Super Peel, Super Giveaway

Last week I mentioned the Super Peel in my Gift Ideas post, and I’d like to tell you a bit more about it, as it’s one of my favorite tools.

If you bake bread or pizza you know that a peel is used to transfer a loaf or pizza onto a hot baking stone. A traditional wood or metal peel must usually be quite heavily dusted with flour or cornmeal to allow the dough to slide off the peel and onto the stone without sticking — and sometimes it still sticks, especially if the dough is quite wet. Parchment paper can help, but it’s expensive, disposable, and burns at high oven temperatures.

The Super Peel is a clever answer to those problems. Modeled after the cloth conveyor belts that professional bakeries use to get loaves in and out of large deck ovens, the Super Peel has its own pastry-cloth belt that gently and efficiently picks up a pizza, loaf, or any other delicate or sticky item from a flat surface and deposits it, unscathed, anywhere you like.

I most recently used my Super Peel to transfer this couronne onto the baking stone without fear of it sticking and deforming its lovely circular shape. I’ve used it to transfer a ganache-covered cake from wire rack to serving plate. It’s great for getting a rolled-out pie crust (even one that wants to stick to the counter) into the pie plate, or cut cookies onto the baking sheet without mangling them.

Check out videos of Super Peel in action at the Super Peel website.

Now here’s the best part: one of my favorite tools can be one of your favorites too — for free. Gary Casper, Super Peel’s inventor and manufacturer, has agreed to send a Super Peel to one of you lucky people. Just leave a comment on this post, and I’ll choose a winner at random on December 13. (Please note this giveaway can be shipped to the 50 US states or Canada only.) So happy commenting, happy baking, happy transporting, and good luck!

– UPDATE: Entries are now closed for this giveaway. Thanks to everyone who left a comment! –

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  1. fries says

    Thank you for all the wonderful information you provide here. Must be fate or karma, I just burnt my fingers trying to remove a desem loaf from the oven. Have been using a peel and parchment for some time with mixed results. Thought I would check some of my favorite sites while the bread cooled… and what to my wandering eyes should appear… A Super Peel. If I am not the fortunate winner, I promise I will still be a Super Peel owner. Thanks again!

  2. deb says

    Oooooo – exactly what I need! I make pizza every weekend and nothing works like that. I’m so sick of burning myself and eating wrinkled, bunched up pizza. Oh my, and for pie crust too…

  3. says

    How cool is that invention…you are Super Susan!! I have a US address for shipping too in case I get lucky…am off to check out the grossini which just caught my eye!!

  4. Cynthia K-R says

    A pizza peel would be a great addition to my kitchen. I make pizza and breads of all types, ALL the time. It certainly would be helpful here. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  5. says

    Yay! Super Peel to the rescue! I have seen the video before, very cool.
    Put me on the list for potential winners! Thanks for including Canada too, so sweet.

  6. Iris says

    oh wow, what a cool invention! I’ll have to get a new mixer if I get one of these… last time I almost overheated my stand-aid while trying to get my dough to properly develop gluten! :x

  7. Leslie says

    That is such a great idea! I have deformed and deflated so many loaves as they soggily stuck to the sheet pan, even with parchment.

  8. says

    This is so cool… very generous of Mr. Casper to offer such an amazing invention. It’s a genius invention, that’s for sure. Count me in, I am soooo interested in this. My mind’s already racing with ideas on what to do with it.

  9. says

    This is an absoolutely smart invention. I have been looking for an alternative to put my baguettes and European crusty bread onto my baking stone in the oven. Currently, I used a wood smoke plank to slide them onto my baking stone. Therefore, at maximum, I can only put 2 loaves because I can’t keep opening my oven.

    Hope that I can win this. Thank you.

  10. duonyte says

    Love the blog – yeastspotting is particularly fun and has inspired me.

    I remember reading about the Superpeel a few years ago – I agree, this would be the way to shift a couronne – I think I moved mine by having it rise on parchment on the reverse side of a cookie sheet, but it was iffy. I do use a pizza peel with cornmeal sprinkled on it, but it has not been 100%!

  11. Rachel H says

    I’ve never seen one of these, but it looks like quite a handy tool to have in the kitchen for my bread baking adventures…

  12. Kathy L. says

    I have only discovered food blogs this fall. One could easily spend half of every day reading about wonderful cooking adventures & the other repeating those recipes to enjoy! Thank you for such an inspirational site, especially Yeast Spotting. This peel would be a wonderful companion to the one my husband made for me years ago.

  13. Possum Liz says

    Would I like a Superpeel? You bet! Maybe my kitchen floor wouldn’t be covered with gritty cornmeal after a session with the peel. I’m in Australia but you could send it to my sister in the good old USA, I’m visiting her soon.

  14. WAHiker says

    Would love to win a peel. I use the internet to find new, exciting and healthy breads and pizzas for my family and I to make. Love this website (got here by finding the “bread baking day”. Another great idea.) Thanks for the chance.

  15. the bread guy says

    Great site! Hopefully I can win the peel but I enjoy the knowledge I can pick up here. Keep up the good work.

  16. says

    I just began baking sourdough bread in earnest, and find myself drooling over your website on a daily basis. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes you’ve posted… and the photos are excellent as well. Now you’re giving away a SuperPeel? Hmm… it doesn’t get much better than this.


  17. Russ says

    Wow, lucky timing! I’ve been enjoying your helpful comments over at TFL for some time now and just happened over to check out your blog (which is definitely going into my bookmarks) – just in time to try out for the giveaway!



  18. says

    Entries are now closed for this giveaway. The lucky winner has been contacted and will be announced shortly! If you didn’t win, there’s still time to get the Super Peel onto your holiday wish list.

  19. amy hall says

    i’ve read about this peel before and been wanting to buy for myself. i hope i am not late. this would be one nice christmas present to receive. thank you.

    love to read your blogs. had a recent hand surgery and been off baking for a little bit.

    thanks again.

  20. says

    Ok,OK. Being a Baker for almost 16 years, Grauated from the Institute of Bread Making in Sydney.
    The industry has left valuable experiences upon my hands and wrists. YES i am talking burns.

    At the Moment I am working in a Kitchen as a Chef in Glasgow Scotland however it has been only over the past 2 weeks that the owner has ask me to Bake Bread in the Oven 3 days a week. I have been trialing many different doughs and have an active starter in the coolroom now for 7 months made from Grapes, Organic Flour(StoneGround) and a touch of Sea Salt.
    I mix everything by hand as we dont even have a mixer. I reach in the Pizza Oven most times to turn the bread around which can only mean Burns. And Not Robert Burns the Poet.(Love is like a Red Red Rose)
    I Love the industry, the bread in which is by far considered the best in Glasgow, Scotland and would benefit from such a generous and ideal baking aid.

    Thumbs up to Baking, Burns and Bakers Peels.

  21. says

    Even if I don’t get “lucky” with you… and you pick someone else, that’s fine, as long as you mail to me the address of where I may purchase this super fantastic, “super peel”….
    I don´t live in the US, but that’s also no problem at all. My mother does and she will send it to me right a way…
    I hope I win, I hope I win….
    Love + peace!!

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