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Part 1: Introduction and how to convert a recipe to Baker’s Percentage

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Part 2: Using Baker’s Percentage to analyze a formula

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Part 3: How to scale a recipe using Baker’s Percentage

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Part 4: Preferments and Baker’s Percentage

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  1. [...] I don’t understand any of this 187.3% tomfoolery! No worries. Head over to Susan’s blog Wild Yeast, where she deftly explains baking math magic a.k.a. Baker’s [...]

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  3. I am very keen to try your overnight ciabatta recipe, but only want to make one loaf (say 500g flour). I can and do use BPs, but this recipe with the poolish has me stumped trying to downscale. Can you please help? Your lessons have helped me a lot in using BPs so far.


  4. Sondra: for one loaf you need about 500 grams of dough. Since the overnight ciabatta recipe gives you six loaves (each 500 grams), just divide all the ingredient amounts (including those in the poolish) by six to give you the right amount for one loaf.

  5. Susan
    Thank you for your help. Your maths lessons have been great for me for scaling down straight doughs, but the poolish (which I have never used before) threw me!

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