YeastSpotting 3.13.09


For more bread inspiration, and information on how to participate in this weekly event, visit the YeastSpotting archive.
Loaves and Rolls
Anadama Bread
Psychedelic Dill Beet Bread
Pain Aux Deux Levains
Whole Wheat Boule
Beer Bread
Buttermilk Breakfast Bagels
Cracked Wheat Topknots
Pita pockets + panini Rolls = Pitanini
Danny, Boy Oh Boy, Guiness Rye Bread
Bäcker Süpkes Sunflower Bread
Mini Milk Honey Raisins White Loaf
Refrigerator Rolls
Spiced Sweet Potato Rolls
Sour Apple Cider Rye
Flatbreads, Filled Breads, and Savory Pastries
Halloumi Bread with Fresh Mint and Olive
Sage and Garlic Focaccia
Sweet Breads and Pastries
Berry Ricotta Yeasted Buns
Carrot Creamcheese Rolls
poppy seed crown
Ensaimadas Mallorcinas
Sourdough Savarin
Pandoro di Verona
Cinnamon Raisin Breas
Croissants and Pain au chocolate
Cherry swirl Coffee cake
Caribe French Toast

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  1. What a lovely line up of breads! Thanks for including mine :)

  2. Thank you Susan for such a beautiful round-up :)

  3. Delicious round up. Thankyou for all the work.

  4. Susan, I’m always inspired when I see all the breads my fellow bakers put up week after week.

    Makes me want to quit my job to spend all week baking them!

  5. Love this roundup but that halloumi cheese bread with fresh mint and olives definitely sticks out! Yum!!

  6. Where am I going to ever find the time to bake so much bread?

  7. Wonderful roundup Susan ! Thanks for hosting !

  8. Delicious entries, Susan.

  9. I am speechless :) But I must say that this is very motivating and I think we’ll be sending something very soon :)

  10. hi not sure if this is the place to post my question, but i just wanted to ask as a sort-of beginner whats the best bread to start with?
    also, should i stick to the same bread for a few tries does this make a difference before going on to try other recipes.
    my problem is im always trying something new (even with cooking) so i don’t actually get a chance to have a specialty.
    thanks heaps!

  11. Yum, everything looks great!

  12. Amazing efforts. Yeastspotting is always so drool worthy.

  13. Oh how I love this bakery!

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