YeastSpotting 1.28.11 ~ Loaves and Rolls, Second Batch

Loaves and Rolls, Second Batch
Bubble Corn Bread
Cinnamon-Raisin Sourdough breads
Cracked Wheat Loaf
Garlic buns
Hildegard's Spelt Bread
Hildegard’s Spelt Bread
Molletes de Antequera Integrales
Pain de Campagne - Country Bread
Pullman Bread
Seeded Multi-Grain Sourdough
Simple Wholemeal Sourdough Rolls
Soft Butter Rolls
Sourdough with Buckwheat Flakes
Yeasted Corn Bread

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YeastSpotting is a weekly collective showcase of yeasted baked goods and dishes with bread as a main ingredient. For more bread inspiration, and information on how to submit your bread, please visit the YeastSpotting archive.

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  1. Yeastspotting is the sure source of endless inspiration for more breads to be baked in my kitchen. What a splendid round-up you’ve presented today, Susan. It’s such a joy to be in the company of all these amazing bakers. Thank you for all your time and effort to compile the list weekly for the enjoyment of so many.

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