Super Peel — Everyone’s a Winner

super peelCongratulations to Ephraim S. of Jamiaca Plain, Massachusetts, winner of the Super Peel random drawing.

Now for all of you who didn’t win, listen up! Sometime in the next two or three weeks, Gary will be offering the Super Peel at a great price just for Wild Yeast readers. I’ll let you know, but it will be for a limited time only. So watch this space, get ready to order, and start planning your pizzas!

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  1. says

    I’ve not heard of these except from this blog, but it looks great. I’ll be tempted for sure, I’m not a huge fan of my current peel.

  2. Janknitz says

    I really like my Super Peel. I had an epi I made from AB in 5 dough today so it was pretty soft–not a problem at all with the Super Peel. It’s shape would have suffered with my regular peel for sure.

  3. mlaiuppa says

    Cool. I will refrain from making pizza until then, however tempting it may be. (I’m experimenting with savory crusts.)

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