Super Peel Giveaway

loaderThis is a loader.

It’s what we use at SFBI to deliver about 20 loaves at a time into the deck oven without harming one strand of gluten on their pretty little heads. This canvas conveyor belt does a great job of ensuring, for example, that our lovely pear-shaped loaves don’t wind up becoming oranges or bananas on their way into the oven.

pear-loaves pear-loaf

Super Peel

This is a Super Peel.

It’s what you can use at home to pick up your own pears, pizzas, or pains de campagne and deposit them onto your baking stone equally unscathed. And although it’s modeled after those big conveyor belts, it’s far more versatile. The SFBI loader can’t pick up a rolled-out pie crust from the counter and move it onto the pie dish, or transfer a freshly-ganached cake from wire rack to serving plate, but the Super Peel is great for these tricky jobs.

Check out videos of the Super Peel in action at the Super Peel website.

Thanks to Gary Casper, Super Peel’s inventor, you can have a chance to win a Super Peel (your choice of original maple or gorgeous new butternut) just by being a US resident and leaving a comment here by 11:59 PDT on Friday, October 23. Gary will even upgrade to a gift set — including a cloth storage bag and an extra cloth belt — if the comment I pick at random is super good (as judged by me).

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  1. Colin says

    So I’ve been making do without a peel (dusting the back side of a cutting board); no longer, I think. Even if I don’t win, I’m pretty sure one is going to be in my house by year’s end; thanks for finding it for me! (You should clearly get a commission for all of the sales this is going to drive. :) )

  2. mlaiuppa says

    Very cool ideal. A mini hand held conveyor belt.

    Now, tell me more about the pear loaf. Don’t tell me it actually has pear in it. But the dusting of flour (?) to form the pear silouette on the pear shaped loaf. Hmm. Is it a rye loaf? Seems a bit dark in the center where the pear left the bread undusted.

    I am so dreaming of sweet rather than savory breads. cardamom or maybe…orange and clove. I also want to make the perfect rosemary foccachia.

    And might I add that this fabulous super peel would be the perfect complement to the pizza stone I already have for my oven?

  3. says

    Faster than a speeding boule. It’s
    More powerful than a loquat muffin.
    Able to slip tall baguettes in a single slide

    It’s a bread, it’s a pain…No, it’s
    Super Peel!

  4. says

    if i had a super peel
    my breads would not fall down at my heel.
    i would throw a great big feast
    and bow down and thank wild yeast!!

  5. says

    I rarely have difficulty getting my loaves and pies off the wooden or aluminum peels I have, but I am intrigued by the SP. When I bake indoors, I have to slide my stone out of the oven to access it easily, maybe the SP will obviate that requirement.

  6. VeggieGirl says

    Susan – your pictures are beautiful and your bread – !!! Pear shaped?? Who knew! They are incredible, you inspire me to bake all day today!! So many recipes, so little time. Thank you thank you thank you!

  7. says

    O how I needed one of these last week – I tried using parchment on a standard baking peel, and ended up baking a some crumpled up parchment into one of my three loaves of bread – SuperPeel to the rescue, please! (Also, have I mentioned that I’m crazy-jealous of your SFBI courses? how fabulous they sound!)

  8. says

    I’m a new blogger & first time here. What a neat & clean idea, means I can keep my pizza & pizza stone also neat & clean.Wow, I can’t wait to have one & try my hands on it. And yes, I don’t have to say no, to my 7 yr. old, next time when she wants to help me with pizza making & baking.Cool Stuff.

  9. JimD says

    Hello Susan:

    I am a newbie on this site, but have quickly come to love it. Because I have nothing clever to say at this point, I decided to go ahead and buy the Superpeel myself, and it should arrive within the next couple of days. It looks very neat and I am really looking forward to trying it. BUT, what I am really interested in is how in the world do you get that beautiful pear shape and image on the crust? I am sure you are super busy at the SFBI, but one day, do you think you could share this technique?

    Thanks much and regards,


  10. Rosita says

    I have been wanting to get a peel for a long time, but just don’t have the money budgetted for it yet. So, please sign me up for a chance.

  11. Sheryl says

    Wow, what a great idea! I am often not very successful with the “cornmeal on the peel” approach. I end up with the product not retaining the proper shape and the cornmeal burning to produce a shoe-black kind of substance.

  12. Tom Janes says

    I have just made my first loaf of no-knead sourdough and it will make anything else seem second rate. A peel sure would be great for further experiments!

  13. Jane says

    I would love to win a peel. I use a piece of cardbroad right now. Yes, I really do. Does it work….yes it does. You use what you have. When I burn it I just rip up another box. Does bread or pizza slide off…yes as long as there is enough flour down. I try rolls once…well I now know why they are called rolls…..yes, they did roll all over the oven. No fun….lost most of the batch.

  14. Susan says

    I would love a super peel. Now I use parchment paper which guarantees movement of the bread and/or pizza off the counter and on to the baking stone….but it doesn’t guarantee a crisp crust. My fear of going ‘parch – less’ is that the dough will stick to the counter and I’ll be dealing with a big blob (like last week’s pasta – but it turned out ok anyways). I haven’t bought bread and/or pizza in over two years. Once you have home made it is hard to go back (even if the crust is not super crisp).

  15. says

    I wish I were an Amerikan resident right now!
    Pick me and send it to Jeremy…he’s a good egg, he’ll forward it to me!
    Hope all is well in wildyeast land, glad to see you are well on your way to burying every bread baker world-wide!
    I mean that babe!

  16. Kellie says

    Pizza on the floor
    Super Peel makes this no more
    Please pick me, I’m poor

    haikus ftw

  17. says

    You have the best contests and are such an enabler!!! I must have one of these. Right now, I am sadly using a thin plastic Ikea cutting board with a big chunk taken out of the end to slide my loaves onto my stone. Why the chunk you ask??? Because I regularly and accidentally touch that plastic cutting board to my nice hot stone. I now have a blue speckled stone and a chunk out of my cutting board. I need a real peel!!!!

  18. Vanessa Larson says

    This is a fantastic giveaway! If I’m lucky enough to be the random comment chosen, I pledge to put this peel to excellent use, transferring many a pizza dough and bread loaf to and from my oven. Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Jody Lebrenz says

    I visit your site weekly and have been sourdoughing for about 6 months now.

    Last night was sourdough pizza night (a weekly ritual now) and after trying to move my overloaded pizza from my counter onto a pan, I realized how nice it would be to have a Super Peel. Eric at uses the peel for his outdoor barbecue pizza making. It looks like a great tool and I sure could use one, as could probably everyone else.

    thanks for the chance to win one,


  20. StephanieOh says

    I’d love one of the super peels. Right now I go between using a flat cookie sheet covered with parchment paper to transfer bread, pizza etc. from counter to oven and back. I do have an aluminum peeler but it isn’t wide enough at times.

  21. Liz says

    WOW!!! I would have never thought to use that to transfer pie crusts as well! What a great idea! This is something that would go right along with my new learning process… I have a book called Bread: The Breads of the World and How to Bake Them At Home. I am so excited about it… and have found awesome plans on how to build a stone oven outside. Working on getting that built in the yard! It is always so exciting to make something that is so much better than you can buy anywhere… especially because I live out in the wilds of nowhere and there is not much interesting food around here… unless you make it yourself! Looking forward to all these new experiences. Hope everyone else enjoys what they are able to do with their own two hands as well :)

  22. Steven says

    This has been on my wish list for Christmas for a month or so, when I found out about it. I make pizza every Friday for my family and always have to pre-bake my crust or I end up with a ruined pile of dough/cheese/sauce. Would love to win one!

  23. nadine says

    I just bought my first pizza stone…a terra cotta tile at a thrift store! So, to spruce up my pizza making and baking supplies, a SuperPeel would be ideal. Keep me in mind….

  24. says

    Good for you Susan! I hope you are having much fun at SFBI, I wish I was there with you! The pear bread and super peel look fun. I wonder how many pear breads you can load on that big loader??? Happy Baking, Teresa

  25. says

    The truth is, I already have a Super Peel, and I absolutely love it. It took me two trials to get the hang of it but I haven’t used either of my other peels since.

    The Super Peel makes it easy to load a couple 1 lb boules or two bâtards or 3 baguettes simultaneously and have them perfectly placed on the baking stone. No loaves leaping off the back of my stone since I’ve been using the Super Peel!

    This is a wonderful tool. My congratulations to whoever wins!

    I don’t need another Super Peel, but those accessories sure would be put to good use.


  26. Kathy says

    I’ve been meaning to order a Sassafrass peel through your store but have been too busy. A Super Peel would be stupendous! I love Yeast Spotting & wish I had more time to bake. Besides 2 people can only eat so much bread.

  27. Emily says

    Oooh! I’d love one! I just got some oregon trail sourdough starter going, and would love this peel for when I start making sourdough bread on my baking stone…

  28. Ken M says

    Since I hope to get a baking stone soon,

    unforeseen problems will occur if I don’t have a

    peel. My current method involves baking on half-sheet and

    even I realize this is inadequate.

    Real bakers don’t use pans (except for

    pain de miche and other square-sectioned breads.)

    Experiments with flat pans have been disappointing; as the

    elevation of my loafs has been

    lower than needed.

    The only solution for this is spelled “Super Peel

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