YeastSpotting 6.26.09


YeastSpotting is a weekly showcase of yeasted baked good and dishes with bread as a main ingredient. For more bread inspiration, and information on how to participate, visit the YeastSpotting archive.
Loaves and Rolls
Light Wheat Berry Bread
Anis Bouabsa's Baguettes
Savoury Sesame N Spinach Buns
Raisin Syrup Sourdough Swirls
Parsley and Curry leaf bun
Norwich Sourdough
Asparagus Bread
Cranberry Walnut Bread
'Partial' Rye Bread
ciabatta bread
Kamut Miche
Whole Wheat (Milk) Bread
Spring Onion Bread
Hamburger Buns/Sandwich Rolls
Flatbreads, Filled Breads, and Savory Pastries
Mushroom N Cheese Focaccia
Cumin and Cheese Biscuits
Neapolitan Style Pizza
Lavash crackers (Armenian flatbread)
Grilled Pizza Margherita
Sweet Breads and Pastries
Double braided bread
Eldeflower-scented whole wheat Brioches
Yeasted Buckwheat Waffles
Almond Poppy Seed Bread
Peanut butter and Bananas on Toast

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  1. says

    What a great round up! I realized that what with our move, I missed another Yeastspotting! Well, you know where I am :-) I’ll be back as soon as possible. And some of these confections are now on my to-try list!

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