BreadBakingDay #02 Roundup

BBD #02The BreadBakingDay #02 Roundup is online. I thank Becke (Columbus Foodie) for hosting this month’s event, and Zorra (Kochtopf) for founding it. And to the 32 participants who baked fruited breads from all over the world, wow! Once again, a really impressive array of creations I’d love to try. So many breads, so little time…

Ulrike (Küchenlatein) will host BBD #03, and she is asking everyone to make a sourdough-leavened bread, preferably rye. This is great, because I’ve been wanting to experiment more with rye breads. Guess I better get busy!

Cherry-Pecan Bread

I was delighted when I learned the theme of BreadBakingDay #2, hosted by Becke of Columbus Foodie, was Bread with Fruit. What a great excuse to bake, again, one of my favorite breads: 50% whole wheat, with dried sour cherries and toasted pecans. The earthy flavor of whole wheat, the tartness of the cherries, and the slightly sweet spiciness of the nuts combine to make a bread that is always a hit with my family and friends.


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BreadBakingDay #01 Roundup

bbd.jpgWhat a bunch of terrific breads! Zorra of kochtopf hosted breadbakingday #01, themed “bread with herbs.” It was a great success, with 33 baker/bloggers from 13 countries showcasing creations using more than a dozen different herbs – perfect for summer baking. I can’t wait to start trying some of these breads. Thanks to Zorra for hosting this!

BBD #02: Bread with Fruit will be hosted by Becke of Columbus Foodie. I’m looking forward to participating, and even more to seeing what everyone else contributes.

Sweet Rosemary-Orange Bread, or How I Stumbled and Mangled my Way to an Edible Loaf

How embarrassing.

The breadbakingday #01 challenge, as presented by Zorra, was to bake a bread with herbs. Yes, I thought, I can do this!

I have a beautiful couple of rosemary plants that have really taken off this year, but today I didn’t feel like doing my oft-made rosemary-olive sourdough. I had the brilliant idea that I would create something quite different from my usual fare, to present for my first blogging event.

rosemary-orange-bread-slice.jpgLet’s just say this was not my finest example of clear thinking. But my thought when I started this blog was to document the bloopers as well as the unqualified successes, and in the end this didn’t turn out too bad anyway.
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