YeastSpotting 7.3.09


YeastSpotting is a weekly showcase of yeasted baked good and dishes with bread as a main ingredient. For more bread inspiration, and information on how to participate, visit the YeastSpotting archive.
Loaves and Rolls
Asparagus Bread
Sourdough Casatiello
Boule and Baguettes
Light Multigrain Bread
Hard rolls with poolish
Sour Corn Rye
Whole Wheat Flax Buns
Super Sunrise Bagels
Blueberry Bread with Spelt Starter
Easy White Bread
Vermont Sourdough
Rye Bread
healthy wholewheat sweet bread
Coffee Brioche
Flatbreads, Filled Breads, and Savory Pastries
Sourdough Hippo Biscuit Surprise
Chinese Leek & Sesame Seed Pancake with Sourdough
Khobz (Moroccan Wholewheat Bread)
Potato Focaccia Pugliese
Blitz Focaccia
Vera Pizza Napoletana (almost)
Roman Pizza with Pepperoni
Pizza with a sourdough crust
Lahm bi Ajin
Spinach and Feta buns
pizzette (pizza snacks)
Veggie buns
Sweet Breads and Pastries
Whole Wheat Sourdough Chocolate Waffles
Hong Kong Style Sourdough Egg Puffs
Brioche with Apricot Preserves
Brioche Cinnamon Rolls
Ciabatta with Marjoram Omelette

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  1. What was I thinking looking at all this deliciousness before lunch? Silly, sillyfish.

  2. Wonderful! I have been up for a few hours, and am hungry for some toast. So many choices with these great breads. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Another fabulous roundup! I love bread soooooo much!



  4. Beautiful!
    Amazing entries and bravo to all home bakers …

  5. Right now, a stuffy nose and headache is making me miserable. This collection of breads has certainly perked me up a bit. :)

  6. awesome collection again.. and i now have a really long list of breads to try!! Have a great weekend !

  7. So original and inspiring. I am hungry now. :)

  8. I love Yeastspotting each week! I really look forward to all the entries on this site.
    I need advice. I have been checking your tutorials, Susan .
    I want to make focaccia that calls for 1 tablespoon yeast and substitute 100% hydration sourdough starter.
    Thank you very much.

  9. awesome collection of information. i like it very much.

  10. I love reading Yeastspotting every week. Now if I just had time to try all my favorites!
    Just wanted to let you know that the link to the hippo biscuits isn’t correct. It is linked to another yeastspotting post.

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