The thing I love about the Bread Baking Babes, aside from the fact that they are true bread sorceresses as well as babes in every sense of the word, is that I always learn something new with each assignment. This month I learned that Stromboli is not only Pinnocchio’s evil puppet master, but a rolled Italian bread filled with all manner of deliciousness. Kind of like a spiral calzone.

Elle (Feeding My Enthusiasms) chose this one for us, based on Heather’s (girlichef) tempting example. As Elle noted, the dough is fairly basic, so the focus can be on the filling. I made a few ingredient changes, substituting smoked mozzarella for the smoked Swiss, soppressata for the pepperoni, and adding a 12-ounce jar of roasted red peppers. Very tasty, but not meant for people on a low-sodium diet!

Behold the prosciutto, cheese, soppressata, peppers, basil, and garlic, ready to roll:

When I rolled it up, I predicted the filling would leak out…

… yes indeed.

But I have to say, those charred bits of soppressata-infused smoke mozzarella did not make a bad snack in their own right.

For the full picture of how all we Babes roll, check out the Babes blogroll on my lower right sidebar. Then go roll your own, and send it to Elle by May 29!

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  1. A splendid speciality! So scrumptious.



  2. Yours looks incredibly yummy too!
    What a gorgeous idea to let the sides open (I tucked them under to prevent leakage)

  3. Susan this is mouth watering bread…and those browned bits that leaked look tempting, too. Your filling choices are totally Italian and awesome.

  4. Gorgeous stromboli, Susan! I can’t wait to make this one.

  5. Mmmm… this reminds me of New york. It looks just beautiful.

  6. Absolutely delectable! Love the fillings!!

  7. I really like the red peppers in yours. I am excited to jump on board again this month! Nice work as always!

  8. Delicious, lava coming out of the sides :)
    I love that describtion “rolled calzone”, that just says it all!

  9. Oh yum!! Going to heat up my silly left over bit right now and beat head on the oven for not (over?)filling it like you did. Afterthought to self: never skimpy cheese anything ever again!

  10. Rolled calzone indeed!
    Now I’m asking myself WHY didn’t I leave the ends open?
    Have to make this one again, you’ve given me another alternative filling to enjoy!

  11. Smoked Mozzarella… ooooooooh, that sounds good!

    I carefully sealed up the ends and now I’m realizing that this was wrong wrong wrong. Goodness, how sad for us that now we’ll have to make Stromboli again.

    (Stromboli was Pinnochio’s evil puppet master? I did not know that!)

  12. Here I am again, breaking the law; it’s bedtime and I’m viewing food, but not just ‘any’ food…a Stromboli. I’m tumbling off to bed, only to be arrested by my dreams, of all things yeasted, smoked and rolled.
    Sinful, absolutely, sinful….for shame, for shame, for shame.


  13. Your stromboli makes me think of nothing else, but how I will manage to get onto the Bread Baking Buddy bandwagon before it’s too late. Goodness, Susan, ‘sinful’ doesn’t even start to describe it. How, on earth, do you make it look so easy. I’m certain the skill required to make the stromboli look like yours is well beyond the ability of the amateur bread baker. I’ll be sure to study every word of your write-up. Every time I set out to bake the bread I thank the heavens for the kindness you extend with your tremendous bread baking instructions. Thank you for sharing once more!

  14. I have posted on my facebook page step by step instructions on making stromboli. I use a sourdough italian yeast culture to make my pizza dough (the best). I show you how stomboli is cooked properly to get the inside done and not burn the outside. There are also 48 photos of my pizzas in their own folder including my sauce and italian sourdough recipe included on my pics. This is a must see! Enjoy.

    Giacomo Calabrese, Henderson NV

  15. Every one I see is better than the last…. Can one gain wait from reading? Gorgeous!

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