YeastSpotting Contributors 2008

These bloggers contributed to YeastSpotting in 2008. If you’re on the list, thank you so much for sharing your fabulous breads! (If you’re not on it and submitted something, oops! Just let me know. And if you’re not on the list because you haven’t sent anything yet, what are you waiting for?)

1x umrühren bitte ~ Zorra

A Southern Grace ~ Grace ~ Laura

…and a little bit more… ~ Anudivya

Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté ~ Jude

au levain! ~ Jane

Bake My Day ~ Baking Soda

Baking History ~ Manuela

Baking With Sourdough Starters ~ Teresa

Beginning With Bread ~ Claire

blog from OUR kitchen ~ Elizabeth

Bombance ~ MC

Bread Baby ~ Jesse

Bread cetera ~ Steve

Brown Interior ~ Tommi

Bunny’s Warm Oven ~ Bunny

Butter & Beans ~ Angelica

CindyStar ~ Cinzia

Cooking Books ~ Andrea

Culinary Adventures of a New Wife ~ Sharon

Culinary Travels of a Kitchen Goddess ~ Georgina

Cupcake Muffin ~ Sara

Dana Treat ~ Dana

Dhanggit’s Kitchen ~ Dhanggit

Di’s Kitchen Notebook ~ Di

Dog Hill Kitchen ~ Maggie

Domestic Goddess in Training ~ Jules

eCurry ~ Soma

Engineer Baker ~ Caitlin

Feeding My Enthusiasms ~ Elle

feeding maybelle ~ Maybelle’s Mom

Foolish Poolish Bakes ~ Foolish Poolish

For the Love of Bread ~ Chavi

Green Gourmet Giraffe ~ Johanna

Health Nut ~ Yasmeen

House of Annie ~ Annie and Nate

jugalbandi ~ Bee and Jai

Kopiaste ~ Ivy

Le Pétrin ~ Sandra

Life’s Too Short for Mediocre Chocolate ~ Anna

Live to Cook ~ Priya

Madam Chow’s Kitchen ~ Madam Chow

My Diverse Kitchen ~ Aparna

My Food Blog ~ Arundathi

My Kitchen in Half Cups ~ Tanna

My Kitchen Treasures ~ Happy Cook

Notitie van Lien ~ Lien

One Perfect Bite ~ Mary

Padma’s Kitchen ~ Padma

Palachinka ~ Marija

Passionate About Baking ~ Deeba

Priya’s Easy n Tasty Recipes ~ Priya

Scraping the Skillet ~ Micha

She Runs, She Eats ~ Christina

Simplicious ~ Zita

Sinful Indulgence ~ Jayashree

Spice Girl ~ Elizabeth

Steffen’s Dinners ~ Steffen

Stir the Pots ~ Jeremy

Sunita’s World ~ Sunita

TastyCurryLeaf ~ Curry Leaf

Tell It Right ~ javapot

The Culinary Review ~ Linn

The Second Pancake ~ Tim

The Sour Dough ~ Mary

The Spiced Life ~ Laura

Tongue Ticklers ~ Sunshinemom

Toxo Bread ~ Jackie

vegetarian in ME ~ Rajani

Veggie Foodist ~ Bharti

What Smells So Good? ~ Sarah

Wild Yeast ~ Susan