Vienna Rolls

Yes, I am delinquent Babe. I have no excuse for being two days late with these wonderful Viennese rolls that our wonderful Viennese Astrid assigned to the Bread Baking Babes this month.

If they don’t look exactly Viennese on the outside, it’s because I chose to apply the “Dutch crunch” topping suggested by Peter Reinhart, from whose book, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Astrid selected this recipe. So these little torpedoes are crispy crackly on the outside, soft and fluffy inside, and lightly sweet throughout — a very nice treat for breakfast or tea.

I followed the recipe faithfully, except that I folded the dough twice during its two hour bulk fermentation because I could not get the gluten to develop as much as I would have liked during mixing. After shaping the dough into nine rolls of approximately 105 grams each, I proofed them in a couche for the first 30 minutes. Then I arranged them on parchment and applied the topping (I needed to add a little more water to achieve a brushable consistency) and continued to proof for another hour.

Now, although I love the way my crunchy rolls turned out, I’m admiring the Kaiser roll variation that many of the other Babes opted for, and thinking I must do that soon. Our Katie has rounded up all the non-delinquent Babes this month, and links to all the Babes, both good and bad, are in my lower right sidebar. If you too would like to bake Viennese style, send your bread to Astrid by August 29 to be included in the Buddy roundup.

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  1. Now I wish that I’d tried the Dutch Crunch variation on the half of the dough that I didn’t make into Kaiser-like(ish) rolls.

    (I don’t know how you can even imagine that you are delinquent. I mean really. Look at that bread!)

  2. Beautiful Dutch Crunch, or as we say; ‘tijgerbolletjes’. They look very authentic. Are they crunchy and crispy on the outside? Mine were when they came out of the oven, but soon became softer. Maybe because of the butter? How do I keep them crunchy for a longer while?

  3. Lovely! Super professional looking, you always inspire me Susan!!

  4. Beautiful lil rolls!
    Have a great day!

  5. That is perfect Dutch crunch…love the way they look and they are yummy looking.

  6. WOW! Look at these great tiger torpedos!
    Lovely! I still have to make this variation, I hope mine will turn out even half as nice as yours!

  7. Well, yes I loved the Kaisers and I will do them again BUT … WOW, now I really want to try for your crunchy little roll effect. Those are just jaw dropping and with the jelly, I’m sold.

  8. I like the idea of a crunchy topping – always like crunch… You’ve been added ;-)

  9. Absolutely perfect! Love your Dutch Crunch. Makes me want to try it again. I did the DC when I first made the bread with the BBA, but mine was too thick and stodgy. Yours is very inspiring.

  10. No wonder this looks so familiar. The minute I saw your picture, I immediately think of Tijgerbrood or Tiger Bread. It is very well-known bread here in Belgium and Netherlands. I am actually thinking of trying out a Tijgerbrood recipe tomorrow. Will keep your recipe in view and maybe I will try it out too :)

  11. Hello ! We love your recipe and your food pictures, we would be glad if you could submit it on our site. Cheers :)

  12. Your topping is amazing and your pictures mouth watering as always! :D

  13. Wow perfect “tigering” going on here, I have to try that again soon.

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