Holiday Pocky

Pocky - chocolate dipped breadsticks

Quick, for 10 points: Pocky is/are:

  1. a quintessentially Japanese snack
  2. a thin sweet bread stick coated with chocolate and optionally topped with something else delicious
  3. a fun alternative to traditional holiday cookies
  4. easy to make at home
  5. all of the above

(Hint: it’s E.)

I got the idea from Not Quite Nigella’s enchanting Pocky Christmas Forest, and used her recipe. Finely diced candied orange peel, shredded coconut, chopped pistachios, and crushed peppermint candy make fine toppings, but the possibilities are limitless.


I made one change to the original recipe: after cutting the strips of dough, I stretched them out, folded them in half and twisted the two halves together. I thought this would make the Pocky stronger. I don’t know if it did that, but it did make them lumpier.

twisted baked pocky

You will not find any Japanese Pocky looking like this. However, Japanese culture does embrace the concept of wabi, which roughly means finding beauty in imperfection, especially of handmade objects. So I guess we could call these Wabi Pocky. Maybe there’s also a Japanese concept that means “finding charm in posting something on your blog a year after you actually make it.”


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  1. AWESOME!!! On all levels. I must try to make these.

  2. Those are really cute. I love making these with white chocolate, but I try to only do it around the holidays because I end up eating all of them. I know people say that- but in this case it is actually true. They are my biggest weakness.

  3. Adorable! I love this idea. :)

  4. i never thought to make these before but now i’m so excited to try it! thx!!!

  5. Such a great idea for a Christmas snack! I think I’m gonna make them.

  6. What a cute idea! This may have to go on my to-make list.

  7. yum! so cute! my nephews LOOOVE pocky’s! might be a fun christmas time project for us to do together!! i’m sure they’d want to dip them in m&m’s or something!!

  8. Wonderful and so festive!

  9. Wow, I can’t believe you made pocky at home! Awesome!

  10. “embrace the concept of wabi” i will have to remember to make that my New Years resolution…now i can really let loose with shaping…

  11. They are so much fun! What a great idea!

  12. These are cute beyond description!

    seem to be fun to make too…

    You did a great job, as usual

  13. Your pocky look more delicious than imported pocky!

  14. How fun & festive!

  15. and i had always thought only asians love pocky. i have to make these now! :)

  16. that’s a real fantastic idea!
    you should bring to BBd ‘Xmas edition I am hosting, they will be very gorgeous under the tree!

  17. These are very pretty!

  18. wish I could taste-test these. Guess I’ll have to make them myself to see how good they are!

  19. My hubby lived in Japan for a few years and will be pleased to hear about this recipe. Thanks!

  20. They look great! Thanks so much for the shoutout :D Who knows, maybe pocky will be inspired to do a “twist” version after seeing yours! :)

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  22. These look great! Definitely trying these soon!

  23. My son made these for Christmas as a desert. We thought we couldn’t possibly eat anything anymore, blinked once and they where gone. Awesome!

  24. You are hilarious! I am LOL and LOL at your last sentence…LOL

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