ThinkFood Giveaway

I’m going to make this short and sweet. These are my flaxseed grissini:

Because flaxseeds are good for your brain, the recipe got to appear in this cookbook:

You can also find the recipe here.

You can enter to win a copy of the book, thereby getting all 50 brainy and beautiful recipes from 50 brainy and beautiful bloggers, by leaving a comment below.

The fine print:

  • Winner will be drawn randomly at approximately 9 A.M. PST on Friday, December 10.
  • One comment per person, please.
  • I can ship only within the United States (sorry!).

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  1. Lyrical Soul says

    I put ground flaxseed in my morning smoothie… I didn’t know I was doing my brain a favor! The grissini looks good – a crunchy mid-day snack alternative!

  2. Hannah says

    I’ve only just discovered your blog, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it! As a Biology major, I love yeast! Of course, as a college student, I don’t often have time for rising and space for kneading, but i can dream : )

  3. steve says

    I’ve been using flaxmeal for years. Your grissini is lovely, and the book looks wonderful- thanks for the generous giveaway!

  4. Mo says

    These are now on my list for today. We are snowed in for the third day and these will be fun to make and yummy too.

  5. DRKGH says

    I had never been a big fan of flaxseed, but lately I have been incorporating it into my breads and they have been very well-received. I actually like combining them with poppy and sesame.

  6. Patricia Wagner says

    I am learning to make sourdough bread with my own starter. Right now it looks more like flatbread, but very tasty.

  7. Linda Grothe says

    I am certainly a novice, but your blog has brought me out into the wonderful world of bread. And I love it, thank you so much for awakening me.

  8. Kirk says

    Wild Yeast has been a must-stop blog site for me for a long time now. YeastSpotting makes Fridays special.

  9. Brandy says

    Brain Fitness!!! Yes please!! I need all the brain fitness I can get…I didn’t realize there were certain foods that helped with that! Sign me up! :) I love your blog! Some of the recipes from yeast spotting that I want to try are not in English and the online translators don’t work so well…they’re funny…but not helpful. One translation told me I needed a cup of roasted husbands… :) still searching my local store for those :)

  10. Andrea M says

    Oh neat! i’ve never heard of this cookbook and I would love it! my husband and i are on the road to eat the best we can in order to keep medical issues at bay without tons of medication. we’d love the new recipes!
    thanks so much!

    Grace & Peace,
    Andrea M Wernz

  11. says

    I have this on my list. I think I saw it on Susan’s {Food Blogga} some time back. I’ve been wanting to make grissini for ever. Wow…yours are PRETTY!

  12. says

    All you who don’t have this book, you should get it. I know because I have a copy, and Susan, I will be making your grissini.

  13. Bobbie Hayes says

    I just discovered your great blog!. I love to bake and make most of my own bread. Kneading is so theraputic and relaxing. Thank you!

  14. MommaT says

    I love flax seed and try to put it in my bread every time. However, I have been forced to resort, of late, to using flax seed meal due to my 9 year old’s sudden aversion to anything “seedy” in his bread.

    BUT……given how much he loves grissini, I’m going to give your recipe a whirl and see if he doesn’t forgive the lowly seed just this once.

    Thanks, as always, for wonderful posts.


  15. Elle Hyson says

    Brain fitness, oh yes. Especially at my advanced age. The books sounds wonderful and the grissini delicious – they are on the agenda for baking this week.

  16. CheekyMonkey says

    I made those when I was home last summer and only got to eat about 2 of them – my family ate the rest!

  17. Nadine says

    I would have to hide the book from my son. He has just recently developed quite a passion for baking, especially artisan breads. The book sounds intriguing !

  18. Laura says

    I am so enjoying visiting this site. I made the cornucopias for Thanksgiving. They turned out well, and the recipients loved them. Thank you so much for taking the time to connect all of us together! The “Think Food” cookbook looks great. Can you give all of us a copy? :)

  19. Sabrina5000 says

    Wow! Those look yummy, and they are good for you too. you can bet I’ll be fixing these right up.

  20. Anjali says

    I’ve been getting the ThinkFood emails & have tried a few, like the chickpea, celery & sardines. Thanks!

  21. jacky brown says

    the grissini are beautiful! and this is a delightful offering.
    I follow your blog regularly…am working on some sourdough loaves as we speak…thank you…i need all the smarts i can get :-)

  22. says

    I made your flaxseed grissini about a month ago, they are awesome. I made a few batches and shared some with my co-workers too, it was great.

  23. says

    I started baking breads, granola and other snacks for my two kids and family – nothing tastes as good as something you made yourself. I am going to try this recipe as we all love bread sticks…especially ones that make us smarter! Thanks!!!

  24. Mark says

    I eata lot of flax, but my 14-year old daughter doesn’t care for it. She loves bread, however, especially bread sticks, and I think she is going to be eating a lot more flax very soon. Thanks for the help.

  25. Fred says

    I have used flax seeds in everything for several years now… makes a great substitute to replace some of the oil in recipies.

  26. Susan Prosser says

    Flaxseeds are wonderful. I use them in everything. Can’t wait to try your grissoni and the cookbook!

  27. Sharon says

    I use flaxseed when baking bread and also take a flaxseed oil pill twice a day. Flaxseed is a good alternative to fish oil for Omega heart health and you’re not killing fish along the way just for the oil!

  28. Janet Anderson says

    Oh yum! I love flaxseed in most baked goods…I would love to be entered in the draw and I have a US address to ship to. :-) Thanks for the opportunity!


  29. Lynne Schneider says

    I love making flaxseed crackers, so I’m sure that I’ll be making these grissini.

  30. Mari says

    Hi there!!
    I have enjoyed your website immensely I do not usually just stick to a particular site for recipes but yours is exceptional and great healthy ones at that!! so I always look forward to your emails and recipes. Good job!! and may your mission with this continue to be a success. It is great for everyone and especially for families.

  31. says

    oh bloody hell – I need brain food. I have a three year old who hasn’t slept solid one night of her life. I’m not the brightest star at the best of times because of this. Love the image and I’ll be making these!

  32. lisbet diemer says

    I’ll pay the shipping to copenhagen Denmark… I’m feeling a lot left out, online I’m “in” but then again living in Denmark is sooo out, when it comes to winning all the god stuff. marry christmas !

  33. says

    flaxseed is something that i’ve always been curious about. it’s something i’ve wanted to add to my baking, etc but haven’t gotten up the nerve, maybe this’ll help ;)

  34. Jane says

    I love your blog, and reading the great suggestions from your audience. Thanks for sharing your baking world with us!

  35. Hannah says

    I’ve been brewing beer for a while now and was talking with a friend of mine who makes a ton of bread about the similarities. I have since been making at least one loaf a week and love your blog, thank you so much!

  36. KosherinDetroit says

    Have you ever thought of using rough-cut/whole flax to your foods to add a bigger crunch? I have recently been a little disappointed by the awkward creaminess of flax (sort of like natural peanut butters) and am looking into this alternative to incorporating this nutritious seed.

  37. Serg says

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, especially the yeastspotting section, and I just want to thank you for what you’re doing.