YeastSpotting 2.11.11 ~ Flat Breads, Sweet Breads, and More

Flatbreads, Filled Breads, and Savory Pastries
  • Bailys
  • Christal Little Kitchen
Can't-Get-Enough Rosemary & Basil Foccacia
Cheese, Sucuk, and Olive  PIDE
Homemade Pita
Homemade Pizza with Beef
Popped Amaranth Focaccia
Potato, Garlic, and Rosemary Pizza
Pretzel Bites with Cheese
Sweet Breads and Pastries
Boolo Dulce Portugués
Nutella Rolls
pain aux raisins
Sticky Buns
Vegan Apple Orange Cake
Made with Bread
He-buns and She-burgers

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YeastSpotting is a weekly collective showcase of yeasted baked goods and dishes with bread as a main ingredient. For more bread inspiration, and information on how to submit your bread, please visit the YeastSpotting archive.

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  1. Great round up! Wow, ice cream bread – that is a new one for me!

  2. I don’t think anyone’s morning could get more pleasant. I practically smell the fragrant breads through the screen. And yes, my bake list gets ever so longer with each edition of YeastSpotting. Thank You for this huge amount of work you do every week to bring us fantastic round-ups like this one!

  3. Everyone is getting better beter with their bread. Everything look so delicious.

  4. Great round up.. Added some more to my to do list.!
    Thanks for bringing bread to us every week Susan! Have an awesome weekend!

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