,knows how to brade-Challah,and cookies,dinner rolls,etc.I have looked at some,but cost is too high,for disability.Its also,getting where,most all recipes,are going to measurements. I had some problems,at first with it,but trying to work it out!! Love the tips and helps!!

  53. jack says

    The 8000 would be great. I do not currently weigh, but I think with the proper scale it would be worth the hassle to change.

  54. says

    I picked up an inexpensive scale a couple months ago and have seen a remarkable difference in my baking success. I would love to win either scale!

  55. Matthew says

    I’d accept either, but I’d prefer the KD-8000 scale

    I’ve been weighing my ingredients since buying the King Arthur Flour cookbook a few years ago — my cooking has gotten better, and my ability to repeat a great dish has improved!

    I’m teaching my daughter to cook, and the scale makes measuring easier for her.

    I’m also a home brewer and the scale is even more important to good beer, wine and mead as it is to great bread.


  56. Kai says

    Either scale is good. At the moment I generally do volume although on recipes already in weight I do conversions online by product. Still not the same but the best I can do as a poor college student!

  57. sahrabara says

    I’d be thrilled with either scale. I love to bake, but I’ve always been more of a guesstimater, and I’d really like to be more precise with my measurements.

  58. LS says

    What a fun way to start us on weighing ingredients. Win or not I think something about this article got to me today. And it was not the first time I’ve been told to weigh. Just read it takes asking five times to get people to do something, not sure if it right, but you did it in, once told from another site and then two from you. So glad a kind person met in a store returned my sending her to a website by suggesting Wild Yeast. Have so enjoyed it and still lots more to explore. As for which one if win, was going to write either than followed your link on Baker’s Percentages, and as want to purchase The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, would be interesting to try that feature on the new KD-8000. Thanks!

  59. Matt says

    My scale currently weighs in 1/4 oz increments and I just don’t think thats good enough. Thanks for the opportunity and love the site.

  60. Kathryn Green says

    I would love to win either one as I have been looking around for a scale and have been unable to decide. What a great giveaway!

  61. Ralph says

    I weigh everything except salt and yeast. As my scale is starting to act a little weird, I’m in the market for a replacement. Either of these would be great but I would prefer the 5000 model. What a super blog!

  62. Lauren says

    I’ve been dying to make the switch to weighing ingredients (especially because baking seems to be winning over cooking in my kitchen lately…), and would love to have either one of these scales to finally get started!

  63. Mare says

    I’d love to win the 8000! My Soehnle scale has so much spilled flour under the readout, that it’s hard to read. The manufacturer said I’d have to BREAK it to clean it! I’m very interested in the baker’s percentages feature of the 8000 — sounds almost too good to be true!

  64. Dawn says

    I always use a scale for baking and I quite like the thought of the baker’s percentages. I’m going to go read more about the KD-8000 now.

  65. Troy says

    I would love to win either. I am soon to have a kitchen that will be large enough to do some real baking and this would be an excellent first addition to it.

  66. Randi Lynne says

    I am currently weighing my ingredients, but either scale would be an upgrade from the one I am using. Great giveaway!

  67. Liz says

    I would be happy with either! I grew up in a house hold that baked by volume of ingredients. It’s only recently as I have started experimenting with bread baking that I have considered buying a scale.

  68. Heather says

    What an awesome giveaway! I would totally be happy with either one. Currently I have a small scale and I am really good about weighing my flour…not so good about weighing other ingredients :) I’m working on it

  69. macy says

    I could use a scale..Currently, I do not weigh my ingredients and I am just learning how to make bread..

  70. Bruce G says

    I would love a new scale. I currently weigh ingredients using a My Weigh, but with a 500 gram maximum which isn’t enough. I bake bread once a week for family and friends, and 500g isn’t enough to scale the loaves. Most of the ingredients must be weighed in multiple portions. I am forever coverted to measuring ingredients by weight, and 5kg or 8 kg would make it easier!

    My recent new baking adventure was pistachio anise wafers from your site. Mmm mmm good, and a good kid – friendly project Thanks.


  71. ucimom says

    Would love the kd-8000 but either one would be a vast improvement over the one I am currently using. I would love to start weighing everything and know that the measurements are accurate!

  72. Angela says

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I would be happy to win either scale. I made the switch to weighing my ingredients but my scale recently died on me and haven’t had time to buy a new one so winning would be great!

  73. says

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I would love to have an accurate scale to weigh my flour for accurate bread making, frozen food for defrosting, and for portion size! Both scales look awesome…I would love to win either one!

  74. says

    I love your website and the amazing recipes you make. I would love to get either one of the weighing scales as I am an amateur in baking and this would help me get into the groove on baking more frequently and as you mentioned more accurately resulting into perfect bakes.


  75. Dave says

    I’d love to have either one! I’m currently not weighing my ingredients, have been meaning to get a scale for a while…

  76. Carolyn says

    I’d be delighted with either scale, as I’m currently a volume gal, but have been ready to make the switch for a while!

  77. Lawrence Bradshaw says

    Oh yes, yes, please! I am currently using a spring scale in lb/oz only…not especially delicate. I would be honored for a chance to receive either.

  78. Sarah says

    Very cool! I’ve been wanting to make the switch to weighing, but with med school loans starting to come due, have not purchased a scale yet. I would be very happy to get started with either.
    So awesome!! Thanks in advance from whoever the winners turn out to be!

  79. Ron says

    I keep hearing about the wonders of weighing over volume measurements but so few places seem to list weight for baking that it’s intimidating to get started. I would be happy to win either scale!

  80. Carrie M. says

    I have been wanting to begin weighing my ingredients. I have begun to make homemade bread all the time now, and also make cakes and pastries from scratch. I have heard that weighing is more accurate than measuring cups, and am interested to improve my skills. I have 7 children, and so I bake in quantity, the larger scale would be great. Of Course I wouldn’t complain with the smaller one either. Thanks for all your great tips and info.

  81. says

    I wouldn’t mind getting either one.

    I don’t weigh my ingredients as much as I should. Most recipes are written in grams and I am too lazy to translate into ounces/lbs, which is the only scale that I have. I have been working on making bread and would like to use weight instead of volume.

  82. Shawna says

    I would love to win either of these scales. I’m currently using a scale I bought for the discount rack at Jewel. I’m sure it’s not very accurate and I usually have to weigh my flour in 2 or 3 batches because the scale doesn’t hold enough.

  83. Halyna says

    Would love either one! I have not used a scale but I really need to start, make things yummier and more precise!

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