SFBI Video: Shaping a Baguette

The San Francisco Baking Institute, from which I graduated earlier this year, has launched a series of baking videos as a companion to its comprehensive textbook, Advanced Bread and Pastry.

I can’t comment on the series in general as I haven’t seen it, and there is an annual access fee, but one of the free sample videos is on shaping a baguette. It’s worth a look. It explains the process in clear detail, but starts from the point where the dough (about 350 grams) has already been preshaped into a cylinder.

Do this by flattening the dough into a rectangle with the palm of your hand, then rolling up the rectangle tightly into a log shape, sealing it with your fingers as you go. Let it rest for 25 minutes or so before proceeding with the final shaping, shown in the video.

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