Super Peel Deal

super peelIf you’ve been waiting for just the right time to order a Super Peel, one of my favorite tools, wait no more. As promised, Gary has a limited-time deal for Wild Yeast readers: $5 off the regular price, plus an extra cloth belt with the purchase.

That’s a $52 value for $41, and shipping is included.

Enter “wild yeast” (without the quotes) into the Discount Code space on the Super Peel order form, and the discount will be automatically applied.

Go for it while you can — through tomorrow (Sunday, November 22)!

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  1. kathy says

    i placed an order but my final total still
    said $41. a pop up claimed i’d save $5
    but it wasn’t reflected in my receipt. also,
    the extra cloth belt was not mentioned.

    any thoughts?

  2. says

    Just a note…..I spoke with Kathy (above), and she is all set. I guess the pricing w/wo shipping could be a little confusing.

    The response has been tremendous. If anyone was away for the weekend and still wants to get one of these specials, I think the discount code will be active most of the day Monday until my webmaster gets around to decommissioning it later Monday evening.

    Thanks to all who took advantage of this offer and to Susan for offering to run it. The response has been stupendous.

    Gary at EXO

  3. mlaiuppa says

    Well, wouldn’t you know.

    I was out of town at the California School Library Association annual conference with no computer access.

    And I’ve been waiting for this deal ever since it was announced.

    No peel for me.

  4. says

    If I didn’t already have a superpeel, I’d definitely have ordered one – that is, if I’d been on time… but even if not, it’s well worth the full price.

    I LOVE my superpeel!

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