Food in the Fez Medina

After the neighborhood bakeries, my favorite part of our visit to the medina of Fez (Morocco) was the souks. These bustling markets offer a glorious array of clothing, jewelry, home decor and housewares, tools, toys, religious items… and, of course, food!

My camera could not begin to fully capture the energy and dazzling selection of the food souks, but here’s a taste of what we found there.

nougat candy

goat cheese

fruit of the strawberry tree

snails are sold by weight; note the balance scale in the background

pomegranates are a pale yellow or orange color

I’m not sure if this is beef, lamb, or goat

meat jerky is packed in tubs of fat

fish is also a staple of the Moroccan diet

dates, figs, and other dried fruits

crepes cooked on beehive-shaped griddles are a popular snack

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  1. Another great virtual trip through you, Susan… Loved the last photo of the crepe cooking, I bet the smell around that spot was intoxicating-good!

    well, if you have more stories to tell about your trip, keep them coming… ;-)

  2. Wonderful thank you for sharing. Morocco is high on my list of places to visit. I cook from a Moroccan cookbook occasionally and I am always impressed with the simplicity and concentration of flavors.

  3. Thx Susan.
    Wonderful pictures which almost give me the feeling that I was there myself.

  4. Beautiful Pictures~Your pictures make me want to book a plane ticket and visit Morocco, a place I have always wanted to go~

  5. B-e-a-u-tiful photos Susan! It’s amazing how similar all cultures are when it comes to bread. I hope to see some pictures of bread ovens…

  6. What great pictures, Susan! We’re reading Paula Wolfert’s book “The Food of Morocco” right now and this is exactly the right echo for her wonderful book.

    I can’t get over how thin those crepes are! Did you get the sense that the griddle the woman is using was hollow?

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Elizabeth, yes, in the second crepe photo you can see the notched opening. That’s where she has the fire.

    Sydnee, this post has some photos of the earth bread ovens in a Berber mountain village:

  8. Thank you sharing these beautiful pics. Never been to Morocco, but after seeing the pics, I guess I am going to have to add it to my list of places to visit ( in the near future).


  9. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Susan. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Morocco, my ancestors’ homeland. The scenery is always beautiful and the food is always amazing. I could go for a quick snack right now made from freshly baked bread, homemade goat cheese, and some mint tea. I have a trip over there later this year. Can’t wait :D


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