The Babes Have Buns!

This month the Babes were treated to the perfect summer bread: soft, buttery burger buns, chosen by Sara.

Because timing is not my strong suit, my buns did not get the chance to hold the burgers they were intended to. They did make lovely almond butter sandwiches, though. And I’m thinking the sleek and slightly sweet dough could also make fantastic cinnamon rolls…

The recipe was quick and easy. I made a few tweaks and a few notes:

  • I measured the flour according to the weight given in the recipe (625 grams), but I wonder if this was too much, since the equivalent volume was given as 4 cups. This would make a cup equal to 156 grams — on the high side for sure.
  • I substituted 10.4 grams (about 3 1/3 teaspoons) instant yeast for the 4.5 teaspoons of active dry yeast in the recipe.
  • I measured a tablespoon of Kosher salt, the amount the recipe called for, and found that it weighed 15 grams. I cut that back to 12.5 grams to make the salt 2% of the flour weight, which I usually find to be about right.
  • Instead of rolling out the dough and cutting it into squares, I divided it into 12 pieces of 100 grams each and rolled them into balls that I flattened slightly with the palm of my hand.
  • I proofed for 30 minutes as directed by the recipe, but this was too short for the temperature of my kitchen (yes, it can be cool on July mornings in Northern California). The crumb, while soft, was a little dense. This could also be because I had too much flour.
  • I baked both sheets of buns at once, using my oven’s convection setting at 375F for 16 minutes.

You need to check out the other beautiful Babes’ buns — you’ll find links to slider buns, barbecued buns, square buns, rounds buns, sunflower seed buns, buns, buns… on my lower right sidebar!

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  1. says

    Such gorgeous buns Susan!
    I do love your notes but I blush when I think how cavalier I was baking these. For some craziness reason, I think I did this one by cups not weight – my sis was with me and we were just yaking along. That did seem like a lot of yeast to me so I cut it to shy under 4 teaspoons but not as much as you did. And salt, I think I did use close to the tablespoon. Your round buns are gorgeous but as I’d just gotten a little slider press to make square burgers I went square. Two ounces is such a wonderful size, we can have two each and love it.
    At 30 minutes, mine were ready for the oven. Our AC set for 79° and it’s 100° outside, yeasties in this kitchen are fast puffers.
    16 minutes in the oven (convection) was spot on.
    Happy buns!
    Now I’m dreaming almond butter and cinnamon buns …

  2. Barbara says

    Hi Susan,
    I clicked on the “recipe” link but I don’t see this recipe on her site (I Like To Cook) … the last entry I see is “Grocery Shop, July 10″ . I got the same result when I clicked on her name “Sara”.

  3. says

    Those are beautiful! I love how round they are. How clever to put nigella seeds on some of them. Those are nigella seeds, aren’t they?

    And who (besides my husband….) says that almond butter isn’t just another kind of burger?

  4. says

    The black seeds could also be black sesame seeds.

    I need to find a source for nigella seeds. Do they go by other names? Not far from me I have a middle eastern market and an Indian market. They both have stuff with names I’ve never heard of.

  5. says

    Susan, What a beautiful buns you made. I can’t wait to make my Buddy-buns for the Babes. To me, the seeds look more like black sesame seeds. Gives you black hair (I’ve been told). But, I will use nigella in the buns. Last time I used nigella was when I made your Multigrain Nigella Seed Sourdough.

  6. says

    Of course I should have used black sesame as well, what a great idea! I always have it at hand for cooking. To me, black sesame = nigella = kalonji, isn’t that true? Used in e.g. panch phoron.

    Beautiful buns!

  7. says

    Gorgeous buns and I think you are right…the dough would make great sweet rolls, too. You were correct about the salt…next time less for mine. Always a pleasure to read your well-though-out posts.

  8. says

    Sembra pazzo che possiamo ottenere tante diverse risposte con praticamente la stessa ricetta e gli ingredienti. La tua pagnotta sembra dolce.


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