This month, Jen of use real butter challenged the Daring Cooks to make potstickers from scratch. That means wrappers too, and that means dough, and that means I love it!

Although we could fill the dumplings with anything we liked, I chose to stick with Jen’s pork filling, following her recipe exactly. For anyone who thinks this was not daring enough, let me just point out that pan-frying potstickers involves pouring water into a pan of hot oil and, in Jen’s words, “duck[ing] while everything spatters violently.”

Clockwise from top left: shiitake mushrooms, napa cabbage, bamboo shoots, green onions, ginger. Absent from photo: ground pork.

Show of hands: who else uses a carpenter’s tape measure to measure their dough?

This is exactly how much filling each potsticker should have. I know this because I ran out of wrappers and filling at the same time. Gold star, please.

An elegant little purse. I want to take it to the opera.

Not all of them were quite so elegant, but they were very well-behaved, waiting their turn for the frying pan.

My husband thought they looked unappetizingly like some kind of pre-butterfly insect stage in the pan (and the harsh hood lights didn’t help)…

… but all was forgiven.

Now make your life complete with more potstickers from the Daring Cooks.

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  1. says

    I am a HUGE fan of potstickers and make them fairly often. To make it easier to shape the rounds, I use my pasta machine and roll out a long sheet and then cut the rounds with a cutter or even a glass. I have to say, it’s WAY easier. The first time I rolled them out by hand, what a pain!

  2. says

    I never try potstickers, but they sound very good! I am a huge fan of chinese food. I think I will cook them for lunch.
    But I agree with your husband, uncooked they look like a sort of maggot ;-)

  3. says

    Those are phat! I had some the other night, store bought and I over filled my pan, too much water and they didn’t brown! Then I threw in way too much water, making for more a gruel consistency. Do you ship to NY?

  4. SallyBR says

    I made this exact recipe a year or so ago – her blog explains it so well….

    but mine did not turn out as perfect as yours did, I messed up the folding. Still tasted great, I need to try them again

  5. Margaret says

    I made these for the Challenge and had fun doing it. Yours look great. Mine were tasty, but not pretty.

  6. says

    Honey, you not only get a gold star, but YOU are a rockstar :) There was never a doubt in my mind that you would totally own this challenge, and you did!! :) TWO gold stars. They look fantastic. xxoo

  7. says

    Susan, nicely done!! You deserve a few gold stars for getting the proportion of filling to wrappers perfect! Your pleats look nice. I had to laugh at your husbands butterfly/larvae comment… Sometimes things look funny, until they are done and you must eat your words =)

  8. says

    Very nicely done, Susan. They look delicious and your photos are spot on. You look like an expert “pleater” to me. Have a wonderful day.

  9. says

    I think the better half is being too honest but I can’t fault has observation. Beautiful work and pixs. Yes I also use a tape to measure (from my project manager days) and your pleating is so nice yes would be great at the opera. Bravo and not one gold star but MANY to you for this wonderous challenge you did. Audax

  10. says

    Susan, like your breads, your dumplings are perfection! I don’t know if you remember me or not, but you used to help me with some of your breads at freshloaf.com, and I had great success with your flax seed -currant ciabatta, I need to start submitting to Yeastspotting soon, as my SD starter is over a year old now and in good shape, but I suffered a bad knee injury that required surgery several months ago, so I’ve been out of the bread loop for a while – I like to stand and knead. LOL

    In any event, great job on those gorgeous potstickers!

  11. says

    These are adorable – and I love that you measured your wrappers – I feel a little remiss, I admit, I just estimate (not very precise of me, I know!).
    You did some wonderful pleating, Susan!

  12. says

    Wow! What beautiful potstickers! Yours are pleated perfectly. I am impatient with the fiddly parts of those recipes. Now, I’ve just got to get around to posting mine….

  13. says

    Waw … look who’s cooking …
    This is truly impressive Susan! I never tried to make my own Potstickers. You beat me for sure!

  14. says

    I use a seamstress tape.}:P

    I’m jealous of your pleats.}:P

    I still have 2 Ziploc bags full in my freezer, lol. Guess I’ll steam some for dinner this week!

  15. says

    Your potstickers look so appetizing! I love their plumpness and their ruffled hems. I’m with Jeremy and would love nothing more than placing an order for web delivery…although I’d like mine steamed, please!

  16. says

    Oh my!! Those look fabulous. Even the chrysalis looking ones! I’m going to HAVE to drum up courage to make them (the frying part scares me a lot).

  17. says

    I love potstickers. Yours are superb! Perfectly shaped and beautifully golden. I love all the veg you put in the filling. Now I want Asian food for dinner.

  18. says

    Yummy, yummy, and then some….(I have no doubt these were fantastic. Jen doesn’t do anything less than stellar when she offers up a recipe).
    I think you were very brave at that oil and water trick. The mere thought of that process scares me.
    Your potstickers have me drooling on this keyboard again…

  19. says

    You and Phoo-D have the most gorgeous shots of these ridiculously tasty looking stickers. I have never made them before and I believe I’m ready to try. This Daring Cooks group may get another member. Cheers, Jess

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