Today’s Sourdoughs

Today’s bake: six loaves of Norwich Sourdough and two of a variation on Cracked Rye – Polenta Sourdough. Since I had no cracked rye but was fairly swimming in rye meal, I substituted an equal amount of that (rye meal is a little finer than cracked rye). I also substituted barley malt syrup for molasses, and proofed for three hours instead of two and a quarter (this is the difference between January baking and May baking).

I have no complaints about the result, and I really love the shaping technique for these loaves — if you can even call something this simple a “technique.” See it on the original recipe.

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  1. says

    I agree, these breads are stunning. Gorgeous on all counts. Norwich is your classic and seeing your unforgettable loaves encouraged my efforts in the past and now I’m able to enjoy my own Norwich. Thank you.

  2. MFine says

    These look delicious. I cant wait to try the polenta sourdough.

    I just saw a recipe/video for butternut squash and apple bread pudding on the Perennial Plate ( Do you think the bread pudding could be made with the rye-polenta variety? Or would you just recommend sticking to a more traditional bread?

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