Lugano, Switzerland







Lugano1 Lugano2


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  1. says

    this is such a great area of Europe! beautiful scenery, great food, lovely people… I am not sure if you are currently there, or are back from a vacation, but if you do happen to still be there, I highly recommend dinner at Al Giardino on Via Monte Grappa in Como (Italy) (about 30 min from Lugano). Sit on the terrace and try the homemade burrata… absolutely delicious

  2. Erika says

    How gorgeous!! Your photos are delicious treats for the senses–so much beauty. What a great place to be connected to and…to eat!! Yum!!

  3. says

    All that bread and chocolate! Heaven!

    I was given an award and I am passing it to your lovely blog because of how you greatly inspire me to become a better bread baker.


  4. Joey D says

    Have to ask… what are those cakes with ciliegia??? Since ciliegia is the Italian Dark Cherry, I’m assuming it’s some version of panetone? Did you try any? Inquiring minds want to know. =) Safe journeys!

  5. says

    Hey Lucky Duck!
    I’ve got one of those green vegetabally things growing in my garden (where they’re known as zucchini) – in fact, they ARE my garden! What are those things called?

    Have great fun!

  6. says

    We could have met ;-) We have a holiday home in Ascona, Lago Maggiore and went several times to Lugano in august. We share almost the same photos of the chocolate and the sausages ;-)


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