BreadBakingDay #08: Celebrate!

BBD 8The range of flatbreads contributed to last month’s BreadBakingDay is nothing short of amazing. Check out Petra’s roundup and prepare to be inspired. And now I’m delighted to say it’s my turn to host my favorite all-bread event.

What holiday, festival, or special event are you celebrating this month? I’m thinking of Easter… Purim… St. Patrick’s Day… the vernal equinox… what others can you tell me about?

As one of the oldest and most universal of foods, bread is associated with celebrations in every part of the world. For this month’s BreadBakingDay, you are invited to share your own spring holiday bread tradition, explore one you’re not yet familiar with, or start a new one.

To participate, choose any seasonal holiday or event you’d like to honor with a special bread*. On or before April 1:

  1. Bake a bread to celebrate or represent your holiday.
  2. Post the bread on your blog, with a link back to this post.
  3. Email me at , and include:
    • Your name
    • Your blog’s name and url
    • The name of your bread and its post’s url (permalink)
    • The occasion your bread celebrates
    • Your location
    • If possible, a 200-pixel-wide photo
    • Whether you’d like me to notify you by email when the roundup is posted (which will be by April 5)

*Birthday breads will also be accepted, in honor of the March birthday of BBD’s charming founder and steward, Zorra.

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  1. Hi Susan, this is an awesome theme! Would a yeasted bread that is fried rather than baked qualify? Thanks!

  2. Manuela, as long as it’s bread it would definitely qualify. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in mind.

  3. Thanks Susan!!

  4. Oh, I have to think about it. Thanks for hosting

  5. That should prove very interesting. Hope to participate.

  6. Very good idea as I’m already testing some easter breads :-)

  7. Do yeasted cakes count? I am due to make babka for my dad for Easter this month….

  8. Laura, I’ve seen babka described as both a cake and a bread, so I think it definitely counts. I’m looking forward to seeing yours.

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  10. Ohhh, what a beautiful idea!
    I’ll start right now my research!!!
    Thank you for hosting!

  11. Oooh! I haven’t done one of these yet, but I think I will this time! My husband’s family is Italian, so I think I will research something for Easter, though not necessarily a traditional bread.

  12. Interesting topic! Haven’t manage to decide on something yet, but it’ll probably be something Easter-ish, if I can find some time to make it!

  13. I’ll be making kulich again this Lent, but probably not until April as we’re having Easter on April 27! But if it’s still March I’ll certainly submit it.

  14. I just found this yesterday and I’m excited! Not really anything for Easter but it is to do with Holy Week. This is gonna be fun!

  15. ciao susan…
    this is a thrilling idea!!
    can it be sweet too?

  16. I just baked one for you, will post next week!:)

  17. Just started baking breads, so this will be good practice. I am trying out one today!!

  18. I baked some traditional Austrian easter buns last weekend that would definitely qualify! But I’ll wait with my submission until I have baked a second batch, where the egg dye hopefully won’t run off the egg and onto the dough…


  19. Hi Susan, just sent you a e mail with my bread and a photo. Here it is just in case you didn’t get it!:)

  20. These look delicious – could do with one of those warm with some butter right now …

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  22. Hi Susan,
    Will my carrot cake qualify for this event? I baked one recently and would like to send it to you for this event.

  23. [...] Susan from Wild Yeast is hosting this month’s BBD and she has picked celebration breads as her theme. In general, breads to not feature strongly in any of my family’s celebrations. I grew up on sliced white bread which got delivered to our door. My sister and I particularly loved this bread because like cereal, it came with an action hero picture card tucked down the side of the plastic bread bag, which of course, we collected. For the celebration theme, I decided to make challah (Jewish egg braid) since I’ve always wanted to make it, and was also inspired by some of the challahs I saw in a BBD event from 2 months back. This recipe from Beth Hensperger’s Basic Bread Book looked promising. Beth says that it comes from a friend’s Russian great-grandmother, and that it was translated for her from cursive Hebrew. You can’t argue with history like that, can you? The bread itself is pretty easy to make and I love the flavour. It’s somewhat like brioche, but not as rich and sweet. I halved the recipe to yield two decent sized loaves and painted my challahs with an eggwash mixed with some spices before baking. [...]

  24. Hi Susan! Question for ya! I just baked Hamantaschen for Purim (first time ever, what an experience!) and was wondering if that would qualify for your event? Thanks!

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    Susan – my other personal bread baking queen – from Wild Yeast is the host of the 8th edition of Bread Baking Day. She invites us to celebrate March with a special celebration bread.

    I planned to bake a Colomba Pasquale the typical Italian dove-sh…

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  34. Great contributions.

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